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_Lisa_'s Q & A
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 Is it REALLY that hard to spell words correctly. I notice in so many questions and answers people type things wrong to look cool (12 answers)

 I broke my knuckles ina drunken stupidity act last night haha.Has any one else every broke theres?  (21 answers)

 Wow,I havnt been on the site in forever.I dont remember any one any more.Hmmm,To make this a question,Does any oen remember me?  (15 answers)

 Does any one rember the site looking like this? http://web.archive.org/web/20020605162734/www.studentcenter.org/ (7 answers)

 i just cracked my tooth on my tongue ring :(((  (20 answers)

 Do you have any tattoo's or piercing's?  (29 answers)

 see i knew looks mattered cuz no 1 would answer my last question muahahahaha  (10 answers)

 would u go out wit a guy that was 5'0 397lbs whole body covered in acne that pussed all the time he was balding and offcorse he sweat all the time from the fat on him altho he had a GREATTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT personality so would u go out wit him? (19 answers)

 im bored ne 1 wanna tag me (14 answers)

 wow i havnt been here for ever.....so what is every 1 up to this long weekend (well long weekend in canada atleast hehe)  (9 answers)

 i had to put my dog to sleep today :''''''''''''''''''''( !!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  (17 answers)

 yea! iam so happy i finally got my horizontal belly button piercing :D ummm yea i know its not a question  (10 answers)

 whats ur porn name: take the first streetname )first 1 u lived on) and ur first pets name and tahst ur porn name...mine would be C.J syracruise lol  (19 answers)

 what kind of town u live in small big basiclly nuttin whast it called what do u do for fun there?  (22 answers)

 its my bday now i can go to bingo and buy porn lolol being 18 sux u still cant do nething...legally....lol  (12 answers)

 has ne 1 seen the billy talent music video for tryHonesty it was filmed in a old abandoned psycratric building its in the next town over i have been there millions of times looks exactly the same as it was in the music video (5 answers)

 his name is princpal SKINNER omg how funny is that lol  (16 answers)

 ok i just started skool today and we have a new princpal guess what his name is?  (16 answers)

 did u know that there is 4000 strip clubs in the world And the states has 3000 of them!!!!!! thast horrible  (24 answers)

 hey look at the picture in my profile its my puppy aint he cute!  (21 answers)

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