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SingleTexasPunk09's Q & A
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 who is the most anoyin kid at your skool? (4 answers)

 wat do u wanna name your futre kids?if you have kids wats their names??? (2 answers)

 wats been your longest relationship? (1 answers)

 weres the weirdest place you wanted 2/or have had sex? (1 answers)

 boxocereal: I don't know.

 wat grade are you in???? (3 answers)

 what classes are you takin this year? (4 answers)

 have you ever been kissed be4 (8 answers)

 wats the last movie you watched? (9 answers)

 do you prefer a doll or a really chik???(referin 2 the other ? i asked!) (2 answers)

 wold you screw a chik if she waz all plastic or al natural? (4 answers)

 *fill in the blanke* Old McDonald............. (5 answers)

 bugels or fritos (5 answers)

 how much jewelry do you were? (5 answers)

 wats your fav 3 doors down song?if you listen 2 em' (4 answers)

 have you sean Shawn of the Dead yet? (9 answers)

 ummm.....who's bored and hungry???? (2 answers)

 do you like 2 read gothic romances? (4 answers)

 are you eatin Bar-B-Q this 4th o' july? (3 answers)

 have you ever colored your hair?even after your parents toold you you couldn't???and wat color???? (6 answers)

 are you lookin forward 2 goin back 2 school? (7 answers)

 HI peoples!how waz your weekend???? (4 answers)

 MTV--CMT--OR VH1? (13 answers)

 who here likes info-mersals? (8 answers)

 do you match all the time or do you totaly never match! (5 answers)

 does any1 here have any gum? (5 answers)

 wats your fav kind of chip? (7 answers)

 once agin i'm bored are you? (4 answers)

 are you a boy or girl? (11 answers)

 balck eye or pink eye? (7 answers)

 do you bully neerds? (6 answers)

 are you tall or short? (10 answers)

 do u like pigtales? (4 answers)

 are you bored?~i'm bored!~your bored 2 arn't you??? (5 answers)

 does any 1 here live in east texas????? (5 answers)

 sooo...like has any1 ever been in tha hospital for a bad injury? (5 answers)

 rollerblading or sk8 bordin? (11 answers)

 are you a city people or a country hick? (16 answers)

 do you like back rubs or do u like your feet rubed? (6 answers)

 have you ever asked someone you didn't know to pull your finger? (5 answers)

 dose the cross hang with jesus's head pointin up or down? (5 answers)

 if you were to comit suicide what would you use and were would you do it? (5 answers)

 ok.....if you were a goast who would you haunt? (5 answers)

 when you die were do u think your going? (6 answers)

 who do you love the most? (6 answers)

 hey who eles is iered but doesn't wanna go 2 bed? (7 answers)

 do u like the Backstreet Boyz? (11 answers)

 would some one join 1 of my groups?their Midnightdwelers(i think thats under my s/n alostvampire)and Crpitsofthedark(under my s/n rebel_bloody_hated) (3 answers)

 what color do u normaly paint your nails? (11 answers)

 how many fingers am i holding up? (9 answers)

 dude......do you see bright white dots when you close your eyes? (6 answers)

 would you rather hear like or dude every other word? (7 answers)

 cash or change (8 answers)

 are you an olny child or do u have sibs? (14 answers)

 do u live with both parents? (13 answers)

 wats you fav color? (9 answers)

 are you irish?i am kinda (10 answers)

 are you white or black? (10 answers)

 bloody gory or pretty and prepy? (8 answers)

 cuts or bruses? (9 answers)

 green or blue? (8 answers)

 Fiction or Non-fiction? (7 answers)

 short stories or poetry? (6 answers)

 2:00 am or 2:00 pm? (10 answers)

 do you shop on ebay? (8 answers)

 wheres the crazyest place you would ever/or have had sex? (8 answers)

 if you got a tatoo on your forhead what would it say? (8 answers)

 have you ever been the "other" girl/boy? (7 answers)

 would you kill for a family member? (11 answers)

 would you kill for a friend? (11 answers)

 Dude Has any 1 around here ever hurd of Smile Empty Soul? (8 answers)

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