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Nene77's Q & A
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Nene77 has 439 questions total.
Nene77 has answered a total of 3,589 other questions.

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 if you people have any decency you should read by blog or talk to me... or SOME thing to keep me entertained. please? (4 answers)

 I'm listening to a song called "the worst pies in london". Is that NOT the coolest? (4 answers)

 I need help with my iPod.. Anyone willing? (5 answers)

 You are 15% a movie junkie You've seen more movies than 0% of other users: Ok.. GO TAKE THE TEST!! Is anyone MORE clueless than me? (7 answers)

 James Blunt is Hot. Anyone agree? (9 answers)

 do you by any chance know a way to sap yourself of emotion? (4 answers)

 Angel2Devil2Friend: No... I have to just let it all out
 boxocereal: No.
 psgman2: I didnt get that one , lol.... (sorry french here ... ;-( ! )
 waterwhencloudscollide: yep, just tell you self it doesnt matter over and over and over, or just pretend whatever cause the emotion didnt happen

 Does a Llama look more like a yak, camel, or long haired goat? (13 answers)

 Anyone know what happened to the "Book Reviews" section? (4 answers)

 I'm sure we've all noticed the new "contact" button, but did anyone else notice that there's not more QOTD button? (6 answers)

 you know that song "Survivor" by Destiny's Child.. Don't you just "love" how they decided to scream "WORD!" between every measure? (8 answers)

 I'M 7% LESBIAN! lol, who knew? How did you rate? (11 answers)

 Why is your bladder in your reproductive system if if doesn't reproduce? (5 answers)

 "Sealed for your protection..." Whenever i read this, I chuckle to myself and think STD. on a scale of 1-10, how demented is this? (5 answers)

 you know your bored when you start flipping through random people's profile, do you do this too? (11 answers)

 is it just me or is every poem on this website about love? (8 answers)

 TOM - MOT- O or TOE - MATE - OE? (11 answers)

 how do you say cheese in French? (10 answers)

 someone wanna give me some sleeping pills? (6 answers)

 Does it discust anyone else how horrible some of these questions are? WIth all this "Dirty Jew" crap, and degrading women.. y'all are lucky i can't beat you crapless throught the computer! and now im done fuming. (7 answers)

 lets be honest... do you have a hangover? (9 answers)

 how do you Tango online? (3 answers)

 anyone else think that Smiley is going to have a major hangover? (3 answers)

 dont you love how they have these random coloured tabs? lol, its liek all blue, and yellow and then out of now where its just like PINK! lol.. i guess its just me, huh? (1 answers)

 anyone else about to fall asleep on their keyboard? (6 answers)

 what do the numbers 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13 mean to you? (8 answers)

 do you ask random people to be your friends? has someone ever done that to you? is it just me, or is that annoying? (5 answers)

 115 years ago tomorrow is the anniversary of Wonded Knee. Are you doing anything to remember that day? (3 answers)

 Okay, how do all of y'all make those little heart doo-dads? (5 answers)

 have you ever wanted to hurt some one like a lot just because of the questions that they have on here? (5 answers)

 you know that num lock button on your keyboard, what does that even do? (6 answers)

 when you go to a profile, you know how there's normally an ad under the guestbook? I don't have one any more.. is this happening to anyone else? anyone know why? (3 answers)

 IF your feeling festive and you know it, clap your hands!! (5 answers)

 If the Super Friends and The Justice Leage got into a fight, who would win? :-P (7 answers)

 are you who you want to be? (9 answers)

 Do they only have the punch bowl so that dorks like me can pretend that we're doing something? (5 answers)

 5 points for every tag you delete.. Okay.. let's be honest here, who's deleted all their entries? (10 answers)

 how do you like THAT cheese? (6 answers)

 OKAY! what the heck is a domain? (5 answers)

 whats your favorite veggie? (12 answers)

 Student.com? Cheesey Much? but thats just my rather lame opinion, what do you think of it? (7 answers)

 you must want something more for Chirstmas than me! :-P so.. what is it? (5 answers)

 anyone else think turkey is nasty? (9 answers)

 did you know that they make hair gel for your eyebrows? (7 answers)

 Is PRIMO huggable or WHAT!?! :) (5 answers)

