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SweetBrit0404's Q & A
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 Coke or Pepsi? (7 answers)

 How was ur day? Mine wasnt good... (9 answers)

 Go Bucs---Go Bucs! Aint no other team stoppin us! Go Bucs Go Bucs! At the Raymond James, we do our thing, everytime we score them cannons bang! If you want to see our game GO BUCS GO BUCS! (2 answers)



 Does anyone have more than 10 SCore things??? (7 answers)

 Does anyone here play The Sims or The Sims Online? They are soooo tight! (5 answers)

 boxocereal: Nope.
 confuzzled_chick: i have all of them, except deluxe and online, i sooo want them! lol my bday is in april, guess ill get them then!
 ~!~Trace~!~: I have the game but I dont play it
 newfoundglorygurl: i love it its so additive
 artfearie: i play The Sims!! I only have the Deluxe game, but I'm getting Hot Date and Unleashed for my birthday! ^.^ I want Sims Online too, but I'm gonna have to wait for that.

 What is the best part of SC? (8 answers)

 Whats your favorite TV show? (9 answers)

 Whats ur favorite song? (12 answers)

 Does anyone watch Degrassi or Scratch and Burn? Those shows are tight! (11 answers)

Last 10 Questions Posted
UsulWhat is your economic ideology (such as capitalism, socialism, communism, distributism, feudalism/manorialism, mercantilism, etc)?
ceaser2what kind of video's of yourself do you like to make ?
iBoy2G7/20: Gage and Justin. What could they do together?
iBoy2G7/20: Shane and Justin. What could they do together?
iBoy2G7/20: Gage, Shane and Justin. What could they do together?
iBoy2G7/20: Gage and Shane. What could they do together?
nuclearsailorOMG, I sooooo want to convert a small electric car into a hybrid. Please tell me it's going to happen sometime in my life? lol
nuclearsailorThis (school)/(state's radio stations) likes to play pop 80s music, which I like, lol. (In Georgia, the radio stations seem to like country/rap, which kind of sucks, lol.) What's your local music 'scene' like?
iBoy2G7/19: What is your current approval level of Barack Obama? Mine is about 85%.
iBoy2G7/19: Gage has been acting differently ever since he got that lobotomy. What do you think?
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