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NiCoLe8790mK's Q & A
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NiCoLe8790mK has 117 questions total.
NiCoLe8790mK has answered a total of 259 other questions.

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 Did you just miss the point? (2 answers)

 boxocereal: Maybe.
 stalk3r: nope its at the end of the sentence.

 What would you do if your whole body was wrapped in suran wrap? (4 answers)

 What's you most missed memory from high school? (1 answers)

 What's the most dangerous thing you've ever done? (5 answers)

 Have you ever been curious about ____________? (1 answers)

 Love & Basketball = very good movie. Wouldn't you agree? (6 answers)

 ...Man, I'm hungry. What about you? (5 answers)

 What are you thinking about at this exact moment? (5 answers)

 Ask me a question, any question at all! (6 answers)

 Anybody here like The Subways? (5 answers)

 So...tell me, why are you up so late right now? (or early...whichever you perfer) (4 answers)

 When you're on drugs.... (5 answers)

 Do you ever feel ignored? (5 answers)

 Are you in college? If so, where do you go? (2 answers)

 What kind of hobbies are you into? (6 answers)

 What is your favorite kind of pudding? (7 answers)

 Does anybody wanna be my friend? (4 answers)

 So, this is my 100th question. What now bitches?! (1 answers)

 The 40 Year Old Virgin, yay or nay? (10 answers)

 I'm feeling a little loney tonight, what about you? (5 answers)

 Dude, you're such a flame. (4 answers)

 Is anybody a fan of The Get Up Kids? (2 answers)

 What is happiness anyway? (2 answers)

 So...yeah, I slept in until 3pm today. I am definitely classfied as a lazy ass now... (2 answers)

 No one ever leaves feedback on my pics. What is the deal? (3 answers)

 Well, I'm pretty damn bored right now... (2 answers)

 Guess what? (2 answers)

 You're a ___________. (6 answers)

 What would you say if I told you that you were a total stud muffin? (5 answers)

 Oh...yeah cartoons.... (4 answers)

 Has anyone else noticed that this site is kind of cliquey? (7 answers)

 Who do you admire? (5 answers)

 I'm so damn bored...tell me what you are doing to help occupy my time. (10 answers)

 Do you have sex? (16 answers)

 So...I guess no one is going to reply to my Q & A? (9 answers)

 Anybody work at Subway??? (9 answers)

 So, how is your Christmas going? (6 answers)

 The SexSwing. Has anybody tried this device? What was it like? (8 answers)

 Is the weather looking bad there too? (8 answers)

 Is anybody doing anything special over Christmas break? (5 answers)

 Anybody else have their last day of finals today?! (6 answers)

 What the hell is going on here? (5 answers)

 If I had the opportunity, I would totally _________ you! (11 answers)

 So...it's kind of cold outside. (9 answers)

 Do you know how to use a ___________? (11 answers)

 Do you understand? (10 answers)

 I'm bored...what the hell is our summer coming down to? (4 answers)

 Do you believe there is a solution to everything? (8 answers)

 Where's your God now? (8 answers)

 So...What's new? (3 answers)

 Okay...I don't think I really like these new profiles...what about you? (2 answers)

 What is your passion?  (7 answers)

 Ummm...yeah. I don't think anybody on this site likes me very much for some reason....  (5 answers)

 What is your greatest weakness?  (10 answers)

 Did anybody else eat way too much tonight?  (7 answers)

 If you could have but one thing --whatever you wanted-- what would it be?  (9 answers)

 Is God part of your life?  (21 answers)

 Is it possible to actually _______________?  (7 answers)

 Do you like to catch snowflakes on your tongue when it's snowing?  (6 answers)

 Bush or Kerry?  (15 answers)

 What is your favorite movie ever?  (6 answers)

 Has anybody here seen The Notebook? ...I thought it was the cutest movie ever!  (4 answers)

 Does anybody have a lot of photos?  (5 answers)

 I added a journal entry and tons of new photos...doesn anybody wanna check them out?  (3 answers)

 How do I get people to read my journal? I never get any feedback anymore...I must be boring :(  (3 answers)

 What is the most important thing you hold dear in your life?  (6 answers)

 Anybody in track this year? If so, what do you run/do?  (4 answers)

 What would your dream date include?  (6 answers)

 Who watched football today?  (6 answers)

 What are you going to do today?  (8 answers)

 Why am I still surfing this website when it's 3:15 in the morning, and all I want to do is go to bed?  (13 answers)

 It sure has been awhile since I __________________....  (11 answers)

 Are there any upcoming movies coming out that you are dying to see?  (10 answers)

 Well?  (8 answers)

 Dammit.... How did I ______________?  (11 answers)

 Who gives a shit?  (8 answers)

 What the ____________?!  (11 answers)

 What makes you happy?  (12 answers)

 What is a stupid question?  (13 answers)

 Have you ever had the feeling ____________?  (10 answers)

 If you knew you would die in your sleep tonight, what would you be doing right now?  (12 answers)

 Do you have an old childhood fear you have never been able to overcome? If so, what is it?  (9 answers)

 Are first impressions important?  (8 answers)

 Do you openly admit issues or problems you may have to people?  (12 answers)

 Do you eat healthy?  (12 answers)

 Is there more to life?  (5 answers)

 Do you find certain body peircings sexy? If so, which ones?  (13 answers)

 The best things in life are ___________?  (9 answers)

 What religion are you?  (10 answers)

 Do you believe in 'Santa Clause'?  (10 answers)

 What's the stupidest question you have ever asked somebody?  (4 answers)

 Did anybody go 'trick or treating' last night?  (11 answers)

 Does anybody here run cross country? If so what's your best time (and for what distance)?  (6 answers)

 What's your favorite scary movie?  (11 answers)

 I have some new diary entries in, if anybody is bored and has nothing better to do... My life's not that boring... I think, well find out for yourself. Later :)  (2 answers)

 What's kind of perfume do you wear?  (14 answers)

 What's your favorite computer game?  (9 answers)

 When you like somebody, do you let them know?  (10 answers)

 If you knew the end of the world was coming, what would you do?  (13 answers)

 What's your favorite class? and why?  (12 answers)

 Do you think it's possible to find true love on the internet? (14 answers)

 Why doesn't anybody leave feedback on my dairy entries? (7 answers)

 Does anybody here run every day? If so, how many miles? (11 answers)

 Does anybody here actually have something interesting to talk about? (10 answers)

 Does anybody else here write in the dairy thingy? (12 answers)

 Does anybody here watch Buffy? *LoL* (16 answers)

 What qualities do you look for in a guy or girl? (13 answers)

 Does anybody go tanning? (18 answers)

 Is anybody else tired? (12 answers)

 Does anybody here listen to Bowling for Soup? (15 answers)

 Is anybody else here bored? (13 answers)

 I answer my own questions... Does anybody have a problem with that? *LoL* (13 answers)

 Is anybody in track? If so, what event do you do? (13 answers)

 Do any (girls) here run the 400m Dash in track? If so, what's your best time? (7 answers)

 What sports do you prefer to play? (24 answers)

 What's your favorite T.V. show? (22 answers)

 What's your favorite types of music to listen to? (14 answers)

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