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Love_Baby's Q & A
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 GIRLS! what do you hate about guys? i hate when they say they'll call you, but they never do... (8 answers)

 mxpx? (5 answers)


 who loves sunshine? i doooooooo (6 answers)

 when your hanging out with a possible BF/GF and you'r bored, what do you do? I DONT WANNA WATCH A MOVIE! (9 answers)

 who ate poutine today? i sure did. (6 answers)

 EMINEM! love him? (7 answers)

 did you get money instead of candy for halloween? i saw some kids that did. UN-FAIR (7 answers)

 what was the cutest/weirdest/ugliest costume you saw this year? (5 answers)


 when was the last time you went to the playground? i went last night! (11 answers)

 when was the last time you actually played a fun game? (8 answers)

 who likes BIOLOGY? (the band) (7 answers)

 how many people are at school right now, and bored!? I AM!!! (12 answers)

 who knows Italian?! (14 answers)

 who likes Nek???????? muahahaha he's so goood! (3 answers)

 ever had a crush on your teacher? (18 answers)

 anyone heard of Crush Luther? CHECK THEM OUT (5 answers)

 who's been skydiving? (7 answers)

 who loves dreads??! (18 answers)

 have you ever bought something at a store just because the guy/chick helping you was hott? (19 answers)

 who likes CARLY SIMON? (7 answers)

 if you had a million dollars, what would you do with it? (13 answers)

 who DOESNT like the new tbs cd? i dont. (5 answers)

 what colour should i dye my hair? (8 answers)

 whats the hardest word for you to spell? mine;s excersice, i dont even know if thats right. (8 answers)

 who likes ELVIS!? (6 answers)

 do you double fold the tissue when you blow your nose? (10 answers)

 what is the most gorss thing you could find in your fridge? i found pickled baby clams!EW (7 answers)

 who loves perogis? (12 answers)

 what is your least favortie food? (13 answers)

 what is your favortie food? (12 answers)

 who likes bowling? (17 answers)

 who thinks they're fat?? (15 answers)

 does anyone like spring rolls? <3 (8 answers)

 where's the perfect date place? (4 answers)

 who likes Biology? (the band, silly) (4 answers)

 how do you get rid of fleas on your pets? like seriously help. (10 answers)

 who likes the DRESDEN DOLLS?? (and is the vocalist a guy or girl?) (6 answers)

 how many breaks in a relationship, before you actually 'break-up'?? (7 answers)

 don't you hate it when you break someones heart? (9 answers)

 why is life hard? i want an easy button. (10 answers)

 for everyone who answered my bikini slut question.....with your views you must never go to a beach because everyone there is a slut. so i hope none of you go to the beach because you should all be sluts too. (10 answers)

 GIRLS. if you are browsing profiles and you see a girls profile and she's in under garments, why do most of you think shes a slut? (19 answers)

 does anyone else think people are too harsh with ratings? (7 answers)

 does anyone even bother rating these Hottie people? (11 answers)

 are you polish? (18 answers)

 would you kiss me and kill me after? (7 answers)

 would you take my hand and never let me go? (6 answers)

 what would you say if i asked you not to go? (9 answers)

 who's legs are cold? (11 answers)

 is kurt cobain a tragic hero like oedipus?! (14 answers)

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