 I'm reading the Da Vinci Code, have you read it? Did you like it? Are you going to see the movie? Will you bring me with you? Is it just me.. or is that book, like.. Educational? (6 answers)

 im 87% pure (non-sex test thinger..) how'd it go for you? have you taken it? (11 answers)

 I'm bored.. what colour should I make my eyeshadow? (7 answers)

 what exactly IS Froogle? (4 answers)

 What IS peace? Is it possible to have (quote) peace (unquote) without conflict? (6 answers)

 For all you ladies out there, do you have those moments when you really wished you could pee standing up? (4 answers)

 lets be honest here! Can you say no to a guy in eyeliner? (7 answers)

 you know that one ALL white room in Destiny's Child's video, "Say my Name"? How hard woudl that be for you too keep clean? (4 answers)

 if you were a protozoa, how often would you mate with yourself? :-P (3 answers)

 when you started out on SCN did you thank people for answering your questions? do you still? (11 answers)

 What do you consider hate? (5 answers)

 When answering these questions, do you explain even if they don't ask you to? For those of you who don't, does it bother you when people do? (4 answers)

 My sister wants to know if chocolate milk comes from chocolate cows? (5 answers)

 how do you like your peanut butter? Creamy, extra creamy, crunchy, or extra crunchy? (7 answers)

 Would you rather know nothing than everything? (5 answers)

 Is it weird that I love musicals? (10 answers)

 M'kay, Pumpkin? (3 answers)

 do you like buffalo? (4 answers)

 Do i really have to mention arvark *cough* shes the one? (1 answers)

 What sound does an ardvark make? (1 answers)

 what are you supposed to tell someone when they blurt out, "i love you!"?? (7 answers)

 I'm having serious guy problems.. how do you convince a guy he doesnt love you? and being a jerk isnt working.. *hits head* why me? (3 answers)

 how should i do my hair (if i do it) on Monday? be honest with me, none of this however you want stuff! (3 answers)

 is there ANYTHING bad about the song "Ohio is for Lovers"?? (4 answers)

 is it just me, or can friends be REALLY selfcentered when you need them to focus on something more important? (4 answers)

 Love.. what exactly IS love? (4 answers)

 have you ever walked on a tight-rope? i have!! :-) (4 answers)

 have you ever had one of those days where you just want to lie upside down so that all the blood rushes to your head? (4 answers)

 whats the strangest testimonal that youve ever resived or written? my was "he's one smokin' razz! ;-)" (1 answers)

 does the "Cell Block Tango" kick or what? (2 answers)

 what day does the week start for you? (4 answers)

 is it just me, or do people in the bigger cities say hip-hop and smaller towns say rap? (6 answers)

 anyone else think its rude to block people from your guest book? like .. your blocking out their opinion or something? (6 answers)

 How can people hate jello?!! its insane! (5 answers)

 do you love your lips? (12 answers)

 how do we match up for the personality thinger? (5 answers)

 am i too crazy to talk to? (5 answers)

 whats your favorite kind of jello? (10 answers)

 Anyone want a Jolly Rancher? It's purple.. =D (11 answers)

 Favorite lyrics? (10 answers)

 am I the only person on this website that cant win Rise to Power? (5 answers)

 do you like that new backstreet boys song? ("I just want You to Know?") I LOVE IT! omg.. im turning into a backstreet boys fan.. IM SO ASSHAMED! (5 answers)

 anyone think I should ACTUALLY try peanut butter and kectup? ew.. come on Ty! (6 answers)

 if they made banana jelly, would you eat it? (10 answers)

 I'm so sick.. can someone get me drugs? (5 answers)

 do you forgive me for not having intresting questions? (6 answers)

 do you consider yourself a manly man/girlly girl? (7 answers)

 wait.. is the hoky pokie what its all about? whats this world comming to!?! (4 answers)

 have you ever wondered what the world would be like if we had no way to figure out what we looked like? (3 answers)

 do only boring people get bored? who thought of the word bored anyway?! (5 answers)

 dont you hate it when random people (guests normally) tag your guestbook and make comments about cyber? one word: EWW! haha im such a girl.. (3 answers)

 how can you read my mind like that? (2 answers)

 im in the mood to dance, anyone want to join me? We can listen to your music.. (2 answers)

 would you EVER consider being a turdoligist? (2 answers)

 On behalf of all the Migiteers, I would like to ask, Are snowballs falling from your armpits yet? (2 answers)

 who's your favorite writter here on SCN? djhowty is REALLY good (2 answers)

