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MetalWingedWolf's Q & A
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 What will It Take..? I need some of this persons existance back.. I'm weak. (3 answers)

 Not to rub it in, but I am doing ****ing AWESOME! Anyone else enjoying life or crushing on a gorgeous ex? (5 answers)

 You dont know my situation.. and I can likely never explain it, BUT, if your life is perfectly fine and you're stuck with one pressing regret. What the HELL do you do to forget about it..? Not that I want to.. or that it's THAT frustrating. I just... (3 answers)

 boxocereal: Hmm..
 cherrygirl91: ??

 When darkness turns to light, does it really end tonight? And what IS it? (8 answers)

 Thin Line Between Love and Hate? What would it take for you to cross it? (6 answers)

 Anyone ever feel fantastic and terrible with every word exchanged with someone you care about? (5 answers)

 Pays more? lol, I guess I need to be sure to provide, I'd think armoured pays better but its guaranteed to be used more often in the feild. Weapons Tech might be less likely to leave... now which? (5 answers)

 Weapons technician, or Armour officer-of tanks etc? (4 answers)

 how do you know when you're not in love ne more then??? huh? (10 answers)

 how long can love last? (14 answers)

 Why do people with no serious interest in each other seek relationships and end up ruining friendships over crushes??????????? (12 answers)

 (guys) How much do you think about sex? (9 answers)

 whats better, being in an infantry squad, or being a military officer? (8 answers)

 part f your life is wants, part of your life is needs, why do the two never seem to agree?? (12 answers)

 Um, who thinks the military is a good place to find a lifelong career, (however long it may be, what with all the shooting..)? (11 answers)

 Do you think "What's the point..." is my best poem??? (5 answers)

 What's yur Xbox Live gamertag??? Look out for my friends JadeSelket and EvilMasterLink on HALO 2 and you may face ME! (5 answers)

 When's the perfect time to travel cross country to visit your friends? (9 answers)

 If money is the root of all evil, then what is the root of all good? (23 answers)

 If you could have anything, just one thing, anything you wanted, what would it be? (18 answers)

 How do you deal with being bossed around by those you care about? (13 answers)


 If you're friend killed themselves, and you lost your will to live, what can you do..? (15 answers)

 Whats the strangest sexual thought you've ever had?? (15 answers)

 Username your best friend on here (14 answers)

 If I revealed proof the government was using the public for their own means would you help me uprise and retake what is rightfully ours? (13 answers)

 What is your favourite animal?? (20 answers)

 What would you say in your dying breath to your lover? (23 answers)

 Who pisses you off the most? Who have you pissed off? (15 answers)

 If you're friend was dying in front of you, and you were given the chance to die their death in place of them, would you? (23 answers)

 Do you have a goal for your life? (16 answers)

 Ha, believe in fate? (20 answers)

 Light side or dark side, defend or destroy the weak? (16 answers)

 If your own perfect life came at the cost of anothers would you pay the cost? (16 answers)

 If you were forced to choose between two of your best friends to be with forever, when the other would probably h8 u forever, what would you do and how would you decide? (12 answers)

 Given unimaginable power, more than any could imagine with ultimate control over existance and time itself as well as everlsting life, what would you do with it? (15 answers)

 If life were life a video games and you -only you- could respawn, what would you do with your life? (6 answers)

 Given 20 minutes of immortality in a war what would you do with it? (14 answers)

 Is there a way to define blissfull existance, without worry, or emotional pain? (9 answers)

 What is it when you're torn apart on two fronts of your soul and see no way to avoid disaster??? (8 answers)

 How many times can the average person feel hurt by somebody, or their friends, before they crack?!?! (15 answers)

 What do you look for in an enemy? (27 answers)

 If you had a one wish, and had to use it for a friend, what would that wish be? (18 answers)

 If you are alone on a trip to Texas you come across 6 vans each filled with six people, each owning 6 pets , how many people and pets are going to Texas??? (17 answers)

 Who knows and doesn't hate me, 0.o?? (11 answers)

 who has pm probs featureing forgetfulness? (11 answers)

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