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Taintedbliss's Q & A
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 me? hot or not? (1 answers)

 Does music get you in the mood? (5 answers)

 boxocereal: In the mood for what?
 social_pest: no but porn does lol....
 _WeLsH_cHiK_: Honestly I've never really known

 Truth or lie? which do you prefer (6 answers)

 Lindsey Lonhan or Hilary Duff (8 answers)

 Do you believe in love at first sight? (5 answers)

 whose gonna see boogeyman?!!!!!!!! (2 answers)

 is it bad to want to see A series of unfortunate events movie? (5 answers)

 Do you know who Gackt is? (2 answers)

 Rape me! who sings this song??????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (6 answers)

 What's you favorite color?  (16 answers)

 Guys: Do you like me?  (5 answers)

 Lord of the rings or Harry potter?  (23 answers)

 Are you shallow? Be honest!  (14 answers)

 Guys: Really what do you look in girl, ok, two girls, one is Skinny(beautiful, sex body wise) but has a poor Attitude, Or a girl who is Big(Not skinny, but isn't ugly either) and had a great personality, who would you choose, be honest?  (3 answers)

 Guys: Would you want a woman with half a brain or a woman with one breast?  (6 answers)

 How do you Avoid someone you truly hate, cause everywhere I go, he's sure to be there.  (8 answers)

 Do you Like to read? What are you reading now?  (4 answers)

 Love is sick sometimes, it can take you places then it can hurt like hell! Is that fair?  (5 answers)

 Can't you wait to get out of your parents house?  (3 answers)

 Is it so bad to lke more than one person? If you love one, but the other one's interest you? what to do then?  (2 answers)

 Degrasi or 7th Heaven?  (15 answers)

 Do you Like my Drawing?  (8 answers)

 Raw or Smackdown??  (7 answers)

 "Is love a tender thing? It is too rough, too rude, too boisterous; and it pricks like thorn." where does this quote come from?  (3 answers)

 Die alone or take someone with you? who is the person you would take with you?  (4 answers)

 If you were to die right now at this moment! where do you think you would you go? Heaven or hell?  (10 answers)

 Don't you just hate when Relationships are done faster than they began?  (9 answers)

 Love isn't worth death?  (10 answers)

 What's your sign?  (19 answers)

 Freddy vs Jason, who would really win? forget the movie!  (10 answers)

 What would be the perfect date?  (3 answers)

 What movie are you dieing to see?  (5 answers)

 What is in your cd player right now?  (15 answers)

 Do you like the linkin park Jay z duo  (4 answers)

 Love or lust?  (14 answers)

 Anime or cartoons?  (10 answers)

 Pepsi or coke?  (16 answers)

 In the bedroom, or on the kitchen table?  (13 answers)

 chicken or Beef  (11 answers)

 Music people! Fuse Or MTV?  (9 answers)

 If your boyfriend(girlfriend) cheated on you what would you do?  (13 answers)

 Are you single?  (17 answers)

 Gamers! Grand theft Auto(all of them) or Max payne?  (12 answers)

 Ladies! Justin or Ashton?  (7 answers)

 BIG QUESTION! Kerry or Bush?  (7 answers)

 do it for the fame or just for the soul  (7 answers)

 love or the money  (9 answers)

 surfing or boarding?  (6 answers)

 do you like anime?  (7 answers)

 If I had hurt my ankle and you saw me on the ground with no one to help me, would you leave me there and get me help or be the hero and sweep me off my feet?  (7 answers)

 do you believe in love at first sight  (13 answers)

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