 Lets say your a chicken, what type of seasoning would you like on you? (5 answers)

 Just out of curiosity, whats on your underpants? (8 answers)

 when someone has a Q that says something along the lines of "Will you read my poetry?" Do you? (7 answers)

 who's your role modle that IS NOT living? (5 answers)

 do you ask all those unoriginal questions? EX: Coke or Pepsi? (5 answers)

 is it just me or does it hurt like nothing else when you get pickle juice on a sore? its, surprisingly, worse then lemon (3 answers)

 Dragons and sword fights, what else do you need in a book? (5 answers)

 did you read those "The sisterhood of the Travling Pants" books? Didnt you hate that one Greek dude? (6 answers)

 whats on your PJ's? (9 answers)

 What colour of lip gloss suits your personality? (PURPLE!) (8 answers)

 How do you feel about The British Open? (4 answers)

 Why do people ask if your a virgin? And better yet, WHY do they want to KNOW?? (7 answers)

 what ever happened to those reasons? man.. those were funny.. (2 answers)

 Is your Great Aunt Vivian acutally amphibian? (2 answers)

 how come theres so many "Whats your religion?" questions? i think ihave one.. now that i think of it.. (2 answers)

 Whats your evil laugh? (13 answers)

 an Apalician folk song.. Where the heck is Apalacia? (from hers truly!) (3 answers)

 bettchya cant guess that i sent you a kiss!! wait.. did i just say that out loud? (4 answers)

 do you like coffee? mm.. coffee (8 answers)

 If you have 20 pieces of pie, how many scoops of ice cream would you have? (40 for me) (8 answers)

 if everyone listened to the same song at the same time with their radio all the way up, would you be able to hear it in space? (5 answers)

 admit it, you LOVE the song, Lonely? (5 answers)

 did you know that if you flick a frog between the eyes it passes out? (4 answers)

 when someone tells you that they want to you be romantic, do you repeat what what you said only adding "dear"? (3 answers)

 Am i the only one left on this earth that likes sour cream and rasin pie?? come on people! (4 answers)

 Fall to Pieces, Patsy Cline or Aril? (5 answers)

 ocean or sea? (11 answers)

 do all road REALLY lead to Rome? (4 answers)

 do you want a pink convertible with sparkels and LACE? (3 answers)

 Manly men wear pink, are you man enough? (8 answers)

 Whos eyes wander more, Ladies or manly men?? (6 answers)

 if you eat too many carrots does your skin REALLY turn orangey? (9 answers)

 ok, i need 5,986 answers to this question to prove PRIMO wrong, who here likes lavender? (13 answers)

 how come you dont like sheep? (6 answers)

 is it "Willy Wonka and the Choclate Factory" or "Charlie and the Chocolate Facorty?" i always thought it was Charlie... (5 answers)

 Haha, dont you just LOVE those cats on Lady and the Tramp? (5 answers)

 Anyone want to sit around and eat pudding with me? (3 answers)

 why the fruit are we up at this hour? (5 answers)

 whats the most hair you've ever cut off at once? my highscore was my first haircut.. 17 inches (5 answers)

 Would you rather go to Margartiaville or Voldkaburg? (5 answers)

 Whats your favorite disney movie? (7 answers)

 Does anyone even LEARN anything in Geography? (6 answers)

 i cant open this stupid window! should i hit it with a hammer and see what happens? (5 answers)

 whats your IQ? (10 answers)

 LOL their playing a game on the radio called "Whats in Ryan's Pants!' anyone else find this funny? (4 answers)

 i spy with my little eye something.. Is that a kidney? (4 answers)

 Why do you people thing opera is so bad? Does anyone besides me listen to il Divo? (3 answers)

 you know how at the end of a radio commercial they have someone reading all the VERY fine print, how do they find someone who can talk that fast? An actioner or something? (4 answers)

 Which one is worse, snakes or spiders? (7 answers)

 do you think people we as voilent 50 years ago as they are today? well, besides Hitler, but he was insane! (3 answers)

