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Keefer366's Q & A
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Keefer366 has 354 questions total.
Keefer366 has answered a total of 3,741 other questions.

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 whats the first thing you think of when you wake up? (5 answers)

 do you remember your first kiss? how old were you? (6 answers)

 ever faked your sexuality to get away from someone? (3 answers)

 when was the last time you cried? (4 answers)

 Ok, how many of you people have ever seen Ode to Billie Joe? (5 answers)

 ok, would you rather work on a relationship with a low self-esteem friend..or walk out on them? (8 answers)

 do you have an alter ego? (10 answers)

 If you had to choose, would you pick losing a loving sibling or a lover/husband/partner? (5 answers)

 dont you hate when you have to choose between two wonderful ppl, but you cant because of the infamous "what ifs"? (5 answers)

 whats your favorite word? (14 answers)

 ..Lonely Are The Brave..I love that quote, do yuo have a favorite quote? and not the one some put on their profile.. (9 answers)

 lmao omg..I just remembered over the weekend, we were in the woods lighting eachother on fire wearing flannel, we sprayed a whole can of axe on this dudes crotch and lit it on fire, we singed his pubic hair..lmao!! Oh, well sorry, it was funny to me (7 answers)

 I work at Subway, and none of you do..so what do you have to say about yourselves Mcdonald's slaves? lol (4 answers)

 who likes The Used? if you do, do you know a song by them called Im A Fake?.. (7 answers)

 *knock knock* you hear on your chamber door..you peak out in a curious wonder..suddenly you feel a sharp painin your neck and next all you see is black.......what happened to you? what did it? (5 answers)

 does your daily diet include more sugar/fat than numbers on a scale? (4 answers)

 anybody listen to Story of the Year? (4 answers)

 anybody know Panic! at the disco? (5 answers)

 I JUST GOT MY NEW WARLOCK BASS!! ..now youre sposed to congratulate me.. (5 answers)

 am i the one who gets sick at the smell of turpentine? (1 answers)

 which one is longer to play Monopoly or Scrabble? (5 answers)

 is your romantic relationship mainly only existing on the weekends? (3 answers)

 anybody know a band called Scary Kids, Scaring Kids? SKSK... (3 answers)

 anybody know a band called Kill Hannah? (4 answers)

 uh, does anyone know if a brown recluse spider can kill?? (6 answers)

 hehe hoho, they're coming to take us away..hehe hoho, but never away will we go.. (3 answers)

 anybody know a song called whiskey lullaby?? i need to know who it is, i love that song.. (7 answers)

 Am i the only one who didnt know that Snow White and Cinderella were originally horror movies before cartoon disney movies?? (7 answers)

 has anyone read the Da Vinci Code? (6 answers)

 Haagen Daz or Ben& Jerry(sp?) (8 answers)

 hehe, are you a quiz freak like me? as in you just wander around online sometimes looking for quizzes to take..*ima loser* (12 answers)

 If your walls could talk, what would they say about you? (5 answers)

 would you wait for the one you love if they ask you to? (8 answers)

 do you change who you are around certain ppl? asin, with one group you supposedly like something but then you bash it with another group (5 answers)

 what is your opinion on plastic surgery? (10 answers)

 why do some girls bash so harshly on guys? like they are just the worst ppl in the world.. (5 answers)

 would you stand in a crowd and take the most crucial insults and names being thrown at you, to keep it from happening from someone you care about? (8 answers)

 someone plz leave some type of FB on my writing...im asking sweetly *big grin* (2 answers)

 take guitar lessons or self-teach? (6 answers)

 is it just me that when I have a bad day i see black birds in my yard that morning? (4 answers)

 I demand you all go to my profile and read my journal and poem thingamummies!..g'bye (2 answers)

 does anyone know who Gerard Butler is?..no, oh well (5 answers)

 Sad is the world..but i have kavorkian scarves!...i love pill-popping, coffee addicted, paranoid squirrels (3 answers)

 Am i the only person who thinks having a FINAL DESTINATION 2 is funny?..I mean come on..the first one was called Final Destination as in last or whatever..how are you gonna make a sequel?..ya know what screw you guys..lol (6 answers)

 yes!, I have finally gotten over my incompetence and learned how to do the journals and stuff so now, it wont say that i havent done anything..hehe (3 answers)

