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Trojan23's Q & A
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 Any trilinguals in the house ? How do u say ...your mom fed you goats milk as a baby in spanish? (2 answers)

 what a disapointmenting sequal: UNDERWORLD EVOLUTION..except for the blood sucking biting scenes....If u saw it did u like it? (7 answers)

 Do you think that speaking a diff Language other then English is UNAMERICAN? (11 answers)

 boxocereal: No.
 JRSmurfNDice: If the foreign one is the only language you can speak, and you've been living here for years...then yes, very much so.
 djhowty: no
 cheer_up_emo_kid: no
 JustAnotherFiend: It would be nice that when someone is trying to speak to me they would use English considering that I hardly know any other languages.
 PRIMO: no

 Do u think the kind of FREINDS u hang around with says somthing about who you are as an individual? (11 answers)

  **micraphone in hand** would u rather play hard to get or be straight up about it ? (11 answers)

 girlies what is the one spot u wish your BF or partner would take you out for a DATE? (10 answers)

 Hey pple...do u think its possble to luv two pple equally ? (17 answers)

 Do you really care what others think about you? (14 answers)

 Does anyone else like to swim while its raining? Cuz its pouring our here in Cali (15 answers)

 what do u think is the greatest challenge for a couple to stapy togother and not call it quites? (15 answers)

 Do u think its wrong to flirt even though u have a GF or BF? (27 answers)

 hey what are u passionate about? (24 answers)

 WHAT female species eats their male counterpart after having SEX or more like mating? (25 answers)

 Is it me or are LESBIANS just more instresting ? (23 answers)

 how may of u girls are CLEAN FREAKS and wouldnt u rather get paid to do it? (17 answers)

 If a friend BACKSTABED U. would u still talk to them or walk around w/ the knif on your back? (8 answers)

 Does anyone get tired of following their DREAMS, wouldnt it be nice to stop and say Ill hook with you at the end? (4 answers)

 CHOOSE ONE: a porch monkey who brings u snaks or a kung-fu squirl who can kick some ass? (19 answers)

 Do all girls get all weird when u PMS....I mean really u should give us advance warning (18 answers)

 would u use violence if you caught your best friend macing w/ your GF or BF? (13 answers)

 when considering to put a metal stud through your tongue or belly button or genetilia do u take into account electricity? (8 answers)

 Im terrified of dying in a plane crash....I hate the thought that penuts would be my last meal..so what r u terriified of ? (7 answers)

 Why do girls usually say SIZE on a guy does not matter BUT how they use it.....PSSSSSH ...the thing only has two moves , foward and reverse. (11 answers)

 for all the females ....Has any guy ever made your toes curl? (18 answers)

 Has anyone ever SEEN a DOG try to commit suicide? (12 answers)

 Lets just say you ACCOMPLiSHED the goals you set in life ....then you die. What are some good goals after you die hu? bet u NEVER thought of that one? (7 answers)

 HOW IMPORTANT is being sexuality compatible w/ your BF or GF? (16 answers)

 Would u want to have as MANY friends as possible or would it be better to have a few GREAT friends ? (11 answers)

 JUST GOT OUT OF THE POOL...Does anyone know why a guys PETER PIPER shrinks like a frighten turtle in cold water? (13 answers)

 my place is infested w/ Koala beers....GO AHEAD JUDGE ME but its wayyyyyy beter then being infested w/ co*kroches...so what is your place infested with? (15 answers)

 If we were good on earth would GOD let us be pirates in HEAVEN? (15 answers)

 lets get w/ the program pple.....who has original questions worthy of my response? (10 answers)

 Have u ever had a boyfriend that cries more then you females? (13 answers)

 Do u think pple who preach "morality" are that moral or just sexually supressing feelings? (6 answers)

 HEY MAN IM NOT IN DRUGS..but jesus has an icecream truck..passes by my house about the same time everyday (10 answers)

 JUDGE ME why dont ya...I have a date tonight w/ a just turned 19 yr old is that wrong? (20 answers)

 Would u consider watching a band on a street stage a good 1st date? (14 answers)

 if you saw a guy in a muscle shirt w/ a tatoo of a Mayan blade in the back of his neck what is the 1st think that comes to mind? (17 answers)

 I could never take the chance losing luv to find romance......name the band please? (7 answers)

 HEY PPLE: what gender do u think takes longer to get over a relationship? (23 answers)

 IF u saw a child being beaten hard by one of her parents would u intervine? (17 answers)

 Do u mind if your BF tells u what to do ......or would u rather tell him what to do ? (20 answers)

