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ShinyEyes's Q & A
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 What do you think is the minimum of an appropriate length to be dating someone before moving in together? how about getting engaged? (14 answers)

 I know it shouldn't matter but for curiousity purpose, would you rather be/see a female that was chubby, but big-chested, or thin, but flat-chested? (16 answers)

 What is your opinion about porn? What about the way women are viewed in the media and society? (20 answers)

 What do you think is a bigger problem today-racism, sexism, or homophobia? (62 answers)

 What group/artist do you think has the best lyrics?  (87 answers)

 What do you consider the most important thing in a realationship?  (68 answers)

 boxocereal: There are a lot of things that are equally important.
 XxGemstonexX: honesty/ trust and FUN.
 mymindkillsme: honesty.
 SnowxWhitexQueen: Trust
 pallidpurple: Er, liking each other?
 love_me_4_me: sex
 msfabulous: trust...love...honesty....communication
 taidaishiar: trust, honesty, respect, and love
 nairaith: being comfortable around each other... which i guess emcompasses many things. it's awful trying to have a conversation with someone you're afraid of.
 thatzfetch: trust........
 sexytoy: honesty
 XstarsXstripesX: UM TRUST I GUESS
 0_Frantana_0: loyalty, honesty, and love
 twistedserenity: attention.
 annabelle41: loyalty, comfortable-ness, understanding
 LILkittyCAT4u: respect, loyalty and honesty
 kumikokissez: Communication
 x_the_end: Love
 lil_Asian: well if dere can't be any trust... dere can't be any us lolz... like dat JoJo song said... lolz i think it's true... if ya can't trust ur partner how can ya live wif him... n be wif him n stuff u know?!
 ballingirl: trust and communication
 chibi_chibi_9000: comunication
 michelle_petterson: Talking hmm i dunno being open with them like you would be with a best friend
 PinkCuteeTink: trust and loyalty
 Nvasian: trust
 freddish: trust
 OceanMachine: NOT LYING or FAKING it for god's sakes....
 cutie_toast: trust.. and love of course
 hotRockerGurl24: trust
 greendaystud: Commitment and understanding.
 ilove_gunsnroses: sex...no im joking...my b/f and i arent even having sex and im very happy... really...trust and love
 2cuteteddy4u: trust
 celtic_wicca_chic: honesty even though it hurts
 starcrossed: loyalty and trust
 BillyGilmanLUVR: Trust
 ladielateese: honesty because you cant be woundering if yo boifriend o gurlfriend is cheating on you
 punk4ever: trust
 iceblade: mutual respect
 Mika167: Trust and Loyalty..without that u got nuthing
 pixie_goddess12: the fact that you really LIKE eachother. i hate it when your with a guy and you know he's thinking about someone else..... and when you go out with a guy and really like someone else...... it sucks so much! so you must really like and want eachother!
 demonwolf: trust and honesty
 freddish: I don't know that there's one single most important thing... it needs to stay balanced, and you can't stay balanced with just one aspect.
 xxplayful_wild_playgirlxx: trust and respect
 Cardtrickster: Love, Trust, & Understanding.
 asiangirl: trust and undestanding
 mtvip9242003: understanding, forgiveness, and trust... and obviously love... honest to goodness love
 Cherry_Crush: respect..
 JenSweetPea: i've gotta agree with commitment. if you're committed to someone you'll be willing to try to work out any other problems
 JonG: trust followed by good communication.
 TeddyGirl: love, cause you if you love someone enough then you trust them just as much and stay committed to that love you feel.
 airhead_princess278: i don't think that there's just one but here's a few big ones: trust, commitment, respect, love, etc
 jtbabe: a bound between one another
 SOADobsessed: commitment, i guess
 bighousegurl: umm.. probably trust.

 Does anyone else think it's wrong to go out with people just because you want somebody? Why or why not?  (37 answers)

 Do you consider flirting cheating? If not, what do you consider cheating?  (52 answers)

 Do you or do you know anyone who cuts themselves? How do you feel about cutters? (56 answers)

 How young is "too young" to have sex? When did you start having sex? (65 answers)

 girls: tampons or pads and why?  (96 answers)

 Gimme a random lyric you like (191 answers)

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