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PFuNk's Q & A
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PFuNk has 843 questions total.
PFuNk has answered a total of 438 other questions.

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 do you like malted milk ballz? (2 answers)

 would you get down w/ a funky-homo-sapien? (1 answers)

 what came first the chickin or the egg? (4 answers)

 what did jeffery dalmer say to loraina bobit? (1 answers)

 how many ethiopens can you put in a phone booth? (2 answers)

 any one else get wierd latin emails? (2 answers)

 do you smokem if ya gattem? (2 answers)

 what should i eat 4 breakfast? (7 answers)

 have you 835 questions? does that make you a question wh0re? (5 answers)

 boxocereal: LOL!
 rainingonthetrail: No, but 836 does...oh wait lol
 Supernova11-7: thnx
 ~silverstar~: F*ck YEAH!!

 are they really skydancers? (2 answers)

 any one else watchin trasformers?: (3 answers)

 what is the meaning of "it all"? (1 answers)

 do you know what it is? (2 answers)

 !!!!!!HAPPY MATIGRAS!!!!! (2 answers)

 whats cooler than kool? (6 answers)

 what are you doin thats sooo fuc|<in importent you cant join a cult w/ me? (4 answers)

 any one else watching or like richard pryer? (1 answers)

 hello is there any body out there? .. just yell if you can hear me (5 answers)

 any one partyin this week 4 matigras? (1 answers)

 wanna eat mushroom ans smoke weed w/ me all day? (4 answers)

 any one like david bowie? (7 answers)

 ever feal like lifes lost its edge? (3 answers)

 any one wanna help my insergency in rise to power ? *the scn game* (1 answers)

 what do you do when its cold out? (7 answers)

 whos gonna tuck me in tonight ? (1 answers)

 can you excuse me? (3 answers)

 do you like checkers? (4 answers)

 if my arms were paralyzed would you hold my pecker so i could pee? (2 answers)

 are you a 21st century digital boi/gurl? (3 answers)

 cptn planet sux a$$ (4 answers)

 why havent you called geico? (4 answers)

 any one else eat toast tonight? (4 answers)

 do you think im a squrerrl? or a flying squerrel? (5 answers)

 any one still fuc]<ed up frum last night? (3 answers)

 if i was to tell you i was scared of lightning would you hold me? (4 answers)

 can you build me a $hitty wall? (5 answers)

 any one ever have welsh rarebit ..? that $hits good (3 answers)

 did you know you could trip off of viagra? (3 answers)

 do you think brain sugery is yuckie? (3 answers)

 dude, wheres my car? (3 answers)

 ever feal like you have lost wieght after peeing? (5 answers)

 any one wanna go 2 matigras w/ me? (3 answers)

 did you know there are parts of the usa that still dont have phone servis? (2 answers)

 ever been on a boeing 777? (5 answers)

 am i yo babys daddy? (3 answers)

 any one like pad thai? (4 answers)

 what should i eat today? (5 answers)

 you mean you guys sleep? (5 answers)

 did you know you can get upto and some times in exess of 80'000 for one nutt? (2 answers)

 who else thinks touchthesun is insane? (4 answers)

 what band history or presant would you give your left nutt to see? <--smashing pumpkins (4 answers)

 who else likes eatin big a$$ bowls of cerial? (4 answers)

 some one said i had an S load of questions .. would you agree? (4 answers)

 i like roastbeast samwitches ..do you? (4 answers)

 any one else have a moto v220? (2 answers)

