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Shortee420's Q & A
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 Who wants Kevin Federline to get his beatup by John Cena (4 answers)

 Whats the worst bday gift to give to your EX? (4 answers)

 boxocereal: Lol...I like the answer below me.
 terra_ultmia: the worst bday gift? don't give any

 What turns you on? and what turns you off? (5 answers)

 Is there someone in the world you cant stop thinking about???? (16 answers)

 Is there something you wanna no about me ? (4 answers)

 WHo loves me? (5 answers)

 are there any decent guys out there???????????? (16 answers)

 What are u thinking about (10 answers)

 umm. Wheres the most interesting place to masterbate? and does the point of being caught turn you on? (5 answers)

 What do you look for in a man/woman? (6 answers)

 whos horny? (13 answers)

 what was ur favorite halloween costume when u were little? and old? (5 answers)

 whats your fantasies? (6 answers)

 how are u feeling at this second? (12 answers)

 r u sexy (20 answers)

 are u afraid of how your gonna die (13 answers)

 Did anyone go see The Marine? if so did u like it? (6 answers)

 DID anything really bad happen to you on FRIDAY THE 13th? my good friend died (14 answers)

 is anyone awake (13 answers)

 how many people have you slept with? (18 answers)

 What would you like to do before you die? (9 answers)

 How would u feel if your best friend told you have a split personality and their afraid of you sometimes? (7 answers)

 What do u want right this second?> (15 answers)

 do u shave (17 answers)

 Do you have a theme song of you or ur life? (11 answers)

 What would you do if you were invisible for a day? (15 answers)

 does anyone have something they would like to share?. (12 answers)

 whats everyone doing (13 answers)

 What is your most fear? (17 answers)

 dont you hate when ur tired and u cant sleep? (14 answers)

 where do u liked to be kissed the most?> (12 answers)

 What interests u most about the person u love? (11 answers)

 Have u made alot of mistakes lately?> (12 answers)

 Do u believe what ppl are trying to advertise these days>? (4 answers)

 Who loves HINDER??? What about Blue October? and Nickelback? (14 answers)

 do u have a secret that u cant resist telling someone (5 answers)

 What attracts you to the one u love/like? (9 answers)

 is anyone sad? (7 answers)

 Has anyone ever made love to you (10 answers)

 is anyone a senior?how do u feel about movin outta of ur parents house? (9 answers)

 What are u doing right now? what are your thoughts?> (12 answers)

 If you could meet anyone who would u meet?> (9 answers)

 Whats your fav song (13 answers)

 Whats your fav class in school?> (11 answers)

 DO u hate snotty ass ppl? (12 answers)

 Girls...... Dont you hate having your period? (21 answers)

 how tall are u (16 answers)

 Have u ever had sex with your best friend? (13 answers)

 Whens the last time u had sex (13 answers)

 how many kids do u want to have? when ur older that is. (13 answers)

 Whats your fav place to have sex? leaning up against trees? (10 answers)

 are u a stoner? (16 answers)

 Whats your best friends name (19 answers)

 Do u smoke?> (22 answers)

 WIll someone please answer my questions?????> (6 answers)

 Who is ur fav PORN STAR? mine is Jenna Jameson (8 answers)

 Does anyone like greys anatomy (12 answers)

 whats ur fav quote (12 answers)

 Who has unfair and crazy a$$ parents? (10 answers)

 Who is a virgin?> (26 answers)

 Whats your name and your nickname?mines Desarae and Desilou (14 answers)

 What color are ur eyes? mine are Hazel (21 answers)

 whens the last time u got laid? (17 answers)

 Anyone really horny? (16 answers)

 BOO (7 answers)

 When you are cybering are u afraid of what the person really looks like???? (12 answers)

 Girls - do u like to mess with younger guys? (13 answers)

 What would you do if you traded in your vagina for a penis and vice versa for a day? lol (9 answers)

 Does anyone have job? where? (10 answers)

