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Roger95's Q & A
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 anyone like Nelly? I like his new song "Grillz" (3 answers)

 Have you ever had too do something that you did not want too do so that way the person you like notices you. (1 answers)

 Have you ever performed for a large group other then for your friends and family. (1 answers)

 what do you collect? I collect Roc-a-wear hats . So far I got 21 different designs. (2 answers)

 whats your favorite sports star? I like Kobe Bryant alot . (2 answers)

 anyone ever sing on a Karoke Machine? (3 answers)

 boxocereal: No.
 angelsdevilgurl: no. i dont sing. that would be very bad lol

 Is it just me or is it annoying when one of your friends Put the attention on you too sing when you don't feel like it! I gotta sing infront of my co workers and none like me so it really gonna suck on my works christamas party. I've gotta sing. (3 answers)

 what star Sign are you ? I am Scorpio (8 answers)

 whats your favorite day of the week? (5 answers)

 Have you seen 50 Cent's movie "Get Rich or DIeing "? (1 answers)

 what are you doing for New Years? (2 answers)

 whats your favorite color for eyes? Mine is light Blue. (3 answers)

 If you were asked too perform a song infront of your co workers would you do it? (3 answers)

 anyone watch Rap Battles? (1 answers)

 everyone's favorite kind of car? Mine is either a Lincoln Navigator or a Rolls Royce Phantom. (4 answers)

 whats your favorite names? (4 answers)

 Favorite kind of Flower? (5 answers)

 whats your favorite holiday? (5 answers)

 what are you plans after School/College? I am going too try too get accepted for the USC Trojans team. I love football and they are the best in College. (4 answers)

 Anyone have any tattoos? (3 answers)

 whats your favorite kind of Ride? mine is in a Lincoln Navigator. Luxiourious and mobile (2 answers)

 Do you like Ushers movies ex: Light it up ? or his new one "In the Mix" (3 answers)

 Do you have any obsessions? (4 answers)

 Have you ever wanted too be wanted? (5 answers)

 if you were homeless and you had no food would you shoplift or beg for food? (10 answers)

 do you live by tha G-Code? (2 answers)

 whats the best movie ever made? (2 answers)

 Do you take Risks in life ? Rather it be good or bad. Ex. asking the hottest girl in your school out. (4 answers)

 anyone like Nas? Who likes his song "I Can" that is a really great song , all of his songs are really powerful. (8 answers)

 anyone have nick names? (8 answers)

 what do you think of the name "Jella Ce" For a Hip Hop Artest name? (6 answers)

 are you for or against violence in video games? (3 answers)

 whats your feelings on music and how it impacts us teens today? (3 answers)

 whats the craziest thing you have ever done? (4 answers)

 anyone like the game and his album "The Documentary"? I love his songs almost as much as Kayne West's (4 answers)

 anyone like Three 6 Mafia? (5 answers)

 Hip Hop or Rock? (13 answers)

 What is your life's goal ? (4 answers)

 Do you enjoy hanging out with your friends or your Clique ? (5 answers)

 Has anyone ever held a firearm before? if so what kind? I have fired multiple weapons from a 12 Guage shot gun too a 30 yot 6 (Sniper riffle) (2 answers)

 who has ever played Midnight Club 3 :DUB Edition? I think the cars are pretty Tight especially the Chrysler 300 CC (1 answers)

 what school or college do you go to or went too? (4 answers)

 How far would you go too become a Celebrity? (8 answers)

 what are you looking for in a guy ladies? (4 answers)

 who do you think is the best celebrity out there? I would have too say Jamie Foxx just because he is a very smart person , who has done many things in his life from starring in movies , too his own T.V. series to even being an artist. (3 answers)

 are you in a relationship at this moment? (7 answers)

 who on this site works? and if so what do they do for a living? I work as a Cashier. (4 answers)

 who has any gameing console ex: PS2 , X Box , XBox 360 , GameCube , etc. I own three PS2's , a N64 , two Computers , a PS1 and the old Nintido System. (7 answers)

 who likes Kayne West as a Producer or an individual Artest. I think he is excellent at both but some only think he is good at produceing. (4 answers)

 when is your B-Day? Mine is October 28th which makes me a Scorpio. (12 answers)

 who knew it was Snoop Doggs B-Day Today ? He is da baddest dawg in the pound. (3 answers)

 everyones favorite kind of icecream? (4 answers)

 anyone wanna get too know me then give me a lil tag. I promise it will be worth your while (2 answers)

 anyone play football? Or have a dream too play football? I play as Wide Reciever for my Football team which are the Timber Wolves. (3 answers)

 why do people dislike Hip Hop so much when they like music that is very dark and suisidal like? Is there really a difference except for one , makeing you realize that you don't belong on earth? (3 answers)

 everyones favorite color. Mine is Baby Blue or Midnight Blue. (10 answers)

 anyone think its wrong that our Generals these days don't fight in the front lines , but if the lower commanding officers disobey a direct command , they get locked up for ten or more years. Who else thinks that we have a week system. (3 answers)

 who likes Hip hop music in general? if you don't please tell us why. Thankz (11 answers)

 whats everyone do for fun? I love too make music on my spare time and play football as well as Basketball. (5 answers)

 what is the point of a war? Too many lives are lost for what Political bragging rights? (3 answers)

 why do we have rules anyway? noone follows em. Whats tha point? (6 answers)

 anyone wanna swap Emails ? Mine is Rogerharris16@yahoo.com or my Business is Dazflow1on1@yahoo.com . (2 answers)

 anyone Freestyle or battle? I try but I really suck at it. I only write lyrics. (5 answers)

 who was the last person that you really liked ? (5 answers)

 who has ever been or lived up in Alaska? (3 answers)

 whats everyone think of the Song Title "Undeafeated" ? (3 answers)

 Have you ever broke the law? (4 answers)

 what kind of Cell Phone do you have ? I am soon getting a Black Razor From Motorola. (6 answers)

 If you could have your own T.V. Show , what would it be about? (6 answers)

 Whats your favorite kind of Shoes? Mine are Reeboks or K-Swiss (4 answers)

 are you for or against school? (5 answers)

 what is the first thing you would do if you were stranded on an island with 10 others? (4 answers)

 Gold , Diamonds or Rubies? (5 answers)

 Pepsi Or Coke ? (8 answers)

 anyone know anything that is really fun on this site? Quizzes , test , etc. anything fun. (2 answers)

 anyone watch any sports or particiapate in them? (4 answers)

 what state everyone live in? (12 answers)

 anyone ever watch Mr.& Mrs. Smith? I love that movie. I would give it a 8.5 out of 10. (8 answers)

 If you have a car , what kind is it? I am looking into getting a Scion XB for customization. (9 answers)

 what is your favorite kind of music? Mine is mainly Hip Hop and RnB (15 answers)

 what was the most embarssing thing you have ever done ? (5 answers)

 any ladies 16 to 18 Single ? (9 answers)

 what is everyone's age? (20 answers)

 whats everyones favorite number? (20 answers)

 whats the most amount of money anyone has ever had in Cash? Mine was only 1200 when I was 14. (19 answers)

 whats everyones real names ? Mine is Roger (23 answers)

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