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Silent_Death_666's Q & A
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Silent_Death_666 has 61 questions total.
Silent_Death_666 has answered a total of 2,637 other questions.

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 This place sucks these days. It's all about religion.  (9 answers)

 When do you want to get married?  (6 answers)

 What's your favorite insult?  (5 answers)

 Where's the craziest place you've had sex?  (7 answers)

 Ever woke in the middle of the night and had the feeling you were going to die (murder, naturally, ect??)?  (10 answers)

 Go back to a place you were once happy....where are you?  (21 answers)

 If you had the chance to suck someone's blood. would you?  (14 answers)

 What's your reason for wanting what you want?  (9 answers)

 What's your personality?  (9 answers)

 what is keep you away from death?  (12 answers)

 boxocereal: Huh?
 -Sigrid-: My friends, college hopes.
 JaRuleG16: my daughter
 TwistedChild: My family. The hope of finding some one to love. A promise I made to some one. =| I thank him dearly! The thought of my father wining. there is other personaly reason.
 braddles: Heh... no words i could use would explain it to you enough for you to understand. I've been saved from the Matrix, I'm reborn. All i have to do is have a small puff on a joint and I can feel God's presence. I feel my life in 3rd person and can analyse myself, and improve on myself. Death is for those still connected to 'the matrix' (its metaphorical), and I am not included in that lot, it is not my fate :). Can you feel my ecstasy coming in waves? Isn't it damn thick? Vibes of bliss oozing through the system like viscous goop, treacle. Or some potent aniseed drink, that shits good, its like 40%. Black stuff, i cant remember what its called. Kinda like ouzo. Better still, its like weed smoke from a bong, thick and cold. Can you smell it? I'm so contradictory, nah theres no commandment "thou shalt not smoke herbs", its a social thing. Bob Marley was a stoner christian, he knew what he was talking about.
 bleeding_heart: life is war, death is the escape..... i will never die, i'll just stagnate
 brannygurl07: sometimes i'm actually not for sure, why...........
 khennie: im not finished living
 korn_chick2007: my family
 CDN_Star_M_17: Myself. I keep myself away from death.
 silent_death_666: my boyfriend

 When was the last time you were kissed? Where were you?  (23 answers)

 My picture is up! Go see!!!  (12 answers)

 Ever read 'Prozac Nation'? What did you think of it?  (6 answers)

 Who's your "god"? Marilyn Manson is my God!  (16 answers)

 YESS or NO- Rap fucking SUCKS!!!???  (26 answers)

 Drugs or Razors?  (18 answers)

 Do you tend to push away the guy/girl you like if you get to close? (I hope i'm not the only one)  (22 answers)

 If you got the choose the way you die, how would you want to die?  (15 answers)

 If your a cutter when was the last time you cut and how many unhealed cuts do you have?  (16 answers)

 What's your opinion on death?  (11 answers)

 Do you feel safe when you go to sleep at night?  (16 answers)

 How do you feel DEEP down inside?  (23 answers)

 Today is my 16th Birthday...  (23 answers)

 What your life like?  (12 answers)

 What's your drug of choice?  (17 answers)

 I never cared that much and i never kept in touch and most of all that really suck is everything...  (5 answers)

 Love or Hate?  (19 answers)

 What does the color BLACK make you think of?  (19 answers)

 What's the greatest song ever written?  (10 answers)

 Do you go to a psychologist?  (25 answers)

 What's the meaning of death? we were put here to live, rigt? why do we die? AND DON'T GIVE ME ANY CHRISTIAN SHIT!  (19 answers)

 What is the best gothic (vampires or witches) book you've read?  (15 answers)

 When was the last time you puked?  (14 answers)

 Ever been on Nodoz? those things fuck you up!  (7 answers)

 What should i carve into my leg that's creative?  (11 answers)

 What's your obsession?  (25 answers)

 *shows fangs* Wanna be a vampire?  (24 answers)

 When was the last time you peed your pants?  (15 answers)

 Do you have feelings or are you numb?  (20 answers)

 Positive or Negative?  (25 answers)

 What do you think about Wiggers?  (17 answers)

 What's you worst nightmare?  (18 answers)

 Will you donate your blood to me? I'm kinda thirsty...  (18 answers)

 Are you happy or depressed? Why?  (27 answers)

 Good or Evil?  (29 answers)

 How long do you think you'll live for?  (22 answers)

 What's your opinion of Self-Mutilation?  (20 answers)

 Anyone ever carved anything into there skin?  (22 answers)

 What do you usually do on a friday night?  (17 answers)

 FUCK LIFE! WHY CAN'T I JUST END IT????? (13 answers)

 Are you afraid to fall 'in love'? (30 answers)

 What song best discribes your life? (28 answers)

 THE BIG SUBJECT: God...Yes or No? (40 answers)

 Alive or Dead? (24 answers)

 What's your happiness level today? 1-10 (39 answers)

 Are you afraid of being your own murderer? (23 answers)

 Ever think your stuck in your own personal hell? (36 answers)

 My uncle just threatened to kill me. Ever have a family member threaten to kill you? (22 answers)

 What do you think about most of the time? (23 answers)

 What do you HATE and what do you LIKE? (20 answers)

 Hey! it's PunkChikLoser here! I had to change my s/n...so everyone who doesn't hate me tag me becuase i feel lonely! (10 answers)

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