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Pikes's Q & A
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 What is the weirdest thing you ever heard, seen or did? (1 answers)

 To the people of this website how are you all feeling today? hope you are all well and good ! (3 answers)

 Start Uni in Sep, cant wait anyone else starting Uni in Sep? (4 answers)

 Has anyone got all four ACES on SCN? (6 answers)

 How many Easter Eggs did you get today? & How many did you manage to eat? (6 answers)

 Did you know you are soo cool? (6 answers)

 What is that one song you can listen to over and over again? (8 answers)

 "What goes up must come down" So what goes down must come up right? (2 answers)

 Have you found your purpose in life? ( If you have what is it?) (3 answers)

 What is your Quote? (6 answers)

 What is the worst Quote you have heard? (3 answers)

 What is the best Quote you have heard? (6 answers)

 Have You decided what you want to do in life? (11 answers)

 I'm Feeling Kinda Low, please tell me something cheerful. (5 answers)

 *sarcastic* Like totally who think's my profile is like oh so cool *giggles* i mean its so like NOW! (lol) (6 answers)

 What film have you watched this year? was it any good? (3 answers)

 Some good films out this year, whats your fav film? (4 answers)

 Can you lick your elbow? *nope i cant* (8 answers)

 Hey guys its been a very long time since i've posted a question on here so here goes: Who's dressing up for Halloween? (4 answers)

 Big Brother Starts Tonight *Let The Bitching Begin*! (5 answers)

 Big Brother Starts Tomorrow, Let The Slagging and Backstabbing Begin!" (4 answers)

 I'm In Looney Tunes Town What To Visit Me? (5 answers)

 Ask me a question ................................... (6 answers)

 Life in plastic, it's fantastic! You can brush my hair, undress me everywhere, Imagination, Life is your creation! (13 answers)

 Ice Cream yummy, want some? (7 answers)

 Who wants a hug? (11 answers)

 Want some sweets? (See i do share!) (6 answers)

 YaY tis Friday at last! (6 answers)

 Like my profile? (8 answers)

 Do anything intresting today? (10 answers)

 How was your day? (9 answers)

 How are you feeling right now? (9 answers)

 omg that is sooooooooooo freakin kool! *points in the sky* (6 answers)

 Girls, tell me your problems Pikez is here to help! (4 answers)

 Who's sleepy? i am *yawn* (6 answers)

 Finish this line: I was walking at night in a dark spooky graveyard when..................... (7 answers)

 Have you done a DARE that you said after *OMG i can't believe i just did that*? (14 answers)

 Awww look at this aint this cute? (*hold's out hands*) (6 answers)

 Who's got the sun shinning where they live i do? teehee (dont know why im askin this seems pointless really) (6 answers)

 What are your plans for this week? / or are you like me dont make any? (2 answers)

 I'm so sick of people posting chain letters are you? (5 answers)

 Happy Easter all enjoy ya day! (3 answers)

 Who's got loads of Easter Eggs? (6 answers)

 If i said you had a beautiful body, would you hold it against me? (7 answers)

 Say whats the first thing on your mind! (12 answers)

 What animal would you be and why? I be a Lion becuz i just luv em "ROAR" (8 answers)

 Who's got a BIG Bed? (12 answers)

 Keith Urban song: "You'll Think Of Me", what do you think of it? (9 answers)

 Whats your fav thing? (7 answers)

 omg omg omg omg look what i did *points* whoops! (6 answers)

 I'm soo hyper *runs around* are you hyper? (12 answers)

 Who has a kinky side? (11 answers)

 oooooooh look what i got! (5 answers)

 who has chocolate on them? come on speak up i want chocolate! Give me some! (7 answers)

 Who heard of that song "Fallout Boy" By Grand Theft Autumn? Tis good dancing song (4 answers)

 What song makes you wanna shake ya ass? (9 answers)

 Ok heres the thing i cant remember who answered my questions and i cant be arsed to look at each of my questions so a big thanx to those who answered em it was brave of you to do it lol : P (2 answers)

 ok everyone strip of naked lmfao (5 answers)

 Handz up whos just came out of a relationship, Come on now people dont be shy (8 answers)

 from any tv series or show, past and present which is your fav character? (9 answers)

 you single? i am still looking for that special someone! (10 answers)

 Winter or Summer? I like em both, but thats just me (14 answers)

 Ok, from any song which lyrics do you like the best and that mean something to you? (9 answers)

 I'm torn between Heads or Tails, which shall i go for? (22 answers)

 Can true love die? (19 answers)

 Tell me your dreams? (12 answers)

 Tell me your desires? (7 answers)

 What have you done for valentines day? (5 answers)

 What do you want Santa to bring you this X-Mas? (8 answers)

 Have you been a naughty Girl or Boy this year? (13 answers)

 Whos doing something naughty now? (9 answers)

 Tell: whats the Naughtiest thing you have done on a web cam? (7 answers)

 Who here has a web cam? (10 answers)

