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 In a relationship, who should work around who's schedule? (7 answers)

 Is it wrong of me to be jealous that another guy is talking to a girl i like when im talking to another girl? (9 answers)

 Can a person fall in love in a week of being with someone? (12 answers)

 Am i wrong for trying to help someone see someone else's true colors?? (5 answers)

 Can someone please do me a favor and got tell Drop dead or wat evr her profile name is that i'm not tlkn bout her in the previous message i posted?? PLEASE! (3 answers)

 Why are some girls so dumb? I mean like when it comes to loving someone?? (13 answers)

 why peple are so ignorant and rude when they are answering my Q&A's?? (12 answers)

 Can you go check out my message in the forum about guys cheating? (3 answers)

 Why do girls feel like they want a guy who hasn't cheated?? Wouldn't you want a guy who has been there and done that not a guy who is waiting to do it?? Truthfully all or even most guys do...its a fact. (6 answers)

 how does me unblocking my ex's cellphone number make me seem "immature and needy????" (5 answers)

 Okay so i blocked my ex's number from being able to txt my phone. Do you think if i unblock it she will still be txtn me?? (8 answers)

 If you were considering dating me and I told you that i've cheated before, would you be less likely to date me? Why? (10 answers)

 why are people so immature?? (10 answers)

 Why is Valentines Day such a big deal?? (12 answers)

 ok so me and my gf bet on the game...and now i have to ship her a pair of my boxers to her....what company can ship em the fastest at the cheapest price?? lol (4 answers)

 length or width?? ;-) (4 answers)

 is it abnormal for a guy to want to have sex wit multiple females??? like multiple meaning a heck of alot! (22 answers)

 What do you think about parents not letting their child date interracially?? (21 answers)

 Okay, so i like my bestie right. but idk if i should make a move or not...wat should i do? (5 answers)

 what should u do if u have a gf but u still hole feelings for ur ex? (11 answers)

 is kissing cheating??? (28 answers)

 more people should seriously answer my question i posted not too long ago! lol (5 answers)

 Who should i vote for? McCain or Obama? Tell me why i should vote for them? (9 answers)

 is telling another girl you love her cheating?? (8 answers)

 What is being your girlfriends favorite broken heart?? What does it mean? is it bad?? (4 answers)

 Is having a girlfriend and have a friend with benefits wrong? (19 answers)

 will you go read my new poem "A Mother's Work?" (8 answers)

 well since u r answering..answer the rest kiddos?? (9 answers)

 can someone come answer all 115 of my q&A's?? (11 answers)

 is anybody even answering these questions?? (11 answers)

 wanna tlk?? (13 answers)

 am i wrong for breakin up wit my girlfriend jus because she ddnt want me being around me bestfriend? (17 answers)

 is it okay for me to be in love with my bestfriend? (17 answers)

 am i wrong cuz i tlk to my ex more than i tlk to my girlfriend? (17 answers)

 is it wrong for me to love my ex and bein love with the girl im wit now? (12 answers)

 guys...my friends bf said she has to give him head before they sex...is tht weird? i think so! (11 answers)

 hard or soft? (15 answers)

 fast or slow? (15 answers)

 lick or suck? (15 answers)

 oral or anal? (16 answers)

 ***** or ass? lol (10 answers)

 why do girls play games with guys minds? (21 answers)

 why do girls play games with guys minds? (14 answers)

 top or bottom? (17 answers)

 up or down? (16 answers)

 in or out? (17 answers)

 wats ur favorite cereal? (20 answers)

 wats ur petpeeve? (19 answers)

 whos heard "i think they like me" by dem franchize boyz, da brat, bow wow, and jermaine dupri? (12 answers)

 who likes the black eyed peas "my humps"? (19 answers)

 do u masturbate? (22 answers)

 do u have sex regularly? (24 answers)

 im bored come talk to me (13 answers)

 ru a twin? (23 answers)

 ru ugly? (i hope not) (22 answers)

 ru hott? (19 answers)

 do u drive? (19 answers)

 wat grade ru in? (26 answers)

 is sex fun? (16 answers)

 ru a freak? (19 answers)

 do the freaks really come out at night? (17 answers)

 who thinks dating outside ur own race is weird? (25 answers)

 r u into video games? (19 answers)

 linkin park or green day? (20 answers)

