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Milov's Q & A
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 REM sleep - if only there was a way to make it constant and unending... What say you? (6 answers)

 Describe in detail the most memorable dream that you've had recently. (6 answers)

 Exactly what is "friendship"? Don't read out of the dictionary. Define this for yourself. (11 answers)

 UnknownMisfit01: I guess friendship is when you have a mutal bond with another person and feel you can trust and rely on them threw anything.
 Ezrider_92356: its where two people get along good together help eachother out with various things and enjoy some common intrest
 wordslinger_2011: A symbiotic relationship where two people enjoy each other's company, can turn them then in times of turmoil, are loyal and there for you, and also make you feel good. A friend is a person you should be excited to see and talk to almost everyday, and a person who's flaws you can see past and vice versa.
 st0ned88: ur friends with people because u feel as though they have something in them that u dont, and when ur around them u feel sorta complete
 royaltylites: Trust, give-and-take, and that significant mutual understanding that you can never make sense to anyone who asks
 boxocereal: Having a special bond with one person or more and hanging out with them, having a good time, talking to them about anything.
 Paintball_Lover: Hmm someone who you find as your equal in every important way and someone who you respect and enjoy being around.
 thesecond: friendship is persahabatan :)

 Why are there so few questions asked anymore, and why is it so rare for good question to be asked anymore? (8 answers)

 Is that the best you can do? (8 answers)

 Really? (11 answers)

 Ever find yourself wishing you could store your time in a jar somewhere so you could pull it out when you really need it instead of wasting it? (11 answers)

 Do you find your humanity to be hindering? Do you ever wish you could be something else? (10 answers)

 Do you often find yourself well-awake and yet feeling as though you are dreaming, and the experience you are having is not real? (Please, provide detail on top of your yes/no answer.) (7 answers)

 I'm developing phonotactics for a new language. What are you doing? (11 answers)

 A few questions down, I asked you to give a reason to stay alive. I want a reason that makes you stand out from other people. If this Death was killing masses of people, why should you be spared? Fight for your life here, give me a good reason! (21 answers)

 Ever find yourself going to sleep really early, not because you are tired at all, but just because you don't know what else to do? (21 answers)

 Who has good questions on their Q&A section? (20 answers)

 What do you want right now, this instant? (32 answers)

 Describe what it would be like if your mind was a planet in another universe. (12 answers)

 If you were to die right now, but you could somehow reason with Death itself to possibly allow you to live, what reason would you have to stay alive? (14 answers)

 If you lost all of your memories except one, what would you prefer that memory to be? (18 answers)

 Do you think I should stop visiting this website if I think there are too many kids on here(a website intended for students[who are generally kids])? (21 answers)

 How often do you think about getting a shotgun and blowing your brains out? How does it make you feel to think about that? (31 answers)

 How do you feel about murder? (30 answers)

 Around what does it revolve? (18 answers)

 Where does it all begin? (21 answers)

 Impress me. Doesn't need to be a good impression or a big impression, just make an impression. (22 answers)

 Where? (23 answers)

 Why? (24 answers)

 When? (26 answers)

 How? (21 answers)

 What? (21 answers)

 Who? (This has nothing to do with any of the below questions. You can decide what I'm talking about.) (13 answers)

 What do you think about death? How do you feel about death? (17 answers)

 What is the most important thing to know about you? (27 answers)

 Do you sometimes forget to breath and end up really dizzy? (18 answers)

 When will you be finished? (19 answers)

 Do the hours pass by like minutes, or do the minutes pass by like hours? (17 answers)

 What is the wall before you made out of (The wall that you see in your mind, not the one that you see with your eyes). (17 answers)

 What do you feel? NOT how do you feel, but WHAT do you feel, and not with your skin either. (10 answers)

 When was the last time that you [insert anything here]? (17 answers)

 Completely disregarding whatever your life is like, if you could be doing anything of your choosing right now, what would it be? (21 answers)

 Where do you belong? (23 answers)

 Please explain your answer to the below question. (12 answers)

 Is the theme of my questions really so foreign to everybody? (12 answers)