 ;-( (3 answers)

 even tho i try hard why is life not very much fun? (4 answers)

 any one like pie? (4 answers)

 any one else gettin a little tipsy 2 night ? (4 answers)

 any one like haveing bed time stories read told to you? (7 answers)

 any one got any italian inem?.. want some? (6 answers)

 are you a media wh0re? (4 answers)

 will i sleep tonight? (5 answers)

 is it harder w/ more or less? (3 answers)

 do u hear gunshots on a regular basis where you live ..? i do (5 answers)

 have you watched sesime street lately? (4 answers)

 will i ever be "happy"? (5 answers)

 will i ever get a date wile im in new orleans? (3 answers)

 have you ever heard of www.scrotalsafetycomision.com? (3 answers)

 do you ever feal hollow? (3 answers)

 what do i have to do to make love to you? (5 answers)

 hello is there anybody out there? (4 answers)

 how do you deal with lonelyness? (4 answers)

 did you go 2 krewe du vieux last night? (2 answers)

 wwkdvd? (2 answers)

 would you believe me if i told you? (4 answers)

 somebody tell me oooh , why i work so hard 4 you, to give you money to give you money? (2 answers)

 do you like wham? (5 answers)

   (2 answers)

 is this a god damn? (3 answers)

 can you play chopstix? (5 answers)

 cmon who likes paula abduel ? *who are you lieing to me or yourself?* (3 answers)

 a do do ya luv me baby, well tell me do ya baby? (3 answers)

 or am i cought in a hit n run? (3 answers)

 now straight up now tell me do you really wanna luv me 4 ever ? ohh ohh ohh (3 answers)

 if your drunk do u have 2 spel right?> (7 answers)

 have you ever hared of thursty thursday? (4 answers)

 is it a question of lust , a question of trust, or a question of what we've built up crumbling to dust? (3 answers)

 did you know i have awserd 420 questions ? (6 answers)

 can any one else besides me live of pad thai? (3 answers)

 does any one else have a 1500watt 410 cab in there room? (4 answers)

 does it not discust you that unless the question has the word SEX no one awsers? <<<im a shamed of you all >>> (6 answers)

 who cant it be now knock knock knockin om my door now? (4 answers)

 do you like marvin gaye? (3 answers)

 can i ever love again now that were apart? (4 answers)

 ok ima go make toast will you be here when i get back? (3 answers)

 who besides me most likely wont do $hit 2 day? (3 answers)

 ever have so many questions the page wont open ? (3 answers)

 who needs sleep? wont you get enuff when youre dead? (3 answers)

 who wants to resurch something ? (4 answers)

 ever go to the site www.welcomehome.org? (4 answers)

 any one luv me? (6 answers)

 have they invented a slinky fixer? (2 answers)

 ever hear of the divnche code? (6 answers)

 ever freeball it? (3 answers)

 is the roof the roof the roof on fire? (2 answers)

 who thinks im dead sexy? (3 answers)

 who is your favorite snack food? (2 answers)

 will you sell me a hamburger and ill gladly pay you on tuesday? (4 answers)

 where have all the cowgurls gone? (3 answers)

 do you watch fraggle rock? (4 answers)

 who likes frawgs? (3 answers)

 ever been to a national rainbow gathering? if so what one? (5 answers)

 who the F are you to diside what "drugs" are illegal and what ones arnt? or do u just follow the trend? (4 answers)

 are people who take persription drugs, druggies? if no why not? (4 answers)

 do you think kids who smoke only pot, are druggies?(no alcohol drugs or cigs) (8 answers)

 what color is your room? (10 answers)

 do you like astral projection? (3 answers)

 do u like celeberty death match? (4 answers)

 ever get home sic (3 answers)

 will i love twice as much to morrow? (3 answers)

 why does the red red wine make me feal so fine? (4 answers)

 do you like banjos? (3 answers)

 will some one get my msg in a bottle? (5 answers)

