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Lioneyes's Q & A
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 what do u think about tripple c's? (4 answers)

 do vegatarians eat animal crackers? (6 answers)

 are you craving somethinglike doritos? (7 answers)

 are you hungry? (6 answers)

 will ne of you answer n e of my other questions? i swear theres some good ones...lol (4 answers)

 favorite part of this website? (7 answers)

 does n e body know what exactly happened in London today? (5 answers)

 will you go to the poetry section and read some of my poems??? (4 answers)

 best moment of today? (13 answers)

 what kind of relationship do oyu have with your grandparents? (8 answers)

 been to any concerts this summer yet? (12 answers)

 hows your summer going so far? (8 answers)

 worst job you ever had? (6 answers)

 what would you do for a klondike bar? (5 answers)

 if you weren't blood with your family would you still love them? (7 answers)

 whats the best thing that happened today? (4 answers)

 how many times a day do you drop your phone? (7 answers)

 who are you? (7 answers)

 whats your sign? (13 answers)

 what do u want to be remembered for when you die? (7 answers)

 what kind of cigarettes do you smoke? (8 answers)

 did you know i have alot of really cool questions....besides this one...? (1 answers)

 are you going to answer any of my questions? (1 answers)

 have you ever been banned from anywhere? (6 answers)

 do you think "freedom" just another word for nothing left to lose? (6 answers)

 any of y'all from oklahoma? (1 answers)

 do you think courtney love killed curt cobain? (3 answers)

 I have to say...im kinda dissapointed in all the people that answered my 'favorite band of all time" question (5 answers)

 if you could go back in time and meet anybody...who would you meet? (6 answers)

 favorite band of all time? (16 answers)

 what did you do today? (4 answers)

 the age old question..... what do you want to be when you grow up? (6 answers)

 who's the person you cant stay mad at even if you try? (9 answers)

 have you ever been in a car accident? a bad one? (8 answers)

 have you ever rode in a rodeo? (5 answers)

 if you could go back in time and meet anybody...who would you meet? (4 answers)

 what was the best year of ur life? (5 answers)

 have you ever figured out the mysteries of the rubix cube? (4 answers)

 have you seen the stuff they put in strech armstrong? (1 answers)

 sexiest rock star? (4 answers)

 favorite country song? (9 answers)

 who stole my lighter? (7 answers)

 How bad does it suck that it's sunday? (school tomorrow) (8 answers)

 Is there a song that everytime you hear it, it reminds you of a specific time in your life? (7 answers)

 dr pepper or off brand dr thunder? (5 answers)

 do u google practically everything? (9 answers)

 what r u doing right this very second? (5 answers)

 whate ur favorite junk food? (4 answers)

 finish this line: "I walk this lonely street on the........" (7 answers)

 WORD ASSOCIATION: goldfish (15 answers)

 have you ever had one of those sausage wrapped in pancake things....they look like corndogs? (5 answers)

 who decided what colors would be called what? (4 answers)

 best movie ever? (8 answers)

 what do you think about all the cameras everywhere...street light, parking lots, Invasion of privacy?? (5 answers)

 drawing or reading? (12 answers)

 who took our big magnet? (moms gettin pissed) (2 answers)

 reading or watching a movie? (10 answers)

 what do you think the level of danger is with dental x-rays? (4 answers)

 did u answer any of my questions? (8 answers)

 Have you ever fallen asleep while you were eating? (8 answers)

 have you ever snuck out of the house? (12 answers)

 have you ever stayed up til 4 on the phone? (12 answers)

 have you ever run away from home? (13 answers)

 have you ever broken the law? (19 answers)

 favorite month? (13 answers)

 Best hang-out in your town? (14 answers)

 favorite commercial (5 answers)

 favorite realative? (8 answers)

 Do you type with your fingers on the right keys? (16 answers)

 Do you get along with your parents? (16 answers)

 Do you have a bad habit? (9 answers)

 Do you get motion sikness? (9 answers)

 Do you have a weird taste in your mouth? (6 answers)

 What song did you have stuck in your head today? (8 answers)

 What color are your pants? (18 answers)

 What combination of food do you like that other people might think is gross? (7 answers)

 What does the inside of your refridgerator look like? (4 answers)

 What food could you eat every day for the rest of your life? (4 answers)

 WORD ASSOCIATION......tickle monster (6 answers)

 WORD ASSOCIATION.....shark week (4 answers)

 WORD ASSOCIATION.....cherubs (5 answers)

 whats goin on? (2 answers)

 WORD ASSOCIATION.......therapy (6 answers)

 WORD ASSOCIATION.......Bic (4 answers)

 WORD ASSOCIATION......ashtray (6 answers)

 does anyone have a cigarette? lol (4 answers)

 WORD ASSOCIATION....first word that pops into your head if i say........Miss America? (9 answers)

 favorite cartton of all time? (5 answers)