 Can u trust your friends to tell you how truly good your poems are or songs? (16 answers)

 should schools pass out CONDOMS like CANDY ? (25 answers)

 if YOUR BEING HUNTED by a pack of VICIOS TROLLS who think you SMELL LIKE THE TROLL GIRL of their dreams what wold you say to get out of it? (13 answers)

 Who likes to ride Motorcycles and did u actually wait till u had a lic ? (7 answers)

 Do u have FUNK in your .......TRUNK? (7 answers)

 Does anyone like The black eyed peas? I mean music wise.... (19 answers)

 Ok ALL YOU PET LOVERS....have you ever stoped talking to your CAT OR DOG for what ever reason and in return the little buger ingores you also?!?! (10 answers)

 Have any of you been busted by your parents for giving oral and if so how could u look at your them again? (12 answers)

 HEY YOU, wouldnt it be nice if each girl came w/ a manual so the relationship wouldnt get complicated? (12 answers)

 ok pple come out of the closet....how many of you like HICK-HOP?....it is an actual music catoagory u know (8 answers)

 If you had a PORCH MONKEY and could teach it anything ....what would it be? Bad habits can be included. (9 answers)

 SUBJECT: HELL.....would u teach your small children the damnation of hell.....why? (12 answers)

 Some of you prob HELPED some one move before but have u helped them stay put....? (6 answers)

 My apartment is so infested w/ Koala bears, its the nicest infestation ever...way better then ****roaches.....so wht is your place infested of? (13 answers)

 If ALCOHOLISM is a desease then why do u get yelled at for havin it? (12 answers)

 OK PPLE who like indi films and if so have u seen The Motorcycle Diearies? (6 answers)

 If a female takes advantage of a guy while he is drunk...is that considered rape? (21 answers)

 Did u know that Jesus had an icecream truck....swear he just passed by (8 answers)

 If you were abducted by an Allien and were probed agaist your will would you tell your parents considering how how crazy u would sound? (10 answers)

 Do u get the feeling some pple were not breast fed as babies....thus little baby tantrums result (8 answers)

 Have u ever danced The Funky Chicken..........WHY? (9 answers)

 Hey Girlies: should a guy be expected to cook as well as a female if they both work?. (21 answers)

 So who like to dance latin music? **reaggeton** (12 answers)

 If in danger who would you save 1) a tropical bird worth$1,500 or 2) a cute kitty worth about $20.00? (15 answers)

 **heavy slow guitar riffs as background** IM GRAZY?....when I went to your churches , your schools, your public institutions......all I wanted was a pepsi!!!------Can you name these distinguised musical lads? (4 answers)

 If your mom was HOT and single would you bring in a good looking older then you friend to meet her? WOULDNT that feel weird? (7 answers)

 Can you befriend a squirl by giving it your nuts or are they just evil by nature? (7 answers)

 WOULD you every vote for a FEMALE president.....good or bad idea? (18 answers)

 HEY GIRLIES....if your prince charming never comes along will that mess up you life? (21 answers)

 HEY...I thought about how MOTHERS feed their babies w/ little tiny spoons and forks Sooo I woundered what do Chinese mothers use? Toothpicks? (11 answers)

 BE HONEST! would u rather be w/ a goodboy or a badboy..... (30 answers)

 I plan on taking a motorcycle roadtrip....GIVE ME on good reason why I should visit your state, whats so good about it ? (28 answers)

 Do pple have the right to judge you.....its a free country (22 answers)

 who here works out or do u all just sit on your a*ses....is there a 24hr fittness in your state? (14 answers)

 Ladies....why when a guy takes u out and asks where would u like to go u say "I dont know where do u want to go" I then when the guy decides in the end you bit*h about it ? (17 answers)

 Hey Ladies!!! why would some of you get jealous if your guy just talks to a girl, especially pretty w/ big boobs knowing he only luvs you (28 answers)

 If money us not suppose to make u happy then why Im I so happy when I get a fat bonus check? (16 answers)

 For those of u who actually WORK are u afraid of your boss? (15 answers)

 GIRLS why do some of you have the ability to HATE another girl just by looking at her?Guys dont do this sort of thing, usually (26 answers)

 Do you take resposiblity for your HAPPYNESS or do u depend on your BF/GF to make u happy (22 answers)

 Do you know the difrence between being friendly and flirtatous, what is it? (14 answers)

 Can LOVE Stay alive when attraction dies? (18 answers)

 Do you know the diffrence betweem LOVE and ROMANCE ? (10 answers)

 have u seen the girl w/ the SEXY rock n roll eyes, arnt they the best! (6 answers)