 I want an Ice Cube in my Ice T, how much is that..it should be 50 Cent..lol, i am so funny! (10 answers)

 ok..if you have a trees in your yard front or back, what is it?..i got a pecan tree, peach thing, and some berry tree..wtf are they doing in my yard together? (5 answers)

 which hurts worse..being hit with a spoon, or a fork? (11 answers)

 mmk.......youre walking through the woods and suddenly you turn around...what is there? (10 answers)

 ok..so, anyone else relieved that all this shopping for gifts and so on is over now? (6 answers)

 so..which color should my hair be next?..i already have purple so..green..blue or red (6 answers)

 Awesomeness!..I learned how to play hackie sack (7 answers)

 Pantera..Metallica? (10 answers)

 I demand you people look at my profile pictures!..and you dont even have to leave feedback..just look at them!!..or feel my wrath! (5 answers)

 Standing on the street side leaving im the last one left here with the things that ive done..i love Tyle Read..hehe (3 answers)

 It's like rain, on your wedding day, its a free ride, bot youve already paid...wait, were those the right words?? (9 answers)

 so anyway, im at the mall right..guess who i see?..Matt Quackenbush!..oh yesh!! (2 answers)

 Hickory dickory dock bitch!! (5 answers)

 woot woot!! I finally got 300 things on this here thingy...now..what to do (2 answers)

 so, im gonna be captain if my Rifle team in ROTC..awesomeness~! (4 answers)

 if you could have one week to be with the one you love..or have a crush on..what would you do? (5 answers)

 YES!! I have a date to Military Ball...oh the very thought makes me shmile.. (3 answers)

 ok..so who saw that movie..Nania?..i only saw like 15 minutes of it... (3 answers)

 MAN..i didnt know you could get kicked out of the movies.. (7 answers)

 well welly well well..it is the year of.."omfg im so stupid..i rejected a senior a date to the prom, should i beg for forgiveness?" year (3 answers)

 you know..splinters will always hurt just as much as a hangnail, or papercut..but not as much as a pinch (3 answers)

 ok then..how about Tyler Read?..April's Love Affair?..Stellamaris?...Idlewild?..come on! (1 answers)

 ok, on a serious note..are you aware that the gnomes and oprah are united once again?...we are all gonna die.. (7 answers)

 I just a squirrel..in this nutless world..oh how the heavenly chipmunks betrayed me!!!!!!!! (6 answers)

 wow..I've flunked an entire semester for missing/skipping whatever you wanna call it..6 days..damn.. (10 answers)

 The only thing worse than not knowing, is you thinking i dont know.. (2 answers)

 aw..does anyone remember the little claymation christmas stories that came on every year? (4 answers)

 if i were to lend you $300, would you pay it back as soon as possible or wait for about 5 years?.. (8 answers)

 What do you get when you cross a stick across a stick, and stick a crossed stick across a crossed stick, and stick across another stick across a crossed stick?? (6 answers)

 If i had a ______ i would never complain again.. (10 answers)

 why do i keep hearing that peanut/butter jelly time song everywhere?! (1 answers)

 Fire away, if you didnt care at all...Fire away, when they take what they want from you.. (1 answers)

 NOOO..my freedom has ended..i have school tomorrow... (2 answers)

 If i could turn back time...What else does she say in that song? (5 answers)

 Peanut Butter/Jelly..PeanutButter/Jelly....Peanut Butter/Jelly with a baseball bat!!!!!!! (5 answers)

 OMG BOOBIES!!!!!!! (4 answers)

 i wonder..phone sex..or cyber?..which is better.. (4 answers)

 who agrees that twister is the hottest/sexiest game ever created?! (5 answers)

 is anyone here a Simon Moses fan? (2 answers)

 what is a grand way to castrate a boyfriend? (4 answers)

 so..hows it been kickin? (2 answers)

 mmm, i love Popeye's biscuits.. (7 answers)

 i wonder..am i artistic..or autistic (4 answers)

 hey, um..has anyoneheard that thiing about Leonardo DiCaprio saying he was gay? (10 answers)

 i wonder..would you feel the pain of being shot in the head or will you just die before the pain comes (6 answers)

 so..whats the most exciting thing youve done this year? (4 answers)

 am i the only ROTC nerd here? (8 answers)

 how do you know hwen you're obsessed with something/someone? (4 answers)

 oohh, you get a nickle and I'll get a dime together..you get a nickle and i'll get a dime too...haha..funny song (2 answers)

 who hated tickleme Elmo? I did, screw the little bastard (2 answers)

