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Krazy_Loki's Q & A
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Krazy_Loki has 52 questions total.
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 Have you ever smiled while thinking of death? (Not your own, just death in general) (8 answers)

 When you are told to "tell it as it is", are you supposed to have to hold yourself back, because the person who told you to is too "sensative" to hear it like it is? What say you? (4 answers)

 Would you rather be incredibly ignorant or extremely ugly? (5 answers)

 Where is the most beautiful place you have ever been? (10 answers)

 Would you really be happier in a world with no conflict what-so-ever? (10 answers)

 Will you come with me to the darkside? (9 answers)

 Who has had the most influence, good or bad, on your life? and how? (10 answers)

 Do you like degs? (7 answers)

 What is your opinion on gay marriage? (I'm for it, they are people too.) (13 answers)

 Friend or Foe? (10 answers)

 boxocereal: Hmmm..
 Angel2Devil2Friend: Friend
 madaboutjess: and thats not a mispelling i meant that word
 madaboutjess: Fiend
 akili_chan: both
 anarchy27: FRIEND TO ALL
 SuperQ: Foe, there's more sport.
 Megweed_Joqer: What hoe a foe!!!
 idealist: Foe, you already anticipate them to do you wrong.
 sungoddess119: friend to your face, foe behind your back... i dont know

 Would you talk to a guy, who looked your age, that was sitting on a curb? (13 answers)

 Have you ever held a 5 minute conversation with an inanimate object? (13 answers)

 How many sibblings do you have? (14 answers)

 Why is it thank I was so cute as a child and now I'm F*cking ugly? (9 answers)

 Are you a depressed/depressing person? (9 answers)

 Can I light you on fire? (12 answers)

 Do you think I'm weird, or freak-ish? (6 answers)

 911 opperator? (10 answers)

 Do you do the Coolwhip? (8 answers)

 How can you leave your child on someone else's door? (10 answers)

 Would you die for a friend who just betrayed you? (15 answers)

 Would you die for a friend? (12 answers)

 Complete: A big bowl of... (12 answers)

 Meow? (13 answers)

 Shaken or Stirred? (9 answers)

 Can you see me? (10 answers)

 Who are you? What is your favorite color? What is the maximum air speed of the African Swallow? (11 answers)

 Have you looked at any of my poems? (9 answers)

 Do you still watch Disney movies? (17 answers)

 Does anyone have a napkin? (9 answers)

 Faucy, Faucy, Faucy, Madonna, Madonna, Michael Kidd, Michael Kidd, Michael Kidd, Twilla, Twilla, Twilla...Have you seen Birdcage? (8 answers)

 Is Nat angry? (8 answers)

 Are you happy right now? (14 answers)

 Gopher lofers? (8 answers)

 Hands or feet? (16 answers)

 What...is wrong with you? (12 answers)

 Do you like to laugh? (12 answers)

 Do you bite? (14 answers)

 Pooh or Eeyore? (11 answers)

 Do you like the color of blood? (17 answers)

 Do you like the taste of blood? (12 answers)

 What do you think of religion? (16 answers)

 What are you most afraid of?  (14 answers)

 Who means more to your life:Girl friend/boy friend, friends, mom, dad, bros/sis'?  (11 answers)

 Do you believe in faeries?  (12 answers)

 Does your life make sense?  (11 answers)

 Which would you rather betrayed or forgotten?  (10 answers)

 Are you worried that the world will forget you existed after you are gone?  (11 answers)

 What is your favorite color?  (13 answers)

 Would you be my friend? (13 answers)

 Do you like poetry? (16 answers)

 I'f you could say one thing to God what would you say?  (24 answers)

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nuclearsailorIf I abandoned my spiritual values / moral principles in order to obtain wealth by joining the nuclear navy, would that be a faustian bargain? Are faustian bargains necessarily 'bad', assuming one fundamentally cared more about wealth than 'values'?
nuclearsailorNuke school feels like a home-owner's association. Lots of rich preps with a penchant for BMWs and exotic sports cars with lots of "country club"-like rules governing the land. Yep. What does 'your place' kind of feel like?
iBoy2G11/08: Paul LePage won re-election in Maine! I bet Gage is very happy!
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nicolefariaWhat is banefits sex in our student life??
iBoy2G11/02: It's my birthday!
gouberstudent center is getting boring
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