 GIRLIES; what is the best way to turn a girl down or should I use the "its me not you" speech (22 answers)

 girls would u think less of your boyfrinds if they had a relationship w/ a striper ? (22 answers)

 When was the Last time u went to Vagas......??? or do bright lights in the desert not do it for ya (10 answers)

 WHY do big boobs make me happy? (25 answers)

 SEX, nt really but is me or do goth chicks have major "issues" just dated two this month (11 answers)

 HEY why do pple not smile when Im wearing a muscle shirt and letting my tats shine? Do Tatoos make me a bad person? (23 answers)

 DO you see orange Daisys when u smile? I see boobies. (10 answers)

 When the SUN goes down do the roaches in your house come out to play? (15 answers)

 Is there such thing as a fat chick being sexy? (20 answers)

 PICK ONE ONLY: The most imortant thing in my life is 1)Family 2) my goals 3)my health and why compared to the others? (17 answers)

 Does anyone do boxing or kickboxing..? (17 answers)

 so what contribution have u made in your community or is it all about "me" (14 answers)

 HEY, why is it that in Europe they show boobs on tv but in the USA if some girl just covers her NIPPLES its considered obscene? (16 answers)

 If u were offered a prize, would u be in a wet T-shirt contest or spelling b? (25 answers)

 Who in here rides motorcycles and if u had one, would u dare take a trip on your own....? (7 answers)

 What are your dreams or aspirations and do u have a plan? (12 answers)

 EVERYONE, any surfers, poets or soccer players wanna chat? (17 answers)

 EVERONE: Jet black is still being breast fed by his mom and this is how he acts when she is not home (7 answers)

 If We Lived and Were Good on Earth Would God Allow Us to be Pirates in Heaven?? (9 answers)

 Any Bob Marley fans....lets get together and feel allright.... (10 answers)

 Anyone luv to ride a motorcyle? (16 answers)

 If u u had saved our money for 3yrs would u buy a motorcyle or take a trIp to Italy?. (25 answers)

 If YOU saw a ghost would u be afraid and shouldnt u be more scared of the living ? (17 answers)

 HEY, do you know the diffrence between love and infatuation? (12 answers)

 GRILS,who hs asked theri boyfrind to wear a pink shirt and why would you subject him to that? (22 answers)

 If I had no sence of humor or play would enjoy chating w/ me ? (14 answers)

 Hey!! Ill make it easy. What is one thing Bush has done to make this country better? (19 answers)

 HEY!! what 3 things has Bush done to make this country better? (14 answers)

 GIRLS : what are your passionate about that others in your school dont know? (19 answers)

 Ties suck!!! Do they make a guy look nicer, smarter, more profesional....or is it just social conditioning? (21 answers)

 Is it wrong to date a striper ...what if she is just trying to support her kids and pay for her school (25 answers)

 Cant sleep I hear Elvis songs in my head....what pill should I take? (16 answers)

 Has anyone been to CANCUN in Mexico for spring break and how is it? (10 answers)

 What do u think other find SEXY about U? (33 answers)

 Be Honest!!How many girls like it when your guy tells u what to do(in polite mannner) or would u rahter b with someone who follows your directon? (26 answers)

 what would otner say U smell like most of time? (30 answers)

 What makes u unique ? (31 answers)

 Does anyone go a private gym or would u if u could? (20 answers)

 It's 5.15pm in Calf wht time is it in your state? (29 answers)

 Does anyone care what your Dog or family pet thinks of you? (20 answers)

 When was the last time u had a one night stand? (29 answers)

 Whats the weirdest thng u made as a sandwitch? Nonefiction pls. (19 answers)

 LADIES IN THE HOUSE- Do u really believe u wil spend the rest of your life with "the pefect one or "soulmate"? (51 answers)

 c mon b honest! Besides personality does "size" matter in a guy,I think it does. (41 answers)

 wht sports do u play and r u any good? (28 answers)

 Why do some girls think there is something wrong if u dont answer back "I luv U" every frkn time it;s sd? (35 answers)

 Can anyone tell me why fishing is a sport? (28 answers)

 If a girl says," i love u"dos that mean anything sence she is w/ another guy (31 answers)

 what is your major and why (33 answers)

 how important is it to b a good kisser for a guy (36 answers)

 ladies what is the fist thing u check out in a guy (49 answers)

 should there b a weight or age limit for anyone in a thong, if so what is it? (45 answers)

 who is your favorite actor and in what movie? (36 answers)

 Is it a good idea to have sex w/ good friends? (59 answers)

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