 If you could stay any age for the rest of your life...what would it be? (2 answers)

 can you flip your eyelids up? <<(so gross) lol (4 answers)

 have you ever had a b-day party at mcdonalds? (7 answers)

 have you ever sleep walked? (5 answers)

 have you ever seriously thought you could cut your own hair?...did it go horribly wrong? (3 answers)

 when your at the grocery store...do you ask for paper or plastic? (5 answers)

 have you ever gone skinny dipping? (5 answers)

 what sounds better right now...a big mac or a whopper? (6 answers)

 do you ever blow bubbles in your milk? (6 answers)

 do you ever slurp your drink after you KNOW it's gone? (6 answers)

 whats your biggest pet peeve? (6 answers)

 have you ever put your tongue on a frozen poll? (5 answers)

 have you ever been a girl/boy scout? (8 answers)

 can you touch your tounge to your nose? (6 answers)

 have you ever been in the opposite sex's public bathroom? (8 answers)

 could you make change for a dollar right now? (2 answers)

 have you ever worn bell bottoms? (2 answers)

 are you an innie or an outie? (5 answers)

 favorite fast food? (7 answers)

 favorite website? (this one doesn't count...lol) (5 answers)

 favorite smell? (6 answers)

 SOME good friends or HELLA bad ones? (1 answers)

 do you have any piercings? (11 answers)

 what cartoon character would make the best roommate? (5 answers)

 favorite cartoon character? (6 answers)

 do you have siblings? (12 answers)

 "what about when the carnival comes to your town?" (2 answers)

 "what if i grew another ****** head...and his name was....violent ED....would you show me love even with another head?" (3 answers)

 who would win in a fight....spiderman or superman? (4 answers)

 do ya'll know what "mellow yellow" is? (2 answers)

 Do you have an arch-nemisis? (4 answers)

 Is there anyone that you would die for? (7 answers)

 are you scared of the dark? (5 answers)

 Do long-distance relationships work? (6 answers)

 Have YOU ever been in love with anyone? (6 answers)

 Has anyone ever been in love with you? (10 answers)

 what part of your body are you most insecure about? (3 answers)

 If you could be granted one talent...what would it be? (3 answers)

 If you could have one super power what would it be? (3 answers)

 what kind of books do you read? (7 answers)

 If you were a flavor what would you be? (8 answers)

 Do you ever keep arguing even when you know your wrong? (6 answers)

 Do you ever pretend to be smarter than you are? (3 answers)

 Do you avoid confrontation? (8 answers)

 Do you *pretend* to like people? (4 answers)

 what phrase do you use too much? (3 answers)

 Whats the best compliment you ever got? (2 answers)

 If a movie was made about your life right now....what rating would it have? (5 answers)

 If you could go back in time, when and where would you go? (1 answers)

 what really pisses you off? (5 answers)

 does playing violent video games make you want to kill people? (5 answers)

 what color are your bed sheets? (7 answers)

 guess what? (5 answers)

 Who reads Haryy Potter?? (4 answers)

 What would you do for a Klondike bar? (2 answers)

 Whats the scariest movie? (2 answers)

 Ever thrown up in public? (6 answers)

 Orange or apple juice? (5 answers)

 whats your favorite comic strip? (2 answers)

 favorite restaurant? (4 answers)

 What is you name spelled backwards? (8 answers)

 "What is a juggalo?" (1 answers)

 pepsi or coke? or none of the above? (4 answers)

 What are your plans for today? (1 answers)

 best line from a song? (3 answers)

 best line from a movie? (2 answers)

 Do guys really prefer stupid girls to smart girls? (5 answers)

 What hand do you write with? (3 answers)

 If you had your own country.....what would you name it and what would be your motto? (1 answers)

 If you HAD to rob a bank...how would you pull it off? (include weapons and get-away) (2 answers)

 What would you do with a 55 gallon tub of lime jello? (1 answers)

 Would the world be as fun without earlobes? (1 answers)

 Did video really kill the radio star? (1 answers)

 Whats your favorite Kool Aid flavor? (2 answers)

 Whats the last thing you used duct tape for? (2 answers)

 If you could combine yourself with an animal which would it be? (1 answers)

 If you had to take out any bone in your body...which one would you take out? (1 answers)

 Would you rather have webbed fingers or toes? (1 answers)

 Of all the horror movie characters...who do you think would make the best roomate? (2 answers)

 Can you go to jail if your imaginary friends kill people? (2 answers)

 Can you go to jail for killin imaginary people? (2 answers)

 If you could combine any two animals and name it after yourself what animals would you choose? (1 answers)