 ..whats a testimonial?..what are they for? (2 answers)

 ...let me borrow $3.50.. (6 answers)

 i dont get the phrase..:"dumb as a box of rocks"..what? (2 answers)

 if you could be any hero/villain, who would it be? (2 answers)

 who can sing almost every song from the Lion King?..i know its sad but i like them (3 answers)

  you ever microwave ketchup in a packet?..its fun to watch (4 answers)

 ...are you a stalker? (6 answers)

 ok, am i the only nerd who loves that video Dance Dance by Fall Out Boy?..come on (6 answers)

 whipped cream and strawberries or cherries and chocolate? (9 answers)

 what are those boots called that everyone wears..their like furry snowboots or somethin'? (5 answers)

 who likes Queen?..i havent met anyone that does before, dont know why though (6 answers)

 why does water cover the cheese dip after youve put it in the fridge for a while? (2 answers)

 ..ok, dudes, if a man put a gun to your head and said to have sex with him or die...what would you do?.. (4 answers)

 would you defend a friend even if they were wrong? (6 answers)

 i wonder, would a light saber go through a mirror or reflect?..i forget the answer (3 answers)

 it sucks that my sis is dating my ex now doesnt it? (7 answers)

 who agrees that eggs and cheese sucks as a breakfast? (5 answers)

 anybody know how hushpuppies came to be? (3 answers)

 if i dropped a buck on the ground, would you give it back to me? (8 answers)

 how would you make a toothbrush from scratch? (8 answers)

 so..hows your day been? (8 answers)

 WTF?!..i just got back on from a short time of not being here, and craps changed already!..what happened (3 answers)

 i shall poke everyone in the eyes with hot french fries and then watch as you all, ..turn into PO-TA-TOES!!.hehe (9 answers)

  Hide me gangsta!, but i will knuck if i am buck! (4 answers)

 woo, come on , its ghetto booty time!!! (3 answers)

 have you ever felt tired but you havent done anything all day? (7 answers)

 A Rush Of Blood To The Head, one of the greatest albums ever made..well in my opinion..agree? (4 answers)

 i cleaned my room last night, i forgot i had a carpet..lol (5 answers)

 who likes Cold Play (11 answers)

 Stevie Nicks!..anybody know or like her? (8 answers)

 Motion City Soundtrack is a cool lil' band..does anyone agree? (5 answers)

 omg, i went to the mall and i saw a girl and i swear she caused a horse to freeze his ass off...lmao! (3 answers)

 can i shoot you in the eye? (7 answers)

 Tell me..who should i be to make you love me? (10 answers)

 are you attending a school where you're absolutely hated? (7 answers)

 anyody like YellowCard? (9 answers)

 does anyone else find the modeling career a bit, not awesome..?..i did it for a while, and it kinda sucked to me..mainly cuz of the standing for 3 hours for 1 pic thing (4 answers)

 Sonic or Wendy's? (8 answers)

 am i the only one here that like mustard and french fries instead of ketchup? (7 answers)

 has there ever been that one person you wanted to help so badly, but you knew there was nothing you could do? (5 answers)

 what do you think of those who find humor in another's pains and hardships/ disablilties? (3 answers)

 i am a now a good guitarist..i can play Crazy Train..and now i shall stop learning, and go back to my beloved bass (4 answers)

 i need a better bf!..but i love the one im with..hmm (8 answers)

 ok..a Looney Toons icecream stick..or a Flinstone's push up icecream?.. (8 answers)

 am i the only one that cries when i watch Lion King when his dad dies??..i know im not (6 answers)

 hehe..i tried to make pancakes...they came out black and hard as a concrete block (6 answers)

 ok..whats sexier..a black lace bra and whatever set..or the just i put something on crap?.. (3 answers)

 are you the type that just loves to argue over something, no matter how stupid it is (6 answers)

 does anyone else think turkey bacon is the most disgusting thing in the world..besides yogurt (4 answers)

 have you ever liked someone..but in order for them to like you , you had to totally act different? (3 answers)

 who has ever had a pet squirrel?..i know im not the only one (4 answers)

 do you think ppl with a sarcastic sense of humor are jackass?..i mean, it just my ..well, sense of humor.. (3 answers)