 A .are you a chick B. do u like the song eulogy by tool C. if yes 2 both other questions will you marry me? (5 answers)

 can your get there frum here ? (5 answers)

 do u like the b52s? (6 answers)

 will i have a good trip 2 day ? (4 answers)

 any one else have an imaginary friend? (7 answers)

 who thinks firebringer is dropdead beautiful? (5 answers)

 who loves hearing the nabers FuKin? (4 answers)

 are "you driving my life away"? (5 answers)

 do u like "yes"? (4 answers)

 are you the "owner of a lonely heart"? (6 answers)

 do you like new order ? (5 answers)

 whos on the 2 $$ bill? (6 answers)

 any one getting and i quote "crunkt" 2night? (3 answers)

 dobry utro! kak dela? (2 answers)

 will i stay up till 10am 2 day? (6 answers)

 do u ahh ya know yaaaahoooooooohhooo? (7 answers)

 do u watch cnn headline newz? (6 answers)

 hello i luv ya. y dont you tell me your name? (9 answers)

 have you ever been to the house of the rising sun? (5 answers)

 do u have any addictions? (11 answers)

 do u like food? (10 answers)

 do u like "takin care of buissness"? (5 answers)

 do u like ELO? (5 answers)

 who like highpriced wh0re$? (4 answers)

 w00t do i have more questions than you? *700* (6 answers)

 do u like olivia newton jhon? (3 answers)

 who thinks my line of questioning is invasive? (3 answers)

 are you fat? (6 answers)

 bullet the blue sky.. or not? (3 answers)

 do u like chilli? (8 answers)

 does she have the "la la la la la the look"? (4 answers)

 do you like boys dont cry? (5 answers)

 should i be a cowboi , would you be my cow gurl? (4 answers)

 will he ever stop rockin? (6 answers)

 where is the tenderness? (5 answers)

 wouldent it be good if we could live with out a care? (3 answers)

 ever been dancing in the dark? (6 answers)

 do u have a raspberry beret? (3 answers)

 is it "just like heaven"? (3 answers)

 who thinks card trixter has a foot fetish? (5 answers)

 are the beds burning or is that just my pee pee? (4 answers)

 did she blind me with science? (5 answers)

 ever been "neckin"? (2 answers)

 will you shoot that poison arrow threw my heart? (4 answers)

 pamela? (4 answers)

 is it the final countdown? (2 answers)

 will i ever dance again , the way i danced with u? (2 answers)

 did i get cought up in u? (3 answers)

 eyes with out a face? (4 answers)

 ever get skeeter bitrs on your nuttz? (3 answers)

 do i need u now like i need u then? (2 answers)

 amd or intel? (2 answers)

 what time is it? (2 answers)

 do u ride a loser cruser of have your own whip? (2 answers)

 why earth? (4 answers)

 will i have 700 questions b4 bed or go play ut? (3 answers)

 do u watch the family guy? (4 answers)

 do u like cemitarys? (3 answers)

 do u think haveing 666 questions is bad luck? (2 answers)

 have u ever had a hashbrown samwitch? (3 answers)

 do u like the big-O? (3 answers)

 any one ever been to uranus? (3 answers)

 na khuya? (2 answers)

 vy gavarite pa-ruski? (3 answers)

 dobrey vecher! kak dela? (3 answers)

 would u kill inuasha? (2 answers)

 who is naraku? (3 answers)

 is there an evolution 2 the revolution? (2 answers)

 does any one like adult swim? (4 answers)

 does any one cook as good as me? (2 answers)

 does she want the ****? (2 answers)

 do u like the cartoon network? (4 answers)

 do u watch captn planet and if so were you alive the 1st time it was on the air? (4 answers)

 do you like tacos? (7 answers)

 wwjd? (6 answers)

 hamburgers or hott doggs? (5 answers)

 what do i want 2 eat? (3 answers)

 are you a test tube baby? (5 answers)

 any one like the history channle? (4 answers)

 why are you up this late? (5 answers)

 whats your name , whos your daddy, is he rich like me ? (5 answers)

 what signs present them selves when your bored $hitless? (3 answers)

 will you try not to sing outta key? (4 answers)

 some people claim theres a woman to blame ...but who thinks its my fault? (3 answers)

 have you ever been to magaritaville? (5 answers)

 who likes jimmy buffet? (4 answers)

 crack..your thoughts? (5 answers)

 does digesting nerotoxins feal good 2 any one but me? (3 answers)

 how am i gonna get threw? (4 answers)

