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Vamptress's Q & A
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 wow i havent been here in like years! who missed me? *giggles* (2 answers)

 What is your most used phrase or word? Mine is Schoochy schoochy (5 answers)

 Name the person you are crushin on right now (10 answers)

 What would you do if you had 1 million bucks and a week to spend it? (7 answers)

 Do you like Sylvia Brown? (3 answers)

 admit it.. who liked barney? LOL (9 answers)

 what was your favorite game to play as a kid? (7 answers)

 would you stay in the datin scene cause you like the feelin of being loved and wanted or stay away from it cause you hate the feelin of gettin your heart broken and gettin rejected? (6 answers)

 if/when you have a kid, what would you name him or her? (8 answers)

 How do you feel about the President? (5 answers)

 if you could ask a ninja anything, what would you ask him/her? (4 answers)

 Emos or Preppies, which are better? (8 answers)

 if you had to chose from getting a new computer and spedin money on your kid, what would you chose? ( no im not talkin bout me) (4 answers)

 new pic... go look... :) ok to the question... Who liked " the devils rejects"? i did.. (2 answers)

 a guy likes your friend but she dont like him. DO you help him get her or do you laugh your ass off at her cause he wont give up? (2 answers)

 ever had a crush on one of your friends? (12 answers)

 what is one thing you dislike the most? (8 answers)

 If you was able to be anyone else for a day( famous, non-famous, livin, dead WHATEVER) who would it be and why (5 answers)

 What is the best dream you ever had? (7 answers)

 What city do you live in? (14 answers)

 If someone paid you to walk down the streets of Los Angeles at 1am in either all : red, blue or purple, would you? (10 answers)

 What traits does your ideal mate have? (10 answers)

 whats your favorite radio station? (15 answers)

 if you could change your name to anything, what would you change it to? (14 answers)

 What is your favorite type of drink? (12 answers)

 If you had to choose one person to stop talkin to forever, who would it be and why? (12 answers)

 What celebrity gets on you last nerve? (21 answers)

 What do you feel about guys( or chick) that runs off and doesnt help take care of their own kids? (14 answers)

 Who likes to be bitten? I find it rather kinky (12 answers)

 soo who on here does NOT watch the superbowl? (21 answers)

 If you was to star in a porn, What would the title be? (11 answers)

 who owns something that has the playboy bunny on it? (16 answers)

 Did you know that the colours red and yellow make you hungry? (13 answers)

 would you rather have one best friend or many regular friends? (11 answers)

 I am the Anti Valentine. anyone With me? or do you think im just bitter and pissy? (15 answers)

 What is the worse pain you have ever felt? (17 answers)

 Do you actually answer the QOTD questions? (12 answers)

 Who thinks they have magical powers? (10 answers)

 Hickeys... are you for or against them? why? (12 answers)

 If you had the chance to meet God ( for those who believe in him/her) what would you ask him/her? (15 answers)

 what is your favorite thing to do when you are alone? ( masterbating not coutin) (17 answers)

 do you know your chinese zodiac animal? (18 answers)

 If you could feel the pain of going through labor would you? (11 answers)

 tonight im gonna give you all my love in the backseat:) (8 answers)

 You have one wish... what is it? (12 answers)

 its all about the money. WHOS with me? (8 answers)

 Who likes Anime?If so, whats your fav one? (8 answers)

 Do you like havin your back scratched while havin sex? or scratchin someone elses? (8 answers)

 Which is worse? Bleeding to death or Starving to death (13 answers)

 so who all got a tree? we just got one yesterday or so. (10 answers)

 I graduated today. YAY! aint that kool? (8 answers)

 If your friends asked you for money (Oh.. let say about $300 for a good reason, not just cause they want it) would you give it to them or say hell no (12 answers)

 Does anyone like listenin to music that you cant understand? ( its in a different language) (9 answers)

 sooo... anyone else hate that damn teen soap opera Passions?  (8 answers)

 Who knows how to speak other languages? (9 answers)

 what if you JUST found out that you was pregnant?  (10 answers)

 Do you believe in Ouija ( sp?) boards?  (15 answers)

 Do you think that you will ever find true happiness?  (15 answers)

 QUICK! whats the 1st thing that comes to your head when you hear the work >> scrumptious (18 answers)

 I feel broken and alone inside. Anyone else feels the same?  (13 answers)

 For those who dont have tat's. Would you get one? and of what if you have chosen one yet (8 answers)

 For those who have tat's. What do you have and would you get another one? (7 answers)

 If there was one thing you could change about yourself, what would it be and why? (16 answers)

 What was your favorite toy while you was growing up?  (15 answers)

 You come home after a long day of... doing something ( school/ work/ whatever). You enter the house to see your mom and dad havin sex in the kitchen * shutters at the thought** your 1st reaction is? (14 answers)

 I have the urge to dye my hair for new years. Any colour sugestions? ( minus-brown,blonde and platnium) (9 answers)

 Do you think LOVE is over rated? (19 answers)

 Where do you like being kissed? I personally like my neck.:) ** giggles** (10 answers)

 Do you / Would you date someone of the opposite race? (22 answers)

 What is one thing that you totally and aboslutly just LOVE about yourself? (11 answers)

 So did YOU DO any actual cookin for thanksgiving? i made cookies. and lots of them. might make a nother few dozen before the night is up  (15 answers)

 Would you ever date/ meet/ marry whatever, someone you met online? (14 answers)

 now.. my niece is pickin on my kid.. would it be wrong to kick her down a flight of stairs or what? (8 answers)

 Do you like goin to the club?  (10 answers)

 Have you started your shopping for x mas yet?  (12 answers)

 Do you believe in: witchs, vampires, ghost, magic, ect?  (15 answers)

 have you ever had your own personal stalker? (13 answers)

 do you hate it when you listen to the radio, and they mix one song into another and they play the same line.. over and over and over again? (12 answers)

 Would you ever date someone you worked with? (14 answers)

 Did You all have a nice Thanksgiving? (11 answers)

 Where is the one place you want to be at right now?  (17 answers)

  Are children who act in rated 'R' movies allowed to see them? (12 answers)

  If the sky is the limit, then what is space, over the limit? (9 answers)

 Why do we say "heads up" when we actually duck? (10 answers)

 Do you like havin a political opinion or do you prefer to stay out of politics? (13 answers)

 Why is it that when you're driving and looking for an address, you turn down the volume on the radio? (10 answers)

 Why is it that when you transport something by car, it's called a shipment, but when you transport something by ship, it's called cargo? (7 answers)

 Would you rather be Rich and not happy, or Poor as dirt and happy as hell? (9 answers)

 Are you able to trust someone with your life? If yes, then who? (12 answers)

 Do you care about fashion?  (18 answers)

 Do you want children?  (22 answers)

 Which do you like better in the opposite sex, Looks or Personality?  (16 answers)

 How old are you? (27 answers)

 Whos a virgin? (22 answers)

 Do you have a favorite animal? (14 answers)

 What time of the day do you like the best? (11 answers)

 Which do you prefer, Latax condoms or animal skin? or nada at all?  (8 answers)

 Who's ur Fav Artist?  (10 answers)

 Does life seem to suck major ass? if yes why?  (9 answers)

 dont you hate it when you are trying to sleep and the phone keeps ringing and ringing? (15 answers)

 What city and state you live in? (10 answers)

 What r u doing right this second? (11 answers)

 whats your fave colour? (20 answers)

 whats your favorite song? (14 answers)

 what do you do on Friday nights? (14 answers)

 What do you wear under you pants? (17 answers)

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