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Ox_My_Go0diez's Q & A
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 Which is better, Love, or Lust? (8 answers)

 Sonny Moore has a slow tounge, he's terrible at oral sex. (5 answers)

 Wow. I've changed alot, since last year. What about you. (5 answers)

 pictures from mischeif/halloween/lisas sleepover. go look their ****ign hilarious (2 answers)

 leave feedback for the scene girl's pictures. (4 answers)

 Who would you like to see get Punk'd. Other than your loser self. Your not cool enough. (5 answers)

 Do you think Micheal Jackson was not-guilty? (7 answers)

 Everyone read my "About Me". You will like. (5 answers)

 I dare you to comment on my photos. Now go do it. SLoots (4 answers)

 That bitch aint got **** on, these double cheeseburgers. (6 answers)

 I have a ****load of pictures in my Photo Album. You comment i comment back. (5 answers)

 Everything Poops! (5 answers)

 Skiing, or Snowboarding? (7 answers)

 Saosin? DO you know who that is> (7 answers)

 I want to spoon. (11 answers)

 To put it nicely...I hope you choke. (5 answers)

 Emo boys, Your thoughts? Mine- Their the sex. (12 answers)

 I neeed emo boy...-gasp gasp- (6 answers)

 i neeeeeeeeeed hot boy. (6 answers)

 Aww, i want to mack with a hot boy! (7 answers)

 Any hot dudes wanna make out. (5 answers)

 Anyone want me to comment tons on their Photo Album? (4 answers)

 Are thre any hot boys with grown out hair...arg I think not. (4 answers)

 Leave me comments in the photo album, you know I love them! (3 answers)

 Who is the hottest person for you? (8 answers)

 Are moccasins overrated? (6 answers)

 What are your hopes and dreams for the future, One of mines is to shag, YoungNeil. (5 answers)

 Does any normal person know how to Surf, maybe Snowboard. (5 answers)

 You are the **** stain on the underpants of society. (7 answers)

 look at that blue things pee pee. (5 answers)

 ride the wings of pestilence (4 answers)

 my sense of style is way better than yours. (13 answers)

 does anybody listen to from first to last. (5 answers)

 desparados aint got **** on me. (3 answers)

 bang bang...guns go bang. (4 answers)

 ill hide you in my walls...your body will never be found. (5 answers)

 erm..why are you reading this...you should be checking out my cool photo album. (5 answers)

 yay! new haircut in the photo album..check it out..and sonny moore! (3 answers)

 sonny moore is my god. (5 answers)

 this is a 44 caliber love letter straight from my heart/ (4 answers)

 fav oldies song...mines is big girls dont cry---frankie valli (8 answers)

 hit the road jack and dont you come back no more! (5 answers)

 my boyfriends back and your gunna be in trouble! (4 answers)

 i love comments so drop me a couple in my photo album~! (4 answers)

 who has an ipod...did you know that after 18 months you have to get a new one. (9 answers)

 i want to change my name to emily.what do you want to change it to? (9 answers)

 i need a boyfriend..its depressing.sigh. (12 answers)

 who wants to check out my poems and photo album? (4 answers)

 check out my photo album..pleeeeaaassee (6 answers)

 3 blondes jumped off the roof of a building..one of them was still alive and the cop went over to her and asked her why they did it...her reply was...we wanted to try out our new maxi pads....with wings.. (5 answers)

 who wants to make -out with me...sigrid..you already did..so not you. (12 answers)

 if you leave some comments in my photo album, i will in yours! (5 answers)

 he loves me so...that funny hunny of mine.. (5 answers)

 valentines day sucks. (8 answers)

 nice.marc gets me a red rose but yet no question...arggggggggg (4 answers)

 im in love with this kid..and it might be mutual..tomarrow is valentines should i tell him or should i keep it to my self. (8 answers)

 i went surfing...and i saw reef sharks...scaryyyyyyy (5 answers)

 harry potter rocks my socks..lol so does malfloy. (7 answers)

 my hopes are so high.that your kiss might kill me.so wont you kill me.so i die happy. (8 answers)

 what did you think about hide n seek..it was scary but it was a waste of money... (8 answers)

 are you single or with someone on valentines day? (15 answers)

 its kinda sad...we found out today..that we cant drink the water.shower.or brush our teeth..cause they found a dead body in the resorvoir...scary huh? (9 answers)

 what would you do if your parents alked in on you having sex. (13 answers)

 do you really think ashlee simpson lip syncs or do you think what she said is true. (9 answers)

 if you were to die tomarrow..what would you do (7 answers)

 and all that jazz...I <3 chicago.. (6 answers)

 if your house caught on fire what would be 3 things you would take...only 3 things (8 answers)

 yo momma so stupid that... (8 answers)

 whats your most prized thing..mine is my locket (6 answers)

 my fav store is zumiez...whats yours (8 answers)

 lmao.some rapper gouged his eye out..i think his name was houston. (6 answers)

 new.photo album pictures (4 answers)

 what kind of cell do you have (13 answers)

 dont die cindy (8 answers)