 ok, i've been thinking..can a light saber..cut through a mirror, or would it just be reflected? (2 answers)

 am i the only person that has seen a dog and cat having sex?..its a very..different thing for sure (4 answers)

 woo!..I finally got this damned guy to be my drummer permanently..it makes me smile (3 answers)

 is it true?..can you really buy love?.what about attracting them with money and then falling in love later?..lol (1 answers)

 if you have a fight with your boss' daughter..should you get fired?? (3 answers)

 you know 1 bad pic is we.. ..bad..but 2 bad pics are..deadly..now you shall all die and look at them in my album..ha ha (2 answers)

 lol..i know a dude and his last name is Kracker..so i kknow this other dude..and when we were at the park thing..suddenly the dude im with screams out AY Kracker and every white person turned around..lmao!..no offense anybody it was just funny.. (3 answers)

 alright Motor Head!!..hmm..mmk, ho knows them?..anybody?..you guys suck (1 answers)

 how did ppl come up with the name..water..or spoon, fork...spork...stuff like that? (2 answers)

 has anyone ever walked in on you while changing after gym or something?..very uncomfortable situation..especially with joined locker rooms (2 answers)

 I love I love Lucy. (2 answers)

 hehe..i am a proud..Abercrombie & Fitch..American Eagle..Hot Topic..Hollister girl...thats all i wear..and some other random stuff..ok nvm what i said (2 answers)

 i have alot of questions...but not near as many as alot of ppl...aww (2 answers)

 Stacy's ,mom has got it goin' on she's all want and i've waited for so long..really its her brother..but anyway (4 answers)

 I wanna **** you like an animal..i wanna feel you from the inside....lmao that song (5 answers)

 867-5309..i love that song! (4 answers)

 ok..i have solved my little delimma...i shall fight tooth and nail to keep my bf..no one else..load off my chest, im not good with keeping my problems to myself..lol (1 answers)

 dont you hate it when youre not around but ppl volunteer you for crap..like..just crap (3 answers)

 which rock star would you wanna screw?lmao..i said so many of them i made myself laugh (4 answers)

 whos your school's sauciest man?..well, it used to be Mitch Groke for Airline, but he graduated..sadly (1 answers)

 ..*cricket*.. (2 answers)

 i like snakes.. (4 answers)

 who agrees that Johnny Depp is one of the sexiest men alive? (4 answers)

 who wants to be a cheereader?..i dont, i cant flip, tumble, cartwheel..but i can do the splits..and i just dont like the uniform and stuff..hmm (4 answers)

 would anyone ever do the **** they do on Fear Factor? (7 answers)

 is the band From Start To Last..or what?..i hope its that (3 answers)

 im sad..i wont get to see my Green Day near the end of August!..well i might, if i steal a car (3 answers)

 ok..who likes..Trapt?..or..Steppen Wolf?..or..The Unseen?..or Head Automatica? (5 answers)

 if you know for a fact that you cant swim..would you still go out into the deepest area and try to surf? (4 answers)

 who agrees that rabbits are evil!?..hmm anybody....no?..SCREW YOU ALL THEN! (6 answers)

 omg..dude!..last night i saw the biggest effin owl!..it flew out of nowhere and landed like 8 feet away from me..me and my friends ran like hell! (5 answers)

 who has played Zelda before?..or am i the only loser who hasnt omg! i am arent i (9 answers)

 what is your favorite memory..the one that makes you smile no matter what problems you have (8 answers)

 is it wrong to have a bf you love..but love someone else too? (7 answers)

 i try to give you warning..but everyone ignores me... (3 answers)

 do i seem like a person with issues??..i dont have any but ppl keep saying it (3 answers)

 i like to imagine that a wolf will come running out of the woods(most of my backyard) and jump at my window and be my friend (2 answers)

 if a man was gonna take over the world and gave you the choice to die or be his assistant, which would you choose? (6 answers)

 Dear mother can you laughing, its been 6 whole weeks since that I have left your home... (1 answers)

