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Sum182Gurl's Q & A
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 so one day u finally realize that life is juss a jOke..that its all juss sum game.. but yet u'll never put up the white flag...WHY!!!!! (2 answers)

 OmG!!!! SUM1 SAVE ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THEY'RE TRYING TO TLK 2 ME AGAIN!!!! (2 answers)

 GuyS- wat do u look for in a girl?? (4 answers)

 I'm BORED are you?? If so Tag my guest book!!! heh (5 answers)

 whats ur favorite drink?? (5 answers)

 what are some good songs to download?!?! (7 answers)

 She's gonna break soon***so many problems in her life it really comes as no surprise! (5 answers)

 boxocereal: What?
 korn_chick2007: i know that song lol
 sum182gurl: LoL- Nicole! It's a song by LEss Than Jake !! SILLY!
 UnLovedOne16: i'm confused!!!!!!!! lol
 sum182gurl: all the *'s mean like thats repeated ya kno? of course! lol use ur brains!!!! We all have some!!

 I'm soooooooo bored too thou!! Someone tlk to me please!!! I'll love you 4ever!!!!!!!! lol (2 answers)

 *Dances around!* i'm hyper! what about all of you guys!?!? (3 answers)

 What do you do when you are tore btween 2 guys? They both like you and you like both of them? (3 answers)

 Is it possible to love someone, but like someone at the same time? Or ISN'T that possible? Would it then be nothing but a crush? (3 answers)

 What would you do, if the guy you like, and likes you... calls u a bitch? (8 answers)

 Heč Everčone! H0w R w╚ todač?? (5 answers)

 Ok- Who hates it when friends don't believe you as much as they should?Nor do they believe IN you as much as they should? (4 answers)

 Is getting hooked on something new *2 you* good?? When you kno it can get out of control? (4 answers)

 Read my answer for the question ok? (3 answers)

 Who'S bOreD?? (4 answers)

 I am so0o tired!! Haven't had much sleep!! And been thinking a lot about stuff.. mainly life and all.. but yehh.. what would you do if you came to a situation where either way.... something bad would/could happen? (3 answers)

 Who's your role model and why? (4 answers)

 Who's your favorite band?? (8 answers)

 What color should i paint my room?? (10 answers)

 What color should i dye my hair?? (10 answers)

 Why do rents *Parents* always bring you down all the time? (10 answers)

 Anyone here ever heard of Lagwagon- E Dagger??? (7 answers)

 what would you do if i died?? (5 answers)

 ok- i really want to ride a dirtbike but my rents say no bcuz i'm a girl and its a guys sport.. i think thats fuckin crazy- but hey.. w/e.. and i am thinking about just getting the parts and fixing up my bros- but i dun kno if my rents will let (4 answers)

 If you could learn how to play any instrument what would it be? (16 answers)

 How Many People Have Hiden How They Felt Towards Another, Because They Were Scared Or Nervous To The Person Reaction? (9 answers)

 And body know the EXACT date when the new blink cd is coming out?? (3 answers)

 If someone started shit with you, meaning starting tell people shit about you, when they don't even kno you, what would YOU do? (7 answers)

 Has anybody evere read the book Cut? It's a pretty damn good book, i actually love reading that book... lol (3 answers)

 Have you ever been afraid that you were'nt good enough for the person that you love? (7 answers)

 Who do you think is the hottest from Blink? * I could never asnwer that, they r ALL hot * (4 answers)

 LoL- Bored... nothing to do.. tag my guest-book when ya get a chance people! (2 answers)

 Who likes the Ataris?? LoL I love them! hehe Thats what i'm listening to now... lol can ya tell i'm a little bored!! (3 answers)

 What Are You All Thinking About? I'm Just Bored.... SORRY! (7 answers)

 What would you do if you were hooked on something that was harmful to urself?You've tried to stopped, but its 2 addicting... (6 answers)

 AH! OK- So if you and your Ex were still going out.. today would be ur anniversary.... you're over him.. but he's not over you.. he still wants to b with you.. but you like some1 else now.. what the hell are you suppose to do?? ANY ONE!!! (2 answers)

 What's your "dream kiss"? (5 answers)

 I wish i could FLYYYYYYYY!!!! What about you? (4 answers)

 If you could pick ONE place to be right now.. where would it be? (8 answers)

 If i died tomorrow, would this song live on forever? (lol, The Ataris) (5 answers)

 Would you tell a friend something that you did, but you knew it would hurt your friend? (8 answers)

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