 ???? (4 answers)

 whats the matter with the closthes im wearin, cant ya tell that your ties 2 white? (3 answers)

 do "i want candy"? (2 answers)

 herbie hankock? (3 answers)

 is she super freakie? (4 answers)

 is she a "superfreak"? (4 answers)

 mmm bbq iguana your thoghts ? recipes? (5 answers)

 is your kiss on my list of the best things in life? (3 answers)

 would u wanna be in tiajhna eating bbq iguana? (4 answers)

 was i made 4 luvin u baby , were you made 4 luvin me? (3 answers)

 poke? (2 answers)

 who is dragonfly gurl.......really? (3 answers)

 was i "misslead"? (2 answers)

 what have you done 4 me latley? (2 answers)

 sowing the seeds of luv..... or? (2 answers)

 is any one else under the milkyway 2 night? (2 answers)

 do u like the thompson twins? (2 answers)

 ohh doctor doctor cant you see im burning? (2 answers)

 any one ever hear of club977.com? (2 answers)

 am i only human? flesh and blood, a man? (2 answers)

 lysirgic acid dyethlimide or or a succulant peach? (4 answers)

 do i make less sence when im shrewmin? (2 answers)

 i like it better when there quiet :-D (2 answers)

 will u tell me a story? (5 answers)

 has any one or is any one ever been or is on any halucinagens? (5 answers)

 am i gonna "run to you"? (2 answers)

 is your angel a centerfold? (2 answers)

 privet eyes.. are they watchin you ... do they see your every move? (4 answers)

 am i here or not? (2 answers)

 chocolet or vanilla mc pfunk is a mf'in thrilla ...ya know like tahe kinda ****? (2 answers)

 ever record your own music? (5 answers)

 who likes wu tang? (3 answers)

 have you seen her, tell me have you seen her? (3 answers)

 any one else sleep till damn neer 3pm? (4 answers)

 any nerds here 2 day?" (3 answers)

 have you got cheating on your mind? (3 answers)

 hey baby u know ive been thinkin a bout ya? (5 answers)

 if you kissed me would u make me tell u i luv u? (7 answers)

 do u like CCR? (5 answers)

 do u like cashews? (7 answers)

 should people just stfu when they have no clue whats goin on and they know it? (5 answers)

 how long is for ever? (6 answers)

 a phillips skrew driver or a shiney dime? (3 answers)

 leaches of q-bert? (3 answers)

 will you go up to the spirit in the sky? (4 answers)

 when you saw her face did you become a believer? (4 answers)

 man am i gonna give up short of 600? (4 answers)

 theres only 2 kinds of heros dead guys and samwitches ...what are you? (3 answers)

 do we or do we not need another hero? (3 answers)

 do u really love me or just keep me hangin on? (4 answers)

 are you hungry like the wolf? (4 answers)

 do you like journey? (2 answers)

 does she want to lead "the glamorus life"? (3 answers)

 does any one have any good questions i could ask? (4 answers)

 is the internet really gonna eat me? (5 answers)

 do u like depeche mode? (3 answers)

 is "the devil inside"? (3 answers)

 are you solid as a rock? (4 answers)

 is she a one in a million gurl? (5 answers)

 would u dance 2 a jail house rock? (7 answers)

 will little suzie ever wake up? (4 answers)

 pickels or a wooden spoon? (4 answers)

 sit or sat? (5 answers)

 whats your favoret_____? (2 answers)

 are you the one 4 me ? *the way u makea me feal u knok me off my feet my lonaly days are good* (3 answers)

 ding or dong? (6 answers)

 have u ever put a flaming poopbag on any ones doorstep? (5 answers)

 do u like roastbeef? or roastbeast? (5 answers)

 have you ever smoked your self retarted? (7 answers)

 what stinks more camel poop or green goat poop? (6 answers)

 do u wanna work or bang on your drums all day? (6 answers)

 chocholet cake or sulfurdioxide? (5 answers)

 do u like sting? (5 answers)

 how many humps would you like with your camel 1 or 2? (6 answers)