 How come no one will dance with me? (5 answers)

 does this only happen to me or when you blink can you feel your eye ball? (3 answers)

 has anyone else noticed that all the questions seem slightly depressing? (4 answers)

 have you ever said no to a friend request? (8 answers)

 you can ask me 4 (im changing it!) questions about me. No matter what and i'll answer them honestly. In return for the favor you have to post this on yours so i can ask dumb questions. (3 answers)

 you are so beautiful.. to me.. WAIT! is this a complement or a major diss? (5 answers)

 do you find it odd that you can hate manure without hating the horse? (5 answers)

 wait.. dont you hate it when ppl think they know everything about everything but then their wrong about something and they get ticked? (4 answers)

 did you know that people can be obsessed with MEDIFORES? (4 answers)

 i dont get it!~ why do people call me an imiture spoiled brat when i didnt say anything all that rude to them? (4 answers)

 do you like feddichini? (4 answers)

 who are you to judge? (6 answers)

 which one is worse, a medifore, or a simile? (6 answers)

 anyone want an example of a stupid medafore (spelt wrong and all!) Johnny walked to school with a pinapple in his pants. as i said, It makes NO sense!! (5 answers)

 is it weird that im plugging Rae's ear while i type? (3 answers)

 is it weird that im plugging Rae's ear while i type? (2 answers)

 welcome to the spork and foon show!! (3 answers)

 do you remember when all the boys were named Jason and all the girls were named Brittany? (4 answers)

 i hate... (finish please) ex: medafores! (6 answers)

 dont you hate things that dont make sense? like medafores! their POINTLESS! (3 answers)

 do you ever break out into *sings* song? (4 answers)

 Lana or Chole? (2 answers)

 He who pays last, never pays twice. WHAT THE FRUIT DOES THIS MEAN!?!?! (4 answers)

 am i the only one who plays chess on this site? (5 answers)

 if we found a new country or planet with life on it, what do you think is the worst and best thing we could do? (3 answers)

 do you like spongebob? =( (6 answers)

 how duck you *cough!* i mean, how are you? (2 answers)

 if youre single, looking, and a duck, can you tag me? (3 answers)

 lets play jepordy! A relitively small waterfowl with a flat bill, short neck and legs, and webbed feet. (bettya cant get it!) (3 answers)

 you remind me of cheesecake, do i remind you of a duckie? {bashes eyelashes} (1 answers)

 i dont wanna be a chicken i dont wanna be a duck.. WAIT A SECOND! (2 answers)

 whats the diff. between pigeon-toed and duckfooted? dont use dictionary! (note that DUCK was in DUCKfooted!) (1 answers)

 do sheep get fleas or lice? ducks dont get nada! (2 answers)

 when i grow up i wanna be a.... (DONT SAY CARE BEAR! the job is already taken!! by me! bwhaha.. duckie!) (4 answers)

 rubber ducky your the one... RUBBER DUCKY!! (2 answers)

 hamster or hampster? i like rubber duckies! (2 answers)

 you make me happy when the skies are? (rubber ducky!) (1 answers)

 catsup, mustard, or BBQ sause? (3 answers)

 Do you like the Killers? (5 answers)

 VH1 or MTV? (4 answers)

 Holla back girl: hit or miss? (3 answers)

 what was/is your schools mascot? (6 answers)

 whats your favorite word that sounds bad but really isnt? (4 answers)

 whats your favorite football team? (4 answers)

 anyone else want to be a DJ when they grow up? or are a DJ.. (2 answers)

 You are the weakest link, Goodbye. My GOD, did anyone really watch that show? (2 answers)

 Is that your final answer? (3 answers)

 What type of icecream discribes you? (I'm neopaliton. I have 3 diff. sides, My Mule side, my dreamy side, and my sensible side. ONce i get them together, I'll be made!) (2 answers)

 you have your period, dont you? (7 answers)

 I'm in keyboarding, anyone else in school and hating it? (4 answers)

 What's your favorite kind of pie? (7 answers)

 why is it we think its a good idea 'til we do it, then we realize how dumb it was? (5 answers)

 what celeb. would you have sex with? (5 answers)

 so.. rate me on a scale of 1-10.. 10 being the lowest.. this should bew intresting! (2 answers)

 What picture do you see right after you log on? I always see that dude with the spoon, every time im like, "WTF is up with that spoon?!?!" (3 answers)

 Are you with Charles Darwins theory of everything sharing a single, complex, history, or are you for the God created the world in 7 days one? I'll have to go with Darwin on this one (11 answers)