 Do you think elvis is still alive? (1 answers)

 what do u like on your pizza? (3 answers)

 are you going to be an organ donor when you die? (1 answers)

 red or white wine? (4 answers)

 summer or winter? (2 answers)

 what characteristics do you despise? (1 answers)

 favorite car? (4 answers)

 silver or gold? (6 answers)

 what is the one thing you know the most about? (2 answers)

 can you twist you tounge upside down? (1 answers)

 whos thoughts would you most like to read? (2 answers)

 whats under your bed? (3 answers)

 whats your favorite playground equipment? (1 answers)

 whats your favorite red thing? (3 answers)

 would you like snow better if it was hot? (by some weird twist of science) (2 answers)

 personal quote? (3 answers)

 monopoly or candy land? (4 answers)

 Are you thirsty? Are you craving something like doritos? (3 answers)

 dare to say no to drugs? (3 answers)

 loud party or quite night at home playing monopoly with the family and watching made-for-t.v. movies? (1 answers)

 Whats the perfect song for today? (1 answers)

 How do you feel about the phrase "life is easier without friends" ? (2 answers)

 Is today ne body elses worse day ever? (1 answers)

 can everyone read my questions? I have some really good ones lol lol (1 answers)

 Im going to bed...can everybody please say "bye" to me so that i feel loved....lol (1 answers)

 What about when the worlds like "**** us, kill us ...what will you be? (1 answers)

 Do you like to go camping? (4 answers)

 Skidoo or RV? (3 answers)

 What kind of church do you go to? (3 answers)

 How was your day? (3 answers)

 What song is the perfect song for today? (1 answers)

 Are you a procratanator?<<<dont think i spelled that right...lol (1 answers)

 Do you think you've changed anybodys life irreversably? Is there anybody who's life would be completely different if you hadn't lived? (1 answers)

 Does anybody know why cheer_gurl69 isn't asking questions, but instead is posting up completely ridiculous and out of context comments?? (1 answers)

 This isn't a question...SaveToby.com is the sickest thing EVER....I say everyone BOYCOTTS IT.....who's with me on that??? (1 answers)

 What are ya'll's thoughts on the OUTRAGEOUS gas prices? (1 answers)

 whos down with the clown?? (2 answers)

 Anybody in here class of 2007?? (4 answers)

 Whats savetoby.com?? (1 answers)

 Can someone tell me how to edit my profile please? i cant figure it out....lol (1 answers)

 Has anybody read "the torn skirt" ?? (1 answers)

 If your best friend blew you off everyday to hang out with her boyfriend and then called you one day crying and said that he broke up with her....what would you do?? (1 answers)

 Who has pictures in their profile?? (3 answers)

 What's your favorite class in school? (4 answers)

 Do you think there's such a thing as "love at first sight" ? (2 answers)

 What's your favorite word? (3 answers)

 I'm going to bed. Will everyone please say "bye" to me so that I feel loved? lol (1 answers)

 Why does eating asparagus make your pee smell funny? lol (1 answers)

 The betting on my last Q that every guy will pick light hair starts now....any takers?? lol (1 answers)

 which do u like better...dark hair or light hair? (3 answers)

 Does anyone else think that school "counslors" are wasting their time? (2 answers)

 who thinks a guy secure enough in his sexuality to wear pink is hot?? (-3 answers)

 Does anybody else drink pop hot? lol (2 answers)

 What is your comfort food? (3 answers)

 Does anyone else think the so-called "lame" picture of RiseAbove325 is cute? (1 answers)

 Do you have a secret crush on your best friend? (2 answers)

 if your parents split up...who would you choose to live with? mom or dad? (3 answers)

 Starbucks or Quick Trip coffee? (3 answers)

 Puppy or kitten? (4 answers)

 ice tea or hot tea? (2 answers)

 awesome thrift store or high dolar boutique? (1 answers)

 i-Pod or good old fashioned discman? (3 answers)

 What is the best drink? (2 answers)

 What is the most inspirational quote you've ever heard? (1 answers)

 If you were in a burning building would you save one family member or three strangers? (1 answers)

 Do you smoke? (9 answers)

 What color are the walls in your room? (4 answers)

 What is your favorite place in the world? (2 answers)

 Why do guys always pretend to be oh-so-mocho? (2 answers)

 What do you think about people who talk incredably loud on their cell phones in public places?? (1 answers)

 Personal Quote?? (2 answers)

 Who likes Gavin DeGraw? (3 answers)

 What color describes your personality? (3 answers)

 What's your favorite color? (7 answers)

 Do you like country music? (6 answers)

 What did you think about the movie "The Notebook" ?? (2 answers)

 What is the most embarrasing thing that ever happened to you? (2 answers)

 What do you think about ICP? (3 answers)

 What's "sexy" to you? (1 answers)

 What do you think about the whole Terri Shiavo thing? (1 answers)

 What is the best book you ever read? (3 answers)

 What song makes you think?...means someting special to u? (2 answers)

 Why is everybody obsessed with sex? (5 answers)

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