 Do you have the time to listen to me whine about nothing and everything all at once... (3 answers)

 you put the lime in the coconut mix it all up... (4 answers)

 if you buy a full chicken already cooked and everything..is it sposed to skeet blood when you cut it?? (2 answers)

 whats your alter ego? (3 answers)

 people say you can read a human like a book..but my pages are all torn out (1 answers)

 click click my friend click click (1 answers)

 omg..does anyone see how they are making fun of Hogan on RAW? (3 answers)

 yes!..i finally caught wrestling!..i feel complete once again! (4 answers)

 whats your favorite site? (7 answers)

 aww, now its a headche..im dieing (2 answers)

 my back hurts..i need a massage (3 answers)

 if you had $20,000 dollars what would you do with it?.. (8 answers)

 can i have favors..plz look at my albums..i need feedback it gives me something to do..plz? (2 answers)

 who is the one person you want to be with?..even if you have to force them (5 answers)

 Dasani or Aquafina? (10 answers)

 ever seen someone wearing a shirt that says Very Kissable, and they are far from it (4 answers)

 i admit it..i am an obsessive person (4 answers)

 ok, then who likes Unwritten Law? (5 answers)

 how many ppl have Seether's album Disclaimer II? (4 answers)

 1 is the lonliest number that ypu ever could be... (5 answers)

 am i like the only person that likes Sum41? (10 answers)

 ever had that one ex that just couldnt understand you're not with him anymore? (4 answers)

 who has atleast one relative on this site? (3 answers)

 who else likes the dum-dum suckers? (8 answers)

 ever like, been totally in love with a person thats only met you once maybe twice? so you just look at them from the hallway, and sigh (5 answers)

 is it right for a person to wish someone's marriage to suck so they can have them? (7 answers)

 aww..i havent had sleep in a while..my back hurts now (5 answers)

 ever just sat at youre computer and tried to think of a question for this thing? (10 answers)

 i dont understand the journals and all that crap!..i need help (3 answers)

 does anyone know what a fly is?? (5 answers)

 have you ever had a dream where you saw a ittle crack of white light, but things told you to run away from it..not like death but something worse? (4 answers)

 if you stick a toy soldier up your nose and poke your brain will you forget how to do math? (6 answers)

 ever read random words from the dictionary? (7 answers)

 if you dip your finger in alcohol and put it over a candle...will it catch fire, or just make it burn a bit? (6 answers)

 how many generations of DBZ are there??! (4 answers)

 why do people kill themselves when they know their gonna die anyway? (9 answers)

 argh!..im broke..i need money (5 answers)

 what can i do at 2 in the morning? (11 answers)

 ever all of a sudden feel depressed, like youre smiling 1 sec and the next..youre.. not? (6 answers)

 who threw a rock at my window!!!? (6 answers)

 i dont believe just bcuz you tell yourself, you can do anything in the world...its not true (4 answers)

 ever fought soeone thats like..9 years or more older than you?..its kinda fun (5 answers)

 is there a rule at your school to where..if a chick is pregnant..she can do almost any damned thing she wants..she isnt crushed into a uniform for the first semester....she can just jump in front of you if your like, in a lunch line..its bull**** (3 answers)

 mmm...i like macaroni.. (8 answers)

 anyone ever seen the movie 28 days later??..man thats an awesome movie (5 answers)

 ever had that one person that could NOT take the hint that you dont want to be near them..evem after you say, i dont want to be near you to their face!? (6 answers)

 has anyone seen Team America?..i just saw it, awesome (6 answers)

 are you afraid to openly admit that you masturbate?, and if arent how many times in a month? (8 answers)

 do ya'll think i have asked too many questions?..if so, screw you and all you stand for cuz im making more! (3 answers)

 how old were you when you lost your virginity and was it like you had always imagined..setting and all(doubt it though)? (3 answers)

 alright im tired of ppl asking what this screenname means..so, i want everyone to just try and guess it..mmk? (4 answers)

 who else thinks that a guy that can cook is sexy?..cuz i know it is to me (4 answers)

 does anyone else think that bikini waxes hurt like hell!? (4 answers)

 i need some new bands to listen to..anybody know of any? (3 answers)

 do you feel the need to keep everything like super clean?..hehe, not me its clean but im not about to do it 4 times in a row to make sure..lol (2 answers)

 ok, anybody got a school slut? (8 answers)