 Have yopu ever thought about that one theory.. That everyday we have a new life and a new set of memories to go along with it? what do you think of it? (4 answers)

 will you hold my hand when i die? (4 answers)

 would you cry for me? (2 answers)

 can you hold me while i cry on your shoulder and shiver in your arms? (1 answers)

 I dont think i have any hope left.. can someone talk to me? (5 answers)

 how do you feel about boxer briefs? (3 answers)

 would you like to swing on a star, carry moon-beams home in a jar, and be better of than you are? Or would you rather be a mule (1 answers)

 cant you just PRETEND that you like me? Please? (5 answers)

 want to go dancing with me?? (8 answers)

 what type of fish would you rather kiss? (4 answers)

 doesnt latin suck? (8 answers)

 how do you feel about calloused feet? (6 answers)

 if i told you to read a book, would you? What if it was about a gay person? No, really. (11 answers)

 what do you think when someone screams, "IM NOT AMISH!"? (7 answers)

 do you know what a donner is? i do.. im just curious (2 answers)

 what do you think of the movie Nopolene Dynomite? Goddess, thats the dumbest movie on this earth!! (5 answers)

 tell me.. what do you think about feet? (3 answers)

 if we both run off that clif at the same time at the same speed, who will die first? (tag me if you want the answer) (1 answers)

 Do you know what this says, GODISNOWHERE? i didnt get it right.. (6 answers)

 "Jubilatte Deo" Do you know what this says? (its Latin) (2 answers)

 what is up with you people and not having proper english? i can understand spelling.. but really! (2 answers)

 *sigh* what's up? (1 answers)

 Am I not pretty enough? :*( (3 answers)

 What's the point of high-heals? And NO, killing vampires doesnt count! ;) (3 answers)

 did you know that over 300 people put down green day as some of the music they like? (3 answers)

 when you see a hot girl/guy driving around, what do you notice first, them, or their car? (i personally notice the car) (3 answers)

 Did you watch the Grammy's? (5 answers)

 I'm amazed that no ones made a protest to get me off SCN yet! Arent you amazed? (2 answers)

 do good things come to those who wait for them? (5 answers)

 am i the only one who wears white after labor day? (5 answers)

 do you think reality TV is real? (6 answers)

 when someone says threesome, what do you think? (4 answers)

 is it just me, or do the red M&M's taste better than the orange ones? (4 answers)

 Can I borrow anyones black nail polish? (6 answers)

 if you had to make out with one person for an hour, who would it be? (10 answers)

 how many books do you read a week on average? (6 answers)

 what colour should i paint my nails? (4 answers)

 flavour or flavor? (7 answers)

 grey, or gray? (9 answers)

 does novicane make you hypper? (6 answers)

 Should Pairs Hilton rot in the hot, dark, scary place? (7 answers)

 I've got this plan.. I cant tell you what, but i have one.. It may not work.. But should I try it anyway? (7 answers)

 if i burst out into tears will you hold me and tell me itll be all right? I think i need someone to depend on (5 answers)

 I've been having a bad day, Will someone pass the crackerS? (3 answers)

 I LOVE to think about ppl! Who are you thinking about? (7 answers)

 Wanna go dance in teh snow with me?? (4 answers)

 spork or foon? (8 answers)

 are you hyper? I'm hyper, are you happy? I'm SO happy!! Want to talk to me? (4 answers)

 whats the point of curling in your POV? (3 answers)

 yes! i have over 1,00 hits on my profile! HOw many do you have? (9 answers)

 lets go out to the lake and slide around until were too bruised to stand, want to come? (3 answers)

 Whad would you do if i told you i was a single mother of a son named Tylendel? (3 answers)

 if you had a choice, would you have someone you didnt know kill you, or your best friend? Oh yeah, I almost forgot, your dying from an rare, incureable sickness and its a VERY painful way to die (3 answers)

 Lindsay or Hilary? (Die both of you!.. sorry, had to get that out) (9 answers)

 Freddy or Jason? (7 answers)

 hahaha.. do you think thats a sarcastic laugh? (2 answers)

 whats the strangest thing youve put on your toast? (for me it was peanut butter and cinnamon and sugar.. it was really good) (3 answers)

 if you had the chance, would anyone sit and eat peanut butter and talk to me? (6 answers)

 have your teachers ever wanted to give you a detention, but couldnt because you didnt do anything wrong? (3 answers)

 what do you think when someone puts Reading the Bible down as one of their hobbys? (9 answers)

 discribe what you think is love in 3 words.. please (8 answers)

