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LostFox's Q & A
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 What is happy? and what makes a person happy? (12 answers)

 Would you rather be killed or raped? (22 answers)

 You meet someone; they reach into their pants and scratch their genitals. They go to shack your hand. How do you react? (22 answers)

 Would you rather be a unique freak, or a normal nobody? (20 answers)

 Whats a good band from another country? (13 answers)

 Don't you wish we could where costumes all year? (It would be like Halloween everyday) (13 answers)

 What is the worst question your Mother can ask you? (22 answers)

 Would you rather have alot of friends, or one really good one? (19 answers)

 Whats on your mind? (17 answers)

 They tell me I'm not alone, should I belive them? (14 answers)

 Do you care or do you try not too? (16 answers)

 Ever do something even though you know you shouldn't do it? (23 answers)

 Ok, you suggest a song and I'll suggest a song, and we both have to listen to what the other suggested (the whole song). Whose in? (27 answers)

 Is it still ease dropping if there talking about you? (16 answers)

 What language do you wish you could speak?(German) (27 answers)

 Don't you hate it when you wake up from a good dream?(Damn realiy) (27 answers)

 Would you like to know when your going to die? (28 answers)

 So who else is looking at a crapy week ahead? (18 answers)

 What is the scariest animal on earth? (26 answers)

 What is the cutest animal on earth? (27 answers)

 Whats something you wouldn't want to be locked in a room with?(A cannibal) (22 answers)

 Can you forgive the ones that hurt you the most?(I try) (26 answers)

 Ren or Stimpy?(Stimpy) (18 answers)

 Have you ever been depressed and not even sure why? (26 answers)

 Who misses classic cartoons? (21 answers)

 Where were the monsters in your house?(there was always something in that damn closet) (16 answers)

 Don't you hate it when people stare? (27 answers)

 Why are people so ****ing scary? (17 answers)

 Would you rather be a secret agent or a ninja? (30 answers)

 If you were a superhero what would you call yourself? (16 answers)

 Tom or Jerry?(Tom, he is just doing his job) (20 answers)

 Whats a pet you wished you had?(pet wolf) (24 answers)

 Avatar fans, what element do you want to control?( I am so an air bender) (18 answers)

 What color do you want your eyes to be?(Green, brown is boring) (27 answers)

 How meny kids do you want?(ZERO) (27 answers)

 Whats a good witches spell? (15 answers)

 Who thinks the world will end in 2012?(I say bring it on) (22 answers)

 Who needs a friend right now?=) (15 answers)

 Have you ever gone the long way just because you didn't want to admit to everyone that can see you that you had gone the wrong way by turning around? (17 answers)

 Who else had a crazy dream last night? (21 answers)

 Who is the negative nelly in your life? (12 answers)

 Are we all doomed? (16 answers)

 Do you like your door closed or open? (23 answers)

 Are you emotionaly crazy? (19 answers)

 Do you trust Disney?(Not after all those damn sequels.) (14 answers)

 Ever just want to brake your mirror? (13 answers)

 Are you inside or outside the box? (17 answers)

 Dosen't it suck even more when you've got no one to sit with a lunch? (16 answers)

 Doesn't it suck being the last one taking a test? (15 answers)

 Are you having a good day or a bad day? (15 answers)

 Will you wish me luck? (19 answers)

 Who do you think you can trust? (22 answers)

 Whats your least favorite question in the world?(What are you thinking about?) (14 answers)

 Ever just want to hug people at random? (20 answers)

 Who else hates eating? (23 answers)

 Which would you rather have killed, all the ****roaches on earth or all the mosquitos? (23 answers)

 Whats a good way to learn to control your dreams?(I would like to learn. I've only been able to do it twice.) (18 answers)

 Are you the cause of peer pressure or the victim? (13 answers)

 Who is the most evil person in history? (20 answers)

 What would you buy with one dallor?(candy) (15 answers)

 Whats your favorite smell.(Fall. Trust me it has a smell.) (24 answers)

 Do you think its okay to lie?(Yeah sometimes) (21 answers)

 If you could talk to any dead person in history who would it be?(Jesus) (23 answers)

 Abortion, for or aganist?(for) (30 answers)

 Who is your favorite superhero villain?(Joker and not because of "the dark night") (17 answers)

 Whats the worst thing you've ever been called? (20 answers)

 Whats a body part (or body parts)you would't want to live without? (My legs) (18 answers)

 What would your last words be before you died? (25 answers)

 Three wishes GO! (23 answers)

 Would you free everyone in hell if you had the chance? (33 answers)

 Wouldn't "EVERYTHING" had to have started from nothing no matter how you look a it? (24 answers)

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