 Would you allow yourself to become a slave for a predefined amount of time if you could get something out of it in the end? What would the maximum amount of time be, and what would you seek from it? (15 answers)

 To what are you devoted? (15 answers)

 Why are people so hesitant and resistant to make a sacrifice? (13 answers)

 What is something that would normally be thought of as dreadful, but that you find to be to your liking? (15 answers)

 Do you have a list (on paper, in your mind, anywhere, anyhow)? What's on it? (14 answers)

 What does your heart say? (19 answers)

 What do you see when you stop thinking and close your eyes for 5 minutes? (17 answers)

 Do you have beliefs of your own, not taught by any religion? If so, try to describe some part of it. (18 answers)

 Do you have a focus? If yes, then what is it,and why is it that? If not, then why not? (11 answers)

 What do you think about life? Please be detailed in your response. (12 answers)

 Is there anything that dangerously draws you in like a moth to a lamp? (16 answers)

 What is the most compelling thought that you have ever had? (8 answers)

 Do you ever forget what year and/or month it is? What about the season? (17 answers)

 What ails you? (11 answers)

 Why do you continue through this life? (23 answers)

 If you could completely erase the world as we know it, and make it be as you wish, what would it be like? (it doesn't have to fit into 3 dimensions or time or any existing science - it can be anything you want) (9 answers)

 What is the worst thing that you have done to someone else? (12 answers)

 What is the worst thing that you have done to yourself? (12 answers)

 Where does your mind wish to be? (14 answers)

 Where is your mind? (17 answers)

 For how long have you been you? (13 answers)

 How fitting would it be if all the people that answered yes tothe below question got what they wanted for free, and those that answered no would be tortured with absolutely nothing in return? (7 answers)

 Would you allow yourself to be tortured, knowing that you would be left disfigured and disabilitated, if you could get one thing out of it? If so, what would that thing be? If not, why do you value yourself over everything else? (11 answers)

 Who is the person of your dreams? Don't tell me their name. Don't tell me about them. Don't tell me their traits. Don't tell me what they are. Tell me who they are. (13 answers)

 Would you rather get married to the person of your dreams and never have more than 20,000 dollars at any time in your life, or win 100,000,000,000 dollars and never have a meaningful relationship with anybody in your life? (21 answers)

 What is your function in this world? (11 answers)

 What do you seek? (14 answers)

 If you could sacrifice everything - your posessions, your life, your relationship with everything and everyone you know, everything that your existence has touched - for just one thing(which doesn't allow you to get your life back), what would it be? (11 answers)

 What is the most overwhelming thought (or series of thoughts) that persists through your mind everyday? (14 answers)

 What would your own child mean to you? Don't tell me how much they mean. Don't tell me how important they are. Tell me what they are to you. (13 answers)

 Who are you? Don't tell me your name. Don't tell me about you. Tell me who you really are. (24 answers)

 What are you waiting for? (25 answers)

 Do you fear death? ...or do you look forward to it? (34 answers)

 For the below question, put a rating of how pleased you would be with your choice from [1000](completely pleased) - [0](neutral) - [-1000](completely displeased), and describe why. (10 answers)

 If forced to choose between 3 paths, with which you would have an unstoppable will to follow, would you choose A: Die. B. Become a full-time serial killer, of any sort you choose. C: Persue a most sacred, mutual,and completely exclusive relationship. (26 answers)

 Is there any truely sincere source of meaning in your life? Please, leave some detail. (22 answers)

 From this moment, what choice(s) do you have? (17 answers)

 How can you be content with insignificance? (18 answers)

 Why do you do the things that you do? ............ [ In response to your answer(s): ] Why? (14 answers)

 Ever get cold, with goosebumps on your arms, when you listen to a particular song, even when the temperature in the room is pretty high, like 80? (30 answers)

 What ultimate objective do you have for your life? (26 answers)

 How much would you go through before you let go ? (23 answers)

 What would be your ideal setting for a wedding? (Your own, not someone else's) (34 answers)

 Define 'Love', in your own words. (25 answers)

 To what degree does apathy directly affect you? (19 answers)

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