 You know whats weird?? In like 70 years old ppl will be listening to rap msic kuz they always listen to the music they listened to while growing up! Yeah.. i cant wait till im old (3 answers)

 Does anyone agree that the Vikings are going to beat the Eagles? (3 answers)

 Is the web that you weave tangled? (2 answers)

 VICKINGS WON! YEAH BABY! Eat it you stupid greenbay lovers! haha, sorry i had to get that out :) (4 answers)

 girls: its the 3/2nd day of your period, are you in pain? (9 answers)

 why is it that we have to cry to feel better? cant we jsut keep that empty feeling? (2 answers)

 Where do you live? I'm like, your personal stalker! (5 answers)

 gorgonzola or CHEDDAR? (5 answers)

 how does it go again? The tea cup calling the kettal white? I dont get it! (2 answers)

 what's the sound of one hand clapping? (5 answers)

 haha, do you like my picture? (its the 1st one on my profile) (2 answers)

 if you had to chose between life (as a mortal), and then death in hell and death (as in eternal peace) which would you choose? (1 answers)

 Does anyone know how to change their picture? (3 answers)

 i havent written in my short story in .. forever, wold it be a good idea to start again? (4 answers)

 i have a pitcure i can put on here (well.. its of my head because i was about to pass out from lack of sleep) but shoudll i put it on anyway? (3 answers)

 Science fair is on Jan. 13.. im not done, should i go home and do it? (i cant because i dont have any salt) (4 answers)

 do you know the % of salt in the oceans? (2 answers)

 your on a busy street, full of lots of different looking ppl, which person will catch your eye and how will they look? (9 answers)

 what kinds of loses have you ever gone though? (4 answers)

 have you ever asked the queston, "oh crap, does anyone know where my shirt went?" or something along the lines of that? (6 answers)

 did you know that if you could take all the worlds population and bring it to 100 ppl, 6 ppl woudl have all the worlds wealth and they would all be from the US? (6 answers)

 when you look in the mirror, do you look away because you think your fat? (9 answers)

 how much do you weigh? (11 answers)

 Do you love me? (7 answers)

 What Disney Princes are you most like? (7 answers)

 do you like sheep? (6 answers)

 why is it i cant get him out of my head? (4 answers)

 how much pop have you ever drank in one day? (around 28 cans i think it was) (3 answers)

 how long have you gone without sleep? (43 hours) (4 answers)

 its not raining, nor is it snowing, but will you still dance with me? (1 answers)

 Am i the only one with spelling issues? (6 answers)

 does ANYONE live in Montana? did i spell that right? (1 answers)

 Canadians: do you know where Minnesota is? (2 answers)

 do you like rap? if so, whos your favourite? (6 answers)

 how many scores do you have? (3 answers)

 when you let someone do what they want, what do you really wnat them to do? (1 answers)

 ive got a choir concert tonight, how should i do my hair? (2 answers)

 whats your idea of beauty? (7 answers)

 what turns you on? and dont start naming the stuff you put on your profile! (5 answers)

 does anyone else remember that show Bannanas in Pajamas besides 'Larry' and I? (10 answers)

 Your in Jail, doesnt matter why. The head police dude comes in, do you ask him if he/she has a cake on hand.. with a file in it? (3 answers)

 I'm cold, got a blanket i can use? (3 answers)

 I've got missle toe, will you kiss me now? (6 answers)

 When you add yellow and green, you should get blue. Does anyone agree with my logic? (6 answers)

 I just changed my profile colors, what do you think? (2 answers)

 do you sing? if so, are you a saprano, alto, bas, or tener? (4 answers)

 do you like dark chocolate or do you prefer the milk kind? (7 answers)

 (guys) I dont like showing my legs or my stomache, is that a turn off? (3 answers)

 waht do you think of this quote, "Nightmares come to those who doze. Darkness comes where nightfall goes." (5 answers)

 anyone want to go see "The Incredibles" with me?? .. ill buy you popcorn! (8 answers)

 have you ever seen that "The Other Side of Heaven" movie? (3 answers)

 isnt it strange that the people who ask less questions get more answers? maybe i just need to talk to more ppl (5 answers)

 if i walked up to you and we had been good friends for quite some time.. if i whispered "I love you" in your ear would you laugh at me? (8 answers)

 did you read the Series of Unfortinute Events? Looking forward to the movie? (8 answers)

 anyone know WHO runs studentcenter? (9 answers)

 you know for the reasons, does someone change the reason each day so it matches? (3 answers)