 will i have 600 questions be for i go to bed? (7 answers)

 do u know they scan and use the questionsfor markiting resurch? (4 answers)

 what makes poop green? (6 answers)

 any one like candles? (10 answers)

 me or you? (6 answers)

 are we in a "land of confution"? (4 answers)

 are we alone now? (5 answers)

 any one goin 2 nola 4 matigra? (4 answers)

 who likes oingo boingo? (4 answers)

 did any one else vote clinton 4 the 4th time? (3 answers)

 whe else thinks with all the technolagy in the world we cant make frozen food a little faster? wtf (3 answers)

 do u like madonna like in 86'? (5 answers)

 is theere something about you baby? (4 answers)

 what did lauraina bobit say 2 jeffry dalmer? (4 answers)

 what did courtny love say to kurt cobain right be 4 she pulled the trigger? (3 answers)

 can you be an anitsocial socialist? (6 answers)

 have u ever got "dome on a trampaleen? (3 answers)

 is mjr tom coming home? (6 answers)

 is it ohh ohh magick? (7 answers)

 pineapples? apples or pinetreez? (7 answers)

 do you get your money 4 nothing and your chicks 4 free? (4 answers)

 will u tell me sweet "little lies"? (5 answers)

 are hey all gonna laf @ u? (5 answers)

 am i a crack baby? (8 answers)

 do "i want your sex"? (6 answers)

 could my pet of war kick your pet of wars a$$? (4 answers)

 who else says "yipe" but me? (5 answers)

 hello.., any one home? (4 answers)

 are the coconuts conspireing agenst me? (6 answers)

 do u know what "white-flight" is? (4 answers)

 blackraspberrys... your thoughts? (6 answers)

 any one else stoned as fuK? (7 answers)

 do u like cup cakes? (6 answers)

 who thinks pulse could use some xanax? (7 answers)

 why are sluts so bad ? if it wasent 4 them you wouldent get any play ...right? (4 answers)

 why is my hair wet? (7 answers)

 do u like stickers? (6 answers)

 who likes the weather channel? (4 answers)

 do u feal nice like sugar and spice? (4 answers)

 or thunder? *yipe* (4 answers)

 any one else afraid of lightning? (4 answers)

 do u think tornado $uck or what? (3 answers)

 have you ever eatin MushroomS? did you like it? (5 answers)

 whos eatin pasgetti more than 2ce in one day? (6 answers)

 am i like the oldest person on this site? (8 answers)

 will some one any one read and awser all of my questions? (3 answers)

 can i get a wut wut? (10 answers)

 do u like pasgetti @ 1:04 pm? (6 answers)

 did u know u cant say pu$$y on here? what a bunch of pu$$ys heh (5 answers)

 who do nihilistic *****s that cant back there bull $hit talk up continue to spit out there verbal diareah? (3 answers)

 who else is kinda drunk? (5 answers)

 herbs or spices? (9 answers)

 do u like 50s music? (8 answers)

 who needs a space bar? (7 answers)

 who likes adam sandler and do u know where he grew up? *what state* (4 answers)

 who like eddy money? (3 answers)

 who likes that song money money or wtf ever? (4 answers)

 whats your fealings on moose? (4 answers)

 who likes waffles? (8 answers)

 how many more questions till i am all knowing? (4 answers)

 not a q but yay 500 (4 answers)

 why do u get sic when u really like someone? (5 answers)

 what u gonna make me 4 dinner?> (4 answers)

 why do u get all emotional when the love of your life is within msging distance but u cant bring your self 2 do it? (7 answers)

 whos goin out drinkin 2 night? (5 answers)

 do u like the game risk? (3 answers)

 who so anal people who hate my $hitty spellin feal compeld to awser my dumb questions? dont they have someything smart to do? (3 answers)

 who else here thinks slowhands is cute as hell? (5 answers)

 who likes the far side gallery? (3 answers)

 do u think im an egotistical sob? (5 answers)

 do u like the eagals? (5 answers)

 who likes 75 degree sunny weather? (5 answers)