 Have you ever done anything naughty on a web cam? (8 answers)

 California, here we come Right back where we started from. (8 answers)

 What do YOU want the most? (13 answers)

 Will you come dance with me? (16 answers)

 (2 part question)How many years have you been in college? / How many have you got left? (8 answers)

 What's your fantasy? (7 answers)

 Can you feel the love tonight? (11 answers)

 Whats your best sexual experince? (11 answers)

 would you strip for a thousand pounds? (14 answers)

 Will You Love Me Tender? (8 answers)

 Who here is a witch, wicca, shaman, etc? (9 answers)

 What tv show would you like to star in? (17 answers)

 What would be your dream job? (21 answers)

 What makes your heart skip a beat? (23 answers)

 whos done naked pool party's? (13 answers)

 Will you kiss me? (20 answers)

 Are You My Darling Angel? (18 answers)

 What's the proudest thing you have ever done? (13 answers)

 What makes you say "awwwwwwww"? (30 answers)

 Who's going clubbing this weekend? (21 answers)

 I've got some new photo albums up check em out and tell us what ya think? (6 answers)

 What's the scarest film you ever saw? (16 answers)

 what's the sadest film you ever saw? (11 answers)

 Has anybody had the feeling your here but your not here? (13 answers)

 Riddle - At dusk i come woithout being fetched. At dawn i disappear without being stolen. I am a poets tears and a saiolrs guide. What am i? (13 answers)

 Do you like riddles? (18 answers)

 What do you think of my photos? (plz take the time to look and leave feed back thanx all) (5 answers)

 Who belives in witch craft? (14 answers)

 Do you think they should do a movie of tv series charmed? (8 answers)

 What Are You Feeling Right Now? (16 answers)

 Tell Me What Are You Thinking Abt Right Now? (10 answers)

 When the last time you done something crazy? (6 answers)

 What's your worst nightmare? (11 answers)

 What feeling makes you strong? (9 answers)

 Whats your all time fav word? (14 answers)

 Life After Death? (15 answers)

 Day Or Night? (22 answers)

 Left Or Right handed? (26 answers)

 Kiss's OR Hug's? (26 answers)

 Who's your fav on Big Brother? (11 answers)

 Who will win Big Brother? (9 answers)

 What would you do if you woke up the next day to find everyone in the world gone? (14 answers)

 Who would you give your life for? (17 answers)

 Alison Hannigan or Amy Acker? (10 answers)

 Have we got a sixth sense? (12 answers)

 Charisma Carpenter or Sarah Michelle Gellar? (12 answers)

 Tom Welling or David Boreanaz? (14 answers)

 Smallville or charmed? (17 answers)

 Prue, Piper, Phoebe or Paige? (14 answers)

 Buffy or Angel? (18 answers)

 What can you do to show someone you are really sorry? (8 answers)

 Saint or sinner, which are you? (20 answers)

 Now heres the hard part you only have 1 wish what would it be? (16 answers)

 What would be your 3 wishes? (7 answers)

 What song makes you lustful? (13 answers)

 What song makes you crazy? (9 answers)

 What song makes you cry? (16 answers)

 Can you stop feeling anything if you was hurt so much? (10 answers)

 What are your plans 2night? (9 answers)

 ppl tell me your what your heart desires? (6 answers)

 Do you belive in second chances? (14 answers)

 Have you ever experinced one of the 7 deadly sins? (15 answers)

 Who's got a wedding to go to this summer? (10 answers)

 You sexy people i said it be4 plz rate me thanx all! (5 answers)

 R my question so ****? (5 answers)

 Is being vain about yourself a good thing or bad? (7 answers)

 Rate me plz thanx ppl (5 answers)

 ppl plz answer my answers and give me sum thing to read, im soo bored! thanx (5 answers)

 What's up ppl? (7 answers)

 Look at my pic what would you rate me? Be Kind (7 answers)

 Whats the stupidest question you have answered? (10 answers)

 what kind of thing's make you go crazy? (4 answers)

 What is ur sexuality ? (31 answers)

 Really how do i look? (12 answers)

 Is their sum1 you trying to avoid? (12 answers)

 Guys what do you expect from girls in a relationship? (2 answers)

 Girls what do you expect from guys in a relationship? (15 answers)

 whats the best thing about Studentcenter? (16 answers)

 Love or Money? (21 answers)

 What would be your dream hoilday & who with? (7 answers)

 Whats the nastiest thing u ever done 2 sum1? (7 answers)

 How nasty have u been 2 sum1? (6 answers)

 Have u or wud u ever have a threesome? (18 answers)

 Who's got a great tan? (22 answers)

 What's the next step in your lives? (9 answers)

 What do you look for in a guy/girl? (16 answers)

 What's the one big thing u want to do in ur life? (17 answers)

 Is true love real? (30 answers)

 Is their something in your lives that you wish you can go back and change? (23 answers)

 What does the next chapter in our lives hold for us? (15 answers)

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