 What's your favorite poem? (for me its Annabell Lee) (3 answers)

 Wait.. why did the demacrats pick an Elephant? thats even worse than a donkey! (2 answers)

 why did the republicans pick a donkey?? of all things! why a donkey?!?! (3 answers)

 how come no one talks to me on MSN?? you should add me! just to make me happy :) (2 answers)

 when you tag someone, and they dont tag you back, do you feel like you got stood up for a date? (4 answers)

 Reason #18 : Jeff really wants you to. -- my friend has a cousin named Jeff.. and he's scary! .. NOT THE POINT! the point is, who the heck is Jeff?! (2 answers)

 do you consider yourself color blind? (i cant tell the diffrence between MOST yellows and tans) (2 answers)

 have you ever read the book Faerie Wars? You should! its awesome! (2 answers)

 whats the longest distance yove walked just to get something meaningless? (about 3 miles) (3 answers)

 and all im taking with me, is my broken heart, and all I'll leave is ____________ --Please finish! (the real one is "smoke rings in the dark") (1 answers)

 do you know the song "Go Tell it on the Mountain"? and i mean all of it, not just the refrain! (1 answers)

 Reason #20 : Simon says post a question -- haha! ok i thought it was funny.. anyone want to side with me? (1 answers)

 do you believe in faeries? (3 answers)

 Reason #12 : Darren Herman always said, "I love Fruity Pebbles in a major way." -- What the fuck is that all about?!?! (1 answers)

 ive got a brand new pair of rollerskates _________ (finish the song however you want) (3 answers)

 anyone else find internet lingo confusing? (4 answers)

 anyone else got those creepie little bumps on their head? know what its from? (1 answers)

 haha, this computer says "going to sleep" right before the screen saver ends, anyone else find that funny? (3 answers)

 do you know whats going on with MJ's skin? that crees me out (2 answers)

 do you think that bush is going to make us go down the pot? (2 answers)

 why is it that people are racist? (4 answers)

 if you had to read a TYPE of book, what TYPE woudl it be? (sifi fantisy) (5 answers)

 is there a reason you picked your screen name? (mine is nene77 on whyville too) (3 answers)

 am I the only one that enjoys eatting? Is that bad?  (6 answers)

 why are there so many songs about rainbows?  (7 answers)

 would you do anything for me? (nothing deadly counts!)  (6 answers)

 what color dress o you want to wear to the prom? (if no one asks me, im going to take one of my friends, ill be wearing a suit!)  (6 answers)

 why is it that people watch porn?  (9 answers)

 am i the only person that still says tidbit?  (6 answers)

 oh where oh where has my little dog gone? (the only pet ive ever had was a fish.. that was for like 2 hours..)  (2 answers)

 am i the only one not going to the school dance?  (5 answers)

 reason #2 is right! (its the only place to ask dumb questions and get them answered) anyone agree?  (4 answers)

 are you tired?  (4 answers)

 do you believe in God? Do you partly believe in Lordy, but still believe in a diffrent religion?  (7 answers)

 should i stop writing these?  (3 answers)

 if two somethings aren't the same, and they arent oposit, then what are they? (i think too much!)  (2 answers)

 do you think too much?  (7 answers)

 when you go to see a movie, do you think about it too much, then realized that you just killed the movie for yourself?  (2 answers)

 with nothin' on but the radio.. (funny song, i just wanted to share that little tidbit)  (1 answers)

 does SiFi intrest you  (1 answers)

 do y;ou watch South Park? (i dont.. yuck)  (3 answers)

 what tiem does your school start?  (6 answers)

 when you say something, do you feel like you have to explain it?  (2 answers)

 what time does your school let out?  (4 answers)

 ok ok! you dont wear pink, but do you like it?  (6 answers)

 how do you want to die?  (6 answers)

 do you dance? (i do when im alone, or when im outside and its raining)  (1 answers)

 bing bang i saw the whole gang.. dancing on my living room rug...  (1 answers)

 am i the only one that has to go through a class on Germany?  (2 answers)

 do you know what "born blue" means? (i do, im just asking)  (2 answers)

 do you like poodles? (i dont.. they kinda freak me out)  (3 answers)

 have you ever had sushi?  (4 answers)

 how fast can you type?  (7 answers)

 do you know anything about cold deserts? (i had to give a report on them yuck.. im just curiose to see if anyone else has ever even heard of them)  (3 answers)

 is it just me, or are all my questions pointless?  (4 answers)

 do you like fish?  (7 answers)

