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LHSblonde's Q & A
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 best thing to do for easy amusement? (8 answers)

 Who wants to work for me today? I don't wanna go to work! (3 answers)

 what are some of your obsessions, like mine are ICP and cars.... (5 answers)

 I can't wait till May 17! (4 answers)

 IM bored, amuse me. (4 answers)

 Anyone have a significant other Overseas? (5 answers)

 Anyone Lynyrd Skynyrd fan? What's your Fav song from them, I'm stuck between Simple man, Freebird, and Call me the Breeze (2 answers)

 I got my Saturn Ion Monday. I LOVE IT!  (4 answers)

 In your opinion, of all the ICP cd's which one is the best? I'm in a tough Situation on this one...  (3 answers)

 okay so x-mas is barreling down on me like a freight train, I have a feeling my boyfriend might propose, I don't know what to get him, I've gotten him an engraved zippo but I want something else to give. Any Suggestions?  (3 answers)

 Am i pathetic for listening to pink floyd for the past 3 hours and I'm not even stoned off my ass??  (5 answers)

 Has Anyone Heard ICP's new CD, What do ya thik of it?  (5 answers)

 I might Get a Saturn Ion  (6 answers)

 boredom and insomnia kills... arg (4 answers)

 I forgot how freaking addicting pink floyd is, I listen to one song and I'm pulling out all the pink floyd cd's in this house!! anyone do this to any other music?? (3 answers)

 How many ppl smoke cigs? how old were you when you started? (6 answers)

 Looking for songs with nothing but bass (no words or very few words mainly beats) any ideas?  (3 answers)

 Anyone into photography? Going to go to a photography school? what one?  (1 answers)

 Im gettin rid of my trep, what kind of car should I get now?? (2 answers)

 I hate the snow. do you hate the snow?  (7 answers)

 finish this statement.... You know your bored when...  (10 answers)

 do your faceplates always break when you take them off of ur cell phone? mine always do! it pisses me off! i cant afford a $15 faceplate every month! actually i probably could but thats a waste of more money than i should spend!  (3 answers)

 what kind of car do you drive?  (21 answers)

 what are your nicknames??  (12 answers)

 why does the world revolve around sex anymore?? isnt there something ELSE to talk about? (5 answers)

 lets play name that song... lol... ok... "so close no matter how far, couldnt be much more from the heart, forever trusting who we are..."  (4 answers)

 anyone ever tried that apple cider vinnegar pills?? whats it supposed to do besides help you lose weight? like make ur hear race a lot, make u piss like a fucking race horse 24-7, or what?  (2 answers)

 I told u so!  (5 answers)

 public or private school?  (20 answers)

 I'm tired. u??  (10 answers)

 blah  (7 answers)

 one more day of school!! yippee!!  (5 answers)

 my back is killing me! i need smaller boobs I have to wait like 3 more years till I can even think of getting them cuz im supposedly still growing.  (9 answers)

 how many questions have you answered?  (11 answers)

 so hows life with everone today?  (8 answers)

 Should I be a little snoopy about the guy I like and his supposedly gf who is a mystery to me? I think hes lying to try and make me feel better but its making it worse.  (3 answers)

 im sad....  (5 answers)

 hmm should i make the first move?  (5 answers)

 i kill squirrels  (6 answers)

 how about some word association?? I say a word and the first person to answer says the first word about that word that comes to their head.. the next person says the first word that comes to their head about the person b4's word.. got it??k.  (12 answers)

 i like to.... (finish this statement) (13 answers)

 Exit Light, Enter Night..... (9 answers)

 have you heard of Tech N9ne? what's your opinion on them? (4 answers)

 is it just me or does bolt.com suck ass?? (12 answers)

 what would you do with $100 million? (10 answers)

 what do you do all day long? (6 answers)

 Do you like the song enter sandman from metallica?? its my fave. (8 answers)

 do you skip school? does you parent(s) care? if they do what do they do or tell you?? (5 answers)

 do you hate preps too? (12 answers)

 have you heard of spm (south park mexican) (6 answers)

 what are some good rap songs to download? (7 answers)

 what in the hell is that in your hand? (8 answers)

 What's your favorite song? (7 answers)

 in all the songs in the world. what describes you the best. if you have to name a few songs (4 answers)

 Hey is anyone on zoloft? how long did it take for it to start to work for you. (4 answers)

 what you been smokin?? (10 answers)

 what's your favorite kind of music? (8 answers)

 whats the best website?? and not porno (3 answers)

 besides goin on the patch or chewing a lot of gum what are some good ways of qutting smoking?? (6 answers)

 why did they get rid of the html things? (4 answers)

  What is the best present that you have ever gotten from someone?? (7 answers)

  who likes crazy town? (9 answers)

  What is your favorite Candy bar (8 answers)

  Is it just me or does it seem like hell is freezing over? It sure seems to be pretty cold lately! (6 answers)

  HOLEY SHIT!!!!!!!! (10 answers)

  *screams* *points* WHAT THE FUCK IS THAT?!?!? (9 answers)

  huh? (8 answers)

  do you like to piss people off just for the fun of it? (14 answers)

  whats your favorite word? (18 answers)

  YOU DID WHAT?!?!? (7 answers)

  what's your worst fear of how you might die? (13 answers)

  im sorry, i didn't hear you?? what did you just say?? (8 answers)

  what's the best gum out there?? (14 answers)

 what's your favorite flavor of ice cream?? (18 answers)

 are you a day or a night person? (28 answers)

 What's your favorite pop (or should I say soda?)?? (25 answers)

 im bored?? are you bored??? (13 answers)

 What the hell does GT stand for like on mustang GT???? I really wanna know (9 answers)

  as Eminem says in my dad's gone crazy...IM GOIN TO HELL!!Who's comin with me?? (12 answers)

 who's your current crush?? tell name and a little bit about them or why you want to be with them (22 answers)

 have you ever been depressed?? if so when and for how long if you aren't anymore (20 answers)

 if you were to lie about just about anything could you probably get ayay with it?? (13 answers)

 why do we ask dumbass questions on here?? (20 answers)

 What song are you listening to right now? (25 answers)

 anyone familiar with Bolt??? if so what's your sn??? (10 answers)

 what's an interesting centerpiece in your room??? mine is a pool table (16 answers)

 what state do u live in? if there's ne one from iowa where at?? (31 answers)

 am i practically the only white chick that likes rap??? (21 answers)

 what do you do or where do you to let off the steam from bein pissed? (25 answers)

 what's your dream vacation? (20 answers)

 who's ur favorite recording artist? (21 answers)

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