 Did you regret who you lost your virginity to? (17 answers)

 Whats the oldest person youve had sex with ? was it good? (16 answers)

 Whats your fav candy bar? (11 answers)

 Whats the longest youve gone with out taking a shower (14 answers)

 My mikshake bringz all the boys to the yard... (4 answers)

 What are u wearing? (10 answers)

 If you could kiss one celebrity to who would we give this honor? John Cena (7 answers)

 What is the color of your hair? (15 answers)

 how do u like to dance? (7 answers)

 Have you ever faked an orgasm? (9 answers)

 whats the sexiest thing someone has done for u (1 answers)

 What do u do when no one is looking? (5 answers)

 Anyone like the show Miami Ink ? (4 answers)

 Anyone Watch Jerry Springer? (8 answers)

 Whats your fav song?. (7 answers)

 what does your screen name mean? (14 answers)

 Who likes to smoke weed? (13 answers)

 What do you want in a relationship? (5 answers)

 HOW DO U WANNA DIE? (12 answers)

 Its 420 tomorrow...yayayayayay (5 answers)

 how many people have u had sexual experience with? (15 answers)

 whats your fav bad word? (9 answers)

 do you like to masterbate? Where at? (16 answers)

 has anyone took that sex test (10 answers)

 whats your fav kinda of gum do u chew (9 answers)

 whens the last time u cried? why? (12 answers)

 Do you think Patrick Starr(Spongebobs pink friend) looks like a foreskinned penis? (7 answers)

 Whats green and smells like pork? A. Kermmits Finger.....funny funny (4 answers)

 whats your fav pop tart? (10 answers)

 Who loves John Cena (2 answers)

 Whats the worst dare someone told u to do (4 answers)

 Ever been skinny dipping (7 answers)

 anyones cleavage hanging out right now (12 answers)

 Have you ever been in love someone so bad it hurts (15 answers)

 what color of eyeshadow do u wear? (14 answers)

 what do guys do wrong? (7 answers)

 What is a turn on for you? (4 answers)

 How big are your boobs (18 answers)

 whats your favorite pill? (13 answers)

 Anyone like KottonMouth Kings? (8 answers)

 Would you ever go out with a different race than you (17 answers)

 have you ever done anything sexual with your best friends? same sex? (15 answers)

 anyone single? (18 answers)

 why are there such things as PREPS?? I hate them so much (10 answers)

 whats your fav way to get high (10 answers)

 Has anyone seen the 50 cent movie (5 answers)

 Whats the worst thing thats ever happened to you (6 answers)

 Do you watch or look at porn (12 answers)

 Whats your FAV movie (15 answers)

 Whats your fav cartoon (10 answers)

 Whats is your fav part of your body (10 answers)

 who is better"? Green Day or Simple Plan (15 answers)

 Whats your name (19 answers)

 Anybody watch DeGrassi (15 answers)

 Whats your fav song (6 answers)

 who loves Ja Rule (7 answers)

 have u ever lost someone or something? was it really bad (7 answers)

 whats your favorite candy bar (14 answers)

 what turns you on (12 answers)

 Anyone ever fooled around with someone at school? (15 answers)

 WHO LOVES the SEXiest man to me anyway JOHN CENA.. (7 answers)

 Does anyone like WWE (14 answers)

 Whats the kinkiest thing you have ever done (12 answers)

 If you could be anyone you want who would you be (4 answers)

 what is it that you hate about yourself (9 answers)

 how would you feel about being a stripper or pole dancer (14 answers)

 what do you think about a threesome (13 answers)

 Are you afraid to die (19 answers)

 umm do you smoke anything (21 answers)

 what is your favorite alcholic beverage (17 answers)

 how old were you when u lost your virginity (24 answers)

 do you believe in luck (14 answers)

 Where is the best place to get freaky (12 answers)

 Do you have a secret your hiding (13 answers)

 Whats your favorite color (32 answers)

 umm whats your favorite sex position (16 answers)

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