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TLK_Billy's Q & A
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 Suddenly, I am back to this site. everything looks different..except my profile. How is everyone? (3 answers)

 TLK is enganged (2 answers)

 Okay, time for a frickin awesome question!! WHY, O WHY, DID THE CHICKEN CROSS THE ROAD!? (8 answers)

 RangerTed6: because the farmer took him out of the pen and carried jim across to cut his head off for supper..simple as that.
 boxocereal: To get to the other side of the road.
 RangerTed6: to get to the other side
 Misz_Swaggerific: To lay an egg..
 JessMania: Well see, its a complicate story. First, it would help to be aware of location. this chicken was crossing a road in Russia. He was in Russia because the Russian Chicken Mob had sprung him from the pen (iffen ya know what i mean) and in return he had to pay the family services. That is, he had to do the dirty work, be an assassin. And in the line of duty, the chicken's cover was blown, and the chicken KBG wanted his chicken rump. fast forward, and the Chicken KGB is hot on our protagonists' tail. He hops into a healy, hot wires it and begins driving like a maniac down the streets of Moscow, pursued closely by a and of chicken KGB in a mercedes S series. The chicken then wrecks in an attempt to foil the KGB in their pursuit, and is forced to flee by foot. Luckily, the mercedes was also totaled, and the majority of the gangsters were killed. The foot chase continued with only two KGB's and our hero the chicken. The Chicken makes a harrowing jump from a bridge into more traffic below, and is soon lost to the KGB's in the sea of cars and people. The chicken then crosses a nearby street in an attempt to appear un-suspicious and pedestrian. :D

 Name me some awesome bands/singers that are not well known? (16 answers)

 Alright! New poem! Ha! I got my groove back! ..o..question..um..what about the pie? (3 answers)

 Ooooopsss....did i just do that? (4 answers)

 Best Villaness all around. (If you answered "Catwoman" on the heroien ? it doesnt count here) (10 answers)

 Wow, I totally flooded the Q&A. I'm sorry. (7 answers)

 Best heroine all around? (7 answers)

 Best Video game Hero? (7 answers)

 Best Video game villian? (7 answers)

 Best comic/Novel villian? (5 answers)

 Best Comic/ novel hero? (5 answers)

 Best movie Hero? (6 answers)

 Best movie Villian? (9 answers)

 Oh yeah- btw people..after being offline for...3 months...maybe more? I'm back! (7 answers)

 WHAT IS LOVE? (...baby don't hurt me, don't hurt me...no more...lol) (7 answers)

 Ever read any of John Marco's books? *sigh* I think I found a new fav author. (Again, RIP MC) (2 answers)

 Did you hear about the one guy who does that one thing with one hand? (6 answers)

 Why? (7 answers)

 What up people?! (5 answers)

 Did you know Michael Crichton died? I sure didn't..now I'm sad (4 answers)

 What do you dream of? ...and for my sanity, nothing to weird, cuz i know someones gonna say sex. Lol (7 answers)

 What is a good book (fiction) to read? (Please no Harry Potter, Lord of Rings, or Twilight series) (15 answers)

 Who can you not trust the most in your life. (Goverment, or anything related doesn't count. It's too common an answer) (6 answers)

 ...hidden cameras?! (9 answers)

 Just in time for Halloween, my short stoy "Pugatory House" isa up. Tell me what you think? (Be sure to read the caution in the description) (2 answers)

 Am I the only one that shudders when he hears the word "rape"? (12 answers)

 Is it bad when you trust the political comedians more than the actual politicians now? I think i'll vote for John Stewart or Stephen Colbert. So far..they sound better. Lol (5 answers)

 Best martial art? (12 answers)

 One of my managers thought I was going to be a serial killer later in my life, thoughts? (11 answers)

 Who else hates writers block and what do you do to help break it? (14 answers)

 What kind of animal are you? (Mythical or real.) (20 answers)

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