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Psycholady's Q & A
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 What would you get a tattoo of? Or what tattoos do you have? What do they mean? (9 answers)

 Have you ever been on the website PostSecret.com? (14 answers)

 If you go to Best Buy, do you continuously get bothered by sales people? I go in there and in the span of 20 mins, I have at least 5 of them asking "need any help?"... I'm browsing! Leave me be! (16 answers)

 How many sexual partners did you and your bf/gf have before you got together? (29 answers)

 How often do you shave your legs? (30 answers)

 Have you ever felt completely restless and have tons of energy but are too lazy to do anything and don't know what to do with yourself? (24 answers)

 What is your passion? (19 answers)

 If you have a job, what do you do and how much do you get paid an hour? (22 answers)

 If you smoke, why did you start? and how old were you? (12 answers)

 Don't you think that being offended by "Merry Christmas" is taking political correctness a little too far? (18 answers)

 Do you know anyone who got married really young? How old were they? Are they still together? (19 answers)

 Anyone engaged or married? How old were you when you got engaged or married? (10 answers)

 Have you ever wanted to watch a movie because it got good reviews, but when you watched it you thought it was crap? What was it? (11 answers)

 If you were to take a year off from school, do you think you could get yourself to go back? Or do you think you'd become too used to being out of school, and couldn't get into it again? (10 answers)

 What's bugging you right now? Just let it off your chest (16 answers)

 Do you think marijuana should be legalized or not? Why? (22 answers)

 What do you think the world would be like if there was no organized religion? Explain (16 answers)

 When people have a lot of questions, it takes forever to load the page. I think Student Center should divide people's Q&A up into pages (like 50 questions per page). Agree? (23 answers)

 What do you think are the pros and cons of marriage? (15 answers)

 Do you ever think how weird it is that out of all the people you could have been in this world, you ended up as *you*? In your body, your mind, this period of time... You're never gonna know what it's truely like to be anyone else but yourself... (8 answers)

 Have you every gone through someone's Q&A and found some of your old Answers and thought "Wow, I've changed" (15 answers)

 I noticed that in a lot of American sitcoms (eg O.C) they use a lot of "pretty" people so it doesn't look "natural". Do you agree? (27 answers)

 What do you think of a girl who ends up marrying her first and only boyfriend? Like, she was first time lucky finding "the one" and should (hopefully) never experience the heartbreak of breaking up (26 answers)

 What would you do if your love of your life died? Could you carry on with life? (22 answers)

 How was your "first time"? awkward? nervous? perfect?... (29 answers)

  How do you interpret the bible? (literally like it actually happened, figuratively like a moral story, completely made up etc?) (24 answers)

 Hypothetical question for God-believers: How would you feel if you found out God definitely didn't exist? (18 answers)

 How has your life changed since a year ago? (36 answers)

 What do you think is the best age to explain to a child about how babies are made? (27 answers)

 Do you think its possible to fall in love with someone who you've never physically met, but you've talked to each other everyday for the past year on microphone and webcam? (32 answers)

 What would you say is the difference between loving someone and being *in* love with someone? I think a lot of people think they're in love when they're not (19 answers)

 Does anyone think that hard ab muscles on guys look weird, or is that just me? (20 answers)

 Why do you feel the need to believe in a God? (if you do) (19 answers)

 Anyone in a long distance/online relationship? hows it going? (23 answers)

 What quote do you "follow" in life? (mine is "the future comes one day at a time") (25 answers)

 How big is the age difference in your relationship? (35 answers)

 Have you ever experienced *true* love? (28 answers)

 Setting the scene: You're walking home at night with a friend when group of drunk people confront you. They throw beer over you and slap your friend over the head. What would you do? (27 answers)

 How would you describe yourself? (19 answers)

 How old were you when you stopped believing in Santa and the Tooth Fairy? Why? (29 answers)

 What career do you want in the future? (30 answers)

 What would you have been named if you were the opposite sex? (28 answers)

 If you were to make a movie about yourself, what would it's title be? (22 answers)

 What do you think is the difference between being Bi-curious and Bisexual? (20 answers)

 Has anyone given their boyfriend/girlfriend a pet name? What is it? (17 answers)

 Any girls got big boobs and proud of them? :) what size are they? (16 answers)

 Is there anyone out there that DOESN'T like Coca Cola?? (31 answers)

 Do you have a liking for a weird body part? (16 answers)

 If you're a non-virgin, were you ready for you're first time and did it hurt or bleed? and did you take it slow? (14 answers)

 Are there any girls that DONT like shopping?? Or am I the only one? (26 answers)

 What is the most serious illness or injury you have ever got? (28 answers)

 Do you think dreams symbolise what is on our mind or are they random images? (26 answers)

 Do you think abortion can be seen as NOT completely immoral? (37 answers)

 What's you're favourite baby name for a boy and a girl? (40 answers)

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