 erm.does anybody watch degrassi...i have a ****load of spoilers.. (5 answers)

 any hawt emo boys out there that wear tight jeans...let me stare at your picture..im tierd of waiting on marc to make out with me.humph. (4 answers)

 your fav outfit....mine-----> jeans or kacki pants<--spelling....a spiky belt...volcome shirt and chucks... (6 answers)

 who listens to the ramones..i just got a hawt shirt. (6 answers)

 i hate boys (13 answers)

 your so stupid.you had a cold and when to dr. dre..haha i crack myslef up. (5 answers)

 will you tell all your friends you've got your gun to my head. (6 answers)

 your lipstick his coller.dont bother angel.i know exactly what goes on (5 answers)

 has anyone else noticed that ben mackenzie( ryan from the o.c)..looks like russlle crow.. (5 answers)

 what did you dram about last night? (6 answers)

 hot emo boys kissing is just too hawt to handle. (9 answers)

 literate a stylish.kissable and quiet..well thats girls dreams are made of. (6 answers)

 new pics in the photo album.son (3 answers)

 who wants to read my poems..their real emo but wad ya gunna do. (3 answers)

 who wants to look at my photo album/. (6 answers)

 whats your fav food. (6 answers)

 what shampoo do you use. (11 answers)

 guys in tight jeans are hawt.<3 (11 answers)

 does anyone else share the love for boys in girl pants...like the guy in my photo album. (8 answers)

 everyone os telling my to cut my hair like ashlee simpson.should i? (9 answers)

 i <3 saosin...what about you (7 answers)

 whats the farthest youve gone with a guy/girl....prolly heavy petting.lol (11 answers)

 check out my photo album..its hawt son.and i will check yours out and leave feedback!son. (8 answers)

 whats your most embarrasing moment (7 answers)

 what would you names your son/daughter...me Briseis/daughter..Brandon/son (10 answers)

 who is your role model? (10 answers)

 can you hear my heartbeat racing.can you taste the fear in my sweat. (7 answers)

 if you were a shoe.what kind of shoe would you be? (12 answers)

 Does anyone like under0ath. (7 answers)

 you favorite ice cream. (14 answers)

 what do you want to be when you grow up! (10 answers)

 your favorite line from a movie. (12 answers)

 whats the diffrence between metal-core and core-metal (7 answers)

 who is your best freind. (23 answers)

 who is the hottest person alive. (15 answers)

 what did you think of brad pitts butt in troy..lol @ hotrockergurl (10 answers)

 who is your favorite degrassi character, (9 answers)

 orlando bloom.-shiver-god is he hot (12 answers)

 brad pitt is hot? (10 answers)

 liam aiken is sexay. (5 answers)

 have you seen troy...b e a utiful...orlando bloom is so flippin hot.brad pitt is too..ive never liked brad but this movie is really hot! (8 answers)

 have you seen the ring 2 video.if not then go to www.the-tape.com (8 answers)

 your fav shoes are. (12 answers)

 what are you doing this weekend. (10 answers)

 my toof hurts. (9 answers)

 whats the hottest thing about girls/guys (9 answers)

 who do you live with. (10 answers)

 which celebrity were you mistaken for, or most resemble. i had sunglasses on and someone yelled hilary duff.lol (12 answers)

 i lost my chucks.now if i was a chuck.were would i be? (7 answers)

 whats your fav tv show. (9 answers)

 do you own a straightner.what kind.i own hot tools. (11 answers)

 where are you from. (13 answers)

 tina you fat lard.god.eat your dinner (9 answers)

 your fav napolian line. (9 answers)

 do you looove chucks. (5 answers)

 do you have "pimp juice"?...wtf IS pimp juice. (8 answers)

 you gotta ask yourself.bush is a moron.besides the point.i went to a concert on wendsday.and taking abck sunday was there.they sed that bush is a billionare.and you know how much money he gave to the tsunami victims.10,000 (11 answers)

 whats your favorite 80s moment. (10 answers)

 whats your worst fear. (11 answers)

 who do you hate right at the moment. (12 answers)

 if you ever had plastic surgery what would you get done and why.i would get...a nose job and lipo.i hate my nose and im fat. (13 answers)

 do you have gas constantly. (10 answers)

 favorite movie and show. (10 answers)

 fav book. (8 answers)

 favorite band, singer, rapper.arg.x (14 answers)

 do you just love me, or do you just LOVE me. (4 answers)

 emo.or.punk (11 answers)

 whats your fav color.mines p!nk. (17 answers)

 burger king, wendys, or micky dees? (10 answers)

 do you feel the same about ciara now that we've found out shes a he. (13 answers)

 are you okay? (8 answers)

 am i just the coolest mo-fo ever. (8 answers)

 is rap crap? (17 answers)

 tounge or lips (15 answers)

 puppys or kittys (16 answers)

 bums or Boobs. (13 answers)

 is paris hilton a skank. (15 answers)

 is marc from battle for ozzfest hot.yes. (7 answers)

 do you like a dozen furies. (5 answers)

 are you a virgin. (29 answers)

 do you like cuddling. (21 answers)

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