 Batman or Robin? (9 answers)

 what do you think of interracial dating?..i love it..almost every bf i get is white (8 answers)

 if you were/are a virgin and you saw the hottest guy/girl....do you think you would be a virgin still the next day? (8 answers)

 just wondering..guys the term blueballs...do your balls actually turn, ya kno blue..or just an expression?..i actually know how to make a guys balls blue..not a comfortable thing prolly (3 answers)

 who has a Dan Electro guitar?!..i just got a new one!.omg i am so happy (2 answers)

 a naive question for girls..is it true that it hurts to some when losing their virginity?..just curious..lol (6 answers)

 could you be a school teacher(any grade) and deal with kids all day? (5 answers)

 if you were in a band..what instrument would you want to play? (4 answers)

 who can stuff 2 lemons in their mouth..or tie a cherry stem with their tongue?..i learned i could do those..almost choked on a lemon though (4 answers)

 lol..ever had a fight after leaving a church?..lol almost while you were still in the church (6 answers)

 ever had a really good dream and when you wake up youre trying really hard to go back to sleep? (7 answers)

 for wrestling fans..whos your favorite wrestler?..mine are Stone Cold, Carlito, and Christian(Captain Charisma) and others that im not naming (6 answers)

 Im having trouble trying to sleep..Im counting sheep but running out..as time ticks by..still i try..../ good song (4 answers)

 if you saw your favorite celeb on the street..what would you do? (9 answers)

 i wanna be nosey..anybody have a xanga..if so what is it? (5 answers)

 which shoudl i go with..blue or green streaks in my hair??..my hair is black by the way (9 answers)

 what the hell is that show on HBO The Comeback..yeah what the hell is the point of it?! (4 answers)

 ever go to the grocery store and see that one huge fat little kid?..im not trying to be mean but its was the cutest thing..he was like a perfect circle..no ridges or anything (6 answers)

 muffins!..favorite type..what is it? (12 answers)

 Wiggles or Teletubbies..which one sucks the most? (10 answers)

 anybody ever watch the old Nick Jr. with the dude Face?..man i used to watch that everyday..Allegra's Window..Eureka's Castle..Gullah Gullah Island..the bast stuff (9 answers)

 did anyone see RAW on monday?..i missed it (3 answers)

 anybody know The Matches?..cool band (6 answers)

 whats your favorite sports channel on tv? (4 answers)

 anybody ever get their teeth bleached? (4 answers)

 favorite clothing store? (3 answers)

 anybody ever been to Dave & Busters?..man its awesome (4 answers)

 ever had that person get in your face and they're totally bitching you out so you just wanna get them one good time in the jaw? (5 answers)

 i spy with my little eye a..........? (6 answers)

 why dont presidents fight the war? why do they always send the poor?..good song..deep stuff (7 answers)

 anybody play that ****fighting game?..lol..man its awesome..lmao! (1 answers)

 vampires?..anybody like them..i do (7 answers)

 do i seem..hyper?..i dont think i am (2 answers)

 whats your favorite halloween party costume thing?..mine was when me and a guy friend went as Birth Control Girl and Condom Man..lol (4 answers)

 have you ever ever ever in your long lived life seen a long legged sailor and a long legged wife??well he was a sailor but but of them were tall as hell (3 answers)

 anybody know Fefe Dobson?? (11 answers)

 OZZY!..love him..and Rob Zombie.even to some degree Kelly Osbourne (4 answers)

 remember that one crush you had in elementary school, then you see them again and youre either like wtf..or i still em'? (4 answers)

 anyone wanna recommend an awesome brand of drums??..i need to get some (5 answers)

 what is your absolute favorite meal? (6 answers)

 ever had a crack-a-joke-battle and the other person just sucked at it?..lol..its the funny ive ever seen (2 answers)

 I loves me some Shinedown! (4 answers)

 did anyone else just no notice if you type a curse word they automatically block it out??..i looked and i was like..i could have sworn i said fcuk..(hehe)..lol (4 answers)

 does anyone know what Billie Joe is trying to say in Good Riddance?..i think its something like a big **** you (4 answers)

 favorite SOAD song?..mine is toxicity (6 answers)

 does anyone else think The Donnas suck?well not exactly suck but i dont really like them (5 answers)

 ever get the feeling like somethigs biting you but when you look nothings there? (5 answers)

 ..who is the sexiest Fall Out Boy member?..it better be Andy or you all shall die! (2 answers)

 is it me..or does everyone(including meself) like Napolean Dynamite?? (6 answers)

 ever had those days where you just couldnt type anything right worth a damn? (8 answers)

