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 If you could take any foreign language, regardless of practicality, what would it be? (36 answers)

 What's your biggest regret? If you're one of the pompous twats who says they "have no regrets," then don't bother answering. (28 answers)

 Do you like the sound of rain pounding on your window at night? (63 answers)

 Would you pose nude?  (69 answers)

 What came first...the chicken or the egg?  (45 answers)

 What lies after death?  (40 answers)

 What song are you listening to right now?  (36 answers)

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nuclearsailorCould you really store 600 kwh of compressed hydrogen in a scuba tank? (That's enough to run a hydrogen car some 400-600 miles, assuming 1000wh/mi after considering hydrogen-to-power-at-the-wheel efficiencies.)
nuclearsailorSons of bitches moved my car! Lol. (Probably just classmates playing a prank on me, lol.)
getitHere goes the 3 things test - name 3 things you would find in your pockets that you really wanted to keep
getitName 3 things you like boys to wear
getitName your 3 favorite cuss words you use all the time
getitName 3 things you would say to your mom if you could
getitName 3 things you would never piuck up if you saw them on the ground
getitName 3 things you would pick up if you saw them on the ground
getitName 3 things you do if you skip school
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