 who needs tv? (5 answers)

 wow is it that dead out there? (3 answers)

 do u like garlic? (4 answers)

 who likes "butt-rock"? (3 answers)

 do u like james brown? (4 answers)

 are you movtivated by my intence questioning? (3 answers)

 do u like starship? (3 answers)

 if i wanted any lip frum you where would i get it? (3 answers)

 are you needy and overbearing? (2 answers)

 do gurls just wanna have fun? (4 answers)

 do u like cyndi lauper? (2 answers)

 if i ate a salteen would it be cannibalism? (2 answers)

 do u like queen? (2 answers)

 brown or white ? hard or soft ? (3 answers)

 do u like kim wild? (2 answers)

 are your the one ? is the kid your son? (2 answers)

 how long has it been sence u j/oed last? (2 answers)

 is billie jean your lover? and is the kid your son? (2 answers)

 will silent ever im me? (2 answers)

 do u like MJ? (2 answers)

 what is every ones obsestion with scaring them selves? (2 answers)

 do u like frankie goes to hollywood? (2 answers)

 who thinks 2cute is @ least an 8? (2 answers)

 who likes grapefriut? (2 answers)

 do u have to shock the monkey? (2 answers)

 do u like peter gabriel? (3 answers)

 would you eat a soggy cookie? (2 answers)

 is there really gosts? (6 answers)

 do u like brian adams? (2 answers)

 who wants 2 throw down on this blunt with me? (3 answers)

 if a gurl hurls wile im hittin it frum behind does that mean im doin it right? (2 answers)

 what does ufo stand 4? (4 answers)

 if donalds a duck and pluto is a dog what is goofie? (4 answers)

 do u like level 42? (2 answers)

 if pork is the other white meat what are your other white options? (5 answers)

 if you were a black checker on the 3rd row of a game of connect 4 would the red sox win the world series next year? (2 answers)

 wood or metal? (3 answers)

 do u like styx? (3 answers)

 do u like bobbie brown? (3 answers)

 pepsi or coke? (9 answers)

 do u like hall and oats? (2 answers)

 do u like inxs? (3 answers)

 whats your fealing on wind chimes? (3 answers)

 who me, yes you, coldent be, then who? (3 answers)

 do u like slippers? (5 answers)

 how big are your feet ? (7 answers)

 yall dont like awnserin questions do ya? (5 answers)

 any one sleep deprived? (6 answers)

 who like xanny bars? :-D (2 answers)

 dont ya think there a little suspitious with them beards and hats n all? (2 answers)

 so what a bout them quakers? (3 answers)

 do u think eating some one off the internet is sanitary? (2 answers)

 have you ever kisst a chick cuz you lost a bet? (5 answers)

 is there any funky monkeys out there ? (2 answers)

 do u like yellow treez? (3 answers)

 whats on yalls agenda 2 day? (3 answers)

 what do u think the man on the moon pays in rent? (3 answers)

 ok will i get over 100 awnsers to a single question? (13 answers)

 who likes cptn toms pirate soup? (2 answers)

 if the world stoped would we all go flyin off? (6 answers)

 in the sky or below the ocean? (6 answers)

 venus or white out? (3 answers)

 who is carl marx? (6 answers)

 do i like to ask questions? (6 answers)

 should 1+1=11? why not? (4 answers)

 or should the aliens be illegal? (3 answers)

 should probing aliens be illegal? (2 answers)

 are there probing aliens? (3 answers)

 who thinks havein 420 questions and smoking a bowl should coinside? (2 answers)

 have u been probed by aliens? (4 answers)

 who thinks i can get 500 questions b4 the nights over? (6 answers)

 who stoped the rain? (5 answers)

 do u like hiking? (3 answers)

 do u like mountain bikeing? (2 answers)

 what kinda car do u have? (6 answers)

 do u have a cat? (7 answers)

 who likes playing with firecrackers? (5 answers)

 whos the cutest chick here? (5 answers)

