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Vengeful_Angel's Q & A
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 Uh Oh, I'm back! With new pics, might I add! So what's up everybody!?!?!  (3 answers)

 Isn't it disgusting when lil 14-15-16 year old girls post up sexually explicit photos of themselves? I guess they crave that kind of attention.. (9 answers)

 *Cries* I Have No Roses... (7 answers)

 BobWeAddaBabyEetzABoy... (4 answers)

 DoNt YoU jUsT hAtE iT wHeN pEoPlE tYpE lIkE tHiS aLl ThE tImE??? (9 answers)

 I banged my knee...n then my head hurts... my car's outta gas and i wanted to go swimming.. no food in the cabinets or fridge.. but i'm JUST DANDY! (7 answers)

 HOLY COW!!!! Did you SEE THAT!?!?!?! (6 answers)

 July is national baked bean month. (fart) Excuse me. Yes a month in which we pay tribute to America's favorite healthful and nutritious foods. (Fart) I'm...terribly sorry. As I was saying... (fart) Good lord..This is terribly embarrassing (9 answers)

 Did anyone hear about the American that was beheaded by those disgusting iraqi's? I cried when I saw the video... (7 answers)

 AHHHHHH MOSQUITO BITES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (7 answers)

 OMG I Can't Believe You Just DID That!!!! (10 answers)

 Do you like where you live or do you wanna leave?! (13 answers)

 I Have A Secret!! I Have A Secret!!!!!!! Wana know it!?! (13 answers)

  Guess What?? I Luv You!!! *HuGz* (11 answers)

 *Sniffle* Answer my questionz pweez??? *puppy dog eyez* (9 answers)

 What's your favorite season? Why??? (16 answers)

 Can I Lick You??? (14 answers)

 I'm not laughing with you...I'm laughing at you. Sorry =( (9 answers)

 Shit, Shit! Fucking guard dogs! Shit!!! (11 answers)

 If your best friend turned into a candy bar, what would you want him/her to turn into!? (15 answers)

 Has anyone else taken the GED? (9 answers)

 Holy Shit It's BIGFOOT!!!! (14 answers)

 I just got blood taken at the doctors and now i'm all dizzy =( someone help meeee !!! (10 answers)

 I just got the chills...I think a ghost walked past me! Ack now i'm all freaked out! (10 answers)

 I didn't do it!!! (18 answers)

 What's with everyone suddenly stereotyping everyone else and being in certain "groups" so they make fun of other groups? Why not just be yourself... and leave everyone else alone? (12 answers)

 Would you rather die as a hero *suffering along the way* Or die as a nobody *with no sufforing or pain* ? (11 answers)

 If you're sexy and you know it clap your hands!!! (14 answers)

 Would you die for your best friend? *Hell I KNOW I Would!*  (17 answers)

 Does anyone else write poetry?  (14 answers)

 Do you hate someone so much that rage fills you when you hear their name? Who!? Why!? =)  (13 answers)

 Do you believe in sweet...sweet revenge?  (15 answers)

 Ahh! Did anyone else used to watch Ahhh! Real Monsters? Or Rocko's Modern Life? or ANGRY BEAVERS!?!?!  (17 answers)

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