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OsoFedUp182's Q & A
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 lol that wasnt a question.. haha but it was supposed to say. Does anyone else not sleep well.. like maybe 4 hours MAYBE a night .. it sux  (4 answers)

 Im so unbelieveably tired.. I just woke up am not a good sleeper.. but i never been this tired b4..  (1 answers)

 Man o Man! Anyone watch the game last night?? Im so proud of them! Go Tampa Bay Lightning!  (4 answers)

 boxocereal: No.
 suicideguy: I'm so fucking happy for Dave Anderchuck, way to go old man!
 osofedup182: lol y you say that cause tampa just won the stanley cup!!! lol
 cutiepatutie5: go flames go lol

 Does anyone listen to christian music?  (5 answers)

 Anyone like the NFG song All down Hill From here? I do .. lol  (5 answers)

 If you knew something about your BEST FRIENDS boyfriend ,sumthin he did.. would you tell her even if it broke her heart and she may not even believe you... ?  (9 answers)

 Aww Man Im O So Bored! what about you?  (3 answers)

 WOO HOO! GO tampa bay lightning! Goin to the Stanley Cup!!  (7 answers)

 Say this guy has a g/f yet there is a girl he says he LOVES loves.. isnt that wrong cause he has a g/f?  (6 answers)

 How could you make it up to someone if you told them you would come to their grad. party but you forgot? I feel so bad :(  (3 answers)

 Which One:: Metallica, Dashboard Confessional, Nirvana, Blink 182, or umm Good char. .. wtfe  (16 answers)

 Do you listen to Taking back sunday?  (8 answers)

 Do you hate it when you try to be o so serious with someone and they just joke around..  (7 answers)

 Are you depressed alot?  (9 answers)

 Anyone listen to Senses Fail? What ur Favorite song?  (4 answers)

 Has anyone told you Or have you told anyone... Just cause you dont have sex with them means you dont love them? lol that is soo dumb!  (6 answers)

 Ugh... Anyone doing Homework.. i got math HW she told me i sorta HAVE to do cause i havnt done my work.. cause im slacking.. and it's DUMB math stuff.. haha  (5 answers)

 Skate... BMX..IN-line... ________ (sumthin i didnt put?)?  (3 answers)

 What year you gonna graduate?!  (14 answers)

 Is anyone graduating (04) Im gonna miss all our seniors! I love You all! lol  (2 answers)

 Do you have alotta self-esteem? (9 answers)

 Do YOU Think it bad for a 18 year old dude to date a 14 year old girl?  (15 answers)

 How could you work on getting a REALLY shy guy to open up? lol (7 answers)

 Im really confused and sad ... you have any words of wisdom? lol :)  (6 answers)

 WHen you feel like there is nuthing left do you give up?  (8 answers)

 Dont that just suck!?!? lol ;)  (6 answers)

 Hmm Yes.. So How does that make you feel?  (7 answers)

 has anyone dyed their hair b4.. i just did for like the 2nd time... what color did u do?  (17 answers)

 Anyone like singing? cause i LOOVE singing :) it's soo fun :)YESH!  (14 answers)

 Does anyone play an instrument? I play Keyboard.. but im starting guitar lessons soon! YESH!  (11 answers)

 So How is everyone right now?  (15 answers)

 So waht are your views on the "One nation under god" in the pledge?  (18 answers)

 Hey Will Somone Tag Me or W/e! HAHA I just Started this like 3 minutes ago! YESH!  (7 answers)

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