 do u have a pulse? (4 answers)

 what kinda discman do u have ? (3 answers)

 do u like snakes? (9 answers)

 do any of yall hunnies know how 2 speak russian? (3 answers)

 any one been 2 russia (2 answers)

 do u like night time fog in the old country ? (4 answers)

 do u like tool? (3 answers)

 do u like warm humid nights in new orleans? if so would ya wanna make the night a little warmer? (2 answers)

 are you a whore or just popular? (8 answers)

 is desiresweetness17 hott as hell?.. i think so (2 answers)

 is sweet lil leo hott or what? (3 answers)

 have u ever "triped"? (4 answers)

 how many hotties are in here? (3 answers)

 why is every one so negitive? (6 answers)

 does orengekitty have odd or add? (2 answers)

 who likes coffee? (5 answers)

 does any one know what contra dancing is? (3 answers)

 where do watermellons come frum? (4 answers)

 do chicks like dready dudes? (6 answers)

 chickadees or blue burds? (2 answers)

 if you have the awnser why ask the question? (4 answers)

 do u like flat roofs or pitched roofs? (2 answers)

 do gurls really want the biggest dick possable ...? and is that @ lest 8 in? (6 answers)

 do u like the smashing pumpkins? (5 answers)

 do u like monkeys or do they frighten you? (5 answers)

 do u like red beans and rice? (4 answers)

 will i ever get 20 awnsers to one question? (21 answers)

 do u like palm treez? (6 answers)

 what do u get when u mate a bull dog with a $hitsue? (6 answers)

 do u have a chiwowah? (4 answers)

 any geek chix out there ? (2 answers)

 will it rain 2 day? (7 answers)

 why is ice cold? (4 answers)

 whats the spex on your computer ? (4 answers)

 whats up with burds and bees do they really do it? (5 answers)

 who likes snow? (6 answers)

 is it mornin or evenin? (3 answers)

 why does poop fizzle if theres bleach in the $hitter? (3 answers)

 wheres my mommie? (3 answers)

 are the british really commin? (3 answers)

 how bout that one? (3 answers)

 was that a good question or what ? (3 answers)

 guys would u get up in the middle of sex and yell "im superman" , ladys wtf would u do if your dude did that? (6 answers)

 who likes pink eliphants? (5 answers)

 what type of $hit is this kid on? (4 answers)

 how big is the biggest oak tree in centimeters? (3 answers)

 who made the first graple? (3 answers)

 reef or keef? (3 answers)

 who likes chickin? (3 answers)

 why do shrimp have 2 have iodine inem ? (4 answers)

 what does "red green" blindess mean when i CAN see red and green? (5 answers)

 do u think stoners arnt as "smart"? (6 answers)

 any one wanna be my buddy? (7 answers)

 who has more questions than me ? (5 answers)

 any one know where i can get a driver interface for a motorolav220? (3 answers)

 who has a profile on facethejury.com? (3 answers)

 why me? (3 answers)

 what is a chickin head? (3 answers)

 wanna trade a duck 4 a buck? (3 answers)

 how many times did you blink 2day? (5 answers)

 did u lock up your back door and run 4 your life? (5 answers)

 whos responcible for this? (3 answers)

 and if so are my questions the exlpination 2 all the $hitty products out there? (3 answers)

 are they useing our questions 4 markiting resurch? (5 answers)

 will there ever be more questions than awnsers? (4 answers)

 do junkies piss u off as much as much as they piss me off? (5 answers)

 rock out with yo **** out or jam out with yo clam out? (3 answers)

 why dont seaguls like me? (7 answers)

 with all these questions shouldent we have a few usefull awnsers? (4 answers)

 whats your opion on euthinasia for dumb people ? (2 answers)

 any one like green eggs and ham? (5 answers)

 do u like ramin noodles? (11 answers)

 whos hungry? (6 answers)

 why are sprite bottles green? (8 answers)

 do ulike styx or just mr roboto? (3 answers)

 who thinks pelicans are sexy? (4 answers)