 (Girls) wat would u want to do on the first date? (17 answers)

 do u speak a foreign language? (18 answers)

 would u date ur ex again? (28 answers)

 is it weird to be around ur ex? (21 answers)

 avril or ashlee simpson? (34 answers)

 inside or outside? (15 answers)

 nivea or amerie? (11 answers)

 cake or pie? (16 answers)

 ru sleepy? (15 answers)

  ru or do u know a bugaboo? (11 answers)

 is having a kid at a young age bad? (27 answers)

 do u smoke? (33 answers)

 love or friendship? (17 answers)

 sex or food? (20 answers)

 do u think all rich people r stuck up? (24 answers)

 ru a sexaholic? (21 answers)

 wat is one thing u really want to do right now? (19 answers)

 does size really matter? (19 answers)

 hoW young is too young? (22 answers)

 is doin the nasty a hobbie? (11 answers)

 have u had a quikie? (14 answers)

 ru crazy? (20 answers)

 have done drugs? (26 answers)

 have u ever been Trapped In The Closet? (16 answers)

 do u think omarosa is the bitch they make her out to be? (13 answers)

 do u like gerald leverts music? (7 answers)

 have u ever heard of crime mob? (14 answers)

 ru afraid of heights? (23 answers)

 do u trust ur bf/gf? (23 answers)

 ru the smartest kid in ur grade? (20 answers)

 (Girls) thong or undies? (24 answers)

 ru married? (19 answers)

 do u drive a very expensive car? (21 answers)

 do u travel alot? (20 answers)

 would u do the nasty with ur same sex? (24 answers)

 would u do the nasty on the first date? (22 answers)

 do u have kids? (19 answers)

 do u think its weird to have a foot fetish? (17 answers)

 do u have fetish? (13 answers)

 do u know anyone with a foot fetish? (14 answers)

 50 cent or Jay Z? (17 answers)

 cherry cheesecake or apple pie? (18 answers)

 snikers or milky way? (24 answers)

 wats ur favorite color? (30 answers)

 misst elliot or remmy ma? (16 answers)

 gucci or burberry? (11 answers)

 r&b or pop? (17 answers)

 wat is ur favorite sport? (24 answers)

 ru rich? (28 answers)

 have u heard trapped in the closet? do u like it? (16 answers)

 anyone going to the pro football hall of fame festival? (11 answers)

 who is the celebrity u met? (20 answers)

 have u ever met a celebrity? (23 answers)

 do u like thong sandals? (24 answers)

 have u ever been cheated on? (29 answers)

 wat is true love? (15 answers)

 do u wish u were famous? (20 answers)

 r blondes really dumb? (27 answers)

 ru afraid of clowns (20 answers)

 (Girls) r all guys dogs? (27 answers)

 ru hott? (20 answers)

 ru a celebrity? (17 answers)

 r u related to a celebrity? (20 answers)

 peaches and cream or chocolate covered strawberries? (19 answers)

 pizza or steak? (30 answers)

 wat is one thing u dont like about urself? (19 answers)

 wat is ur dream car? (20 answers)

 wat do u like best about urself? (13 answers)

 have u ever cheated? (25 answers)

 have u ever done the nasty ? (22 answers)

 wat is ur social circle? (prep,jock,etc..) (26 answers)

 have u checked out my poems? if not go see them. (12 answers)

 wat was the worse breakup u ever had? (21 answers)

 anyone want to be on my friends list? (19 answers)

 wats ur favorite music artist (s)? (21 answers)

 (Girls) wat do u look for in a guy? (21 answers)

 have u ever been in love? (33 answers)

 single or in use? (35 answers)

 ining or outing? (16 answers)

 Is it weird to fall in love with someone u never saw before? (25 answers)

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