 Do you have a headache too?  (3 answers)

 if you had to chose, would it be classical, or opera?  (3 answers)

 i got hit on the head with a basket ball that someone threw from the other side of the gym, do you know why my teeth felt funny afterword?  (3 answers)

 how tall are you?  (11 answers)

 (girls) do you aviod wearing a bra?  (4 answers)

 did you know that theyre trying to put Alfonzo Rodreges in for the leathle injetions because that masses STILL think t hat he killed dru? (I dont.. when youre in jail for that long, most people woudl never do somethinglike that again, but i coul (2 answers)

 is there a reason for why we cry?  (2 answers)

 are you sorry?  (4 answers)

 do you wear pink?  (7 answers)

 how many books do you read in a week?  (3 answers)

 Whats your favorite flower? (forget-me-not)  (3 answers)

 DO you watch soap operahs?  (4 answers)

 do you "watch" your soap operahs on the radio?  (2 answers)

 What Kinds of music do you like to sing?  (2 answers)

 do you like squirrles? (I love those little fluff balls!)  (2 answers)

 do you consider yourself quirky?  (8 answers)

 how are you feeling?  (7 answers)

 have you ever seen the movie dont say a word?  (2 answers)

 you can have any candy (life long) or have a life long supplie of totsi rolls (3 generations of them) if thats what you pick, which one woudl you go for?  (4 answers)

 whats your favorite band?  (6 answers)

 will you read a book if i give you the name? (Eragon)  (3 answers)

 whos youre personal stalker?  (3 answers)

 are you sure you want me dead?  (2 answers)

 who wrote all these reasons?  (3 answers)

 why do you like to make me cry?  (2 answers)

 happy, sad, or dead?  (4 answers)

 rum or whiskey? (ive never had them, so i cant answer this one)  (2 answers)

 do you like monkeys?  (2 answers)

 is there a reason we act this way?  (3 answers)

 what are you thinking about?  (3 answers)

 bush or kerry? (go kerry!)  (9 answers)

 totsi pop or blow pop?  (5 answers)

 am i still the only one that eats bbq sause plain?  (3 answers)

 whats your favorite radio station?  (5 answers)

 wait, who am i talking to?  (4 answers)

 whats the last horror film that you watched, and enjoyed?  (4 answers)

 when you fall asleep, what do you think about?  (4 answers)

 does chicken make you happy?  (3 answers)

 (guys) is it true that a 14 year old male thinks of sex every 15 seconds?  (4 answers)

 are you happy when you find out that you didnt cut yourself shaving? (i am, its only happened once)  (4 answers)

 have you ever thought about how easy it woudl be for a president to work with the bad dudes?  (3 answers)

 should women have more rights?  (6 answers)

 am i the only one who still enjoys a nice bubble bath?  (4 answers)

 when you use body wash, how much do you use?  (3 answers)

 is rain water good for your hair?  (4 answers)

 will you dance in the rain with me?  (3 answers)

 do you think that people should get to walk around nude? (that woudl not be a pleasnt thing)  (5 answers)

 how many smoke signals have you made in the past month?  (4 answers)

 do you ever see things that aren't there?  (5 answers)

 do you shave?  (6 answers)

 if we really want something, y dont we just go and get it, unstead of dreaming about it?  (5 answers)

 y are we so parinoid?  (6 answers)

 wahts the craziest thing uve ever done?  (5 answers)

 if you could go through ur life and change anything (and i mean anything) would u? what would it be, and why?  (7 answers)

 name 1 thing that changed over the summer  (7 answers)

 if we really knew each other (not jsut know who we are, but really KNOW) would we ask these questions?  (6 answers)

 whats the dumbest thing youve done?  (10 answers)

 do you ever try to do something you know you cant?  (8 answers)

 am i the only one that read whats in stuff before i eat it?  (8 answers)

 if u could do anything, knowing u couldnt fail, what would u do??  (19 answers)

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