 RHCP or SOAD? (9 answers)

 do you base attraction from beauty or personality? (5 answers)

 if you dropped dead right now..would you go to hell or heaven? (15 answers)

 anybody know The Clash?hmm..no?..ya'll suck..lol (6 answers)

 you can have a cookie if you look at the band picks in my photo album..or if you dont i shall send Rufus and the gnomes to kill all of your family..im serious*i do have sharp K-9 teeth* (3 answers)

 anybody hate skin? (3 answers)

 whats your name??..i wanna be a dork and see how many ppl have the same name (14 answers)

 Lays or Doritos?. hard for me to choose (14 answers)

 anyone ever like..did whatever but landed on their ass?..damn it hurts..lol (4 answers)

 do you believe ****roaches can survive anything?..other than a shoe and sometimes that doent affect them either (8 answers)

 you know what?..screw you all that dont answer my questions!. (6 answers)

 anybody like sweet popcorn? (4 answers)

 Rior, isnt that the awesomest name?..man, i love that name lol (2 answers)

 Letter Kills? anybody know them, man they are awesome (2 answers)

 anybody know Authority Zero, or Hot Action Cop? (4 answers)

 favorite album? (6 answers)

 arent Synyster Gates and M.Shadows 2 of the sexiest men on earth? (2 answers)

 anyone like Avenged Sevenfold? (4 answers)

 Who is the sexiest rocker alive? (9 answers)

 who likes Lucky Charms?..the best cereal in the world (8 answers)

 ever had that one pet you loved and then one day you come home and its dead? (6 answers)

 have you ever had that totally embarassing moment? (3 answers)

 what girls like me..absolutely hate wearing makeup? (5 answers)

 ever had that one itch you couldnt reach and no one would scratch it?..makes me wanna cry sometimes (3 answers)

 do you think gays/bi/lesbians are any different from everyone else?..i mean, I have no problems I'm just saying I'm tired of ppl saying they are going to hell..cuz I have never read *at least I havent*..in the bible that you go to hell for it (8 answers)

 whats your temper like? (8 answers)

 so..ever had that one person in a chatroom room that just hated your guts?.. (3 answers)

 ever thought you were falling in love with an online buddy? i mean i know i,m not the only person who thought they must have been that desperate (6 answers)

 anybody play bass guitar? (3 answers)

 have you ever gone to see a movie and not liked it so youre pissed of as hell when its over? (3 answers)

 anybody play any instruments (8 answers)

 whats your favorite subjevt in school...I know this question sucks, but I'm studying and it popped up..I need to know someone smart for future references (9 answers)

 o where o wherehas my little dog gone..o where o where could he be?..seriously my dog is gone man (2 answers)

 ever bee bitten 27 times all over your body by mosquitoes? it hurts like m*****f***** (4 answers)

 I know..this questions is totally gay but,..what signs do you think go best together? (4 answers)

 have your parents ever wanted you to be more (girls)active as in shopping..hair salon, phone all the time cheerleading dance line and crap and the usual girlish stuff..(guys) sports crazy and jockish (1 answers)

 Girls"..your mom ever thought you were pregnant just bcuz you like to eat a little bit more than usual? (3 answers)

 what talents do you have?..I dont have any besides my guitar (2 answers)

 favorite bands?..please somebody like AC/DC (5 answers)

 anyone ever met someone that was just a total B****..and you just want to beat the hell out of them?! man I know I'm one at times but not all the time. (3 answers)

 anyone ever had that 1 teacher that absolutely hated you? and I mean just despised the ground you walked on (5 answers)

 would you go to a school dance alone?..I would..i enjoy it more ny myself.you can damce with whoever and not just one person (4 answers)

  would you stay with your current bf/gf or go for the wild life? (5 answers)

 IHOP or Denny's? (9 answers)

 do you feel stupid playing scrabble? (5 answers)

 what would YOU do for a klondike bar? (5 answers)

 Anyone ever rolled off of the house to land on a matress? (5 answers)

 Does anyone believe AC/DC should be classified as rock gods?..I Do (9 answers)

 do you like stereotypes?..its not fair to judge a person you dont know just by their style or personality (5 answers)

 Does anyone believe that gnomes and Oprah will someday rule the world?..NOTE: this is a serious question! (6 answers)

 Do you think teen sex at ages 14 and up is ok? (15 answers)

 Hvae you ever thought you liked a way younger person? (7 answers)

 Some people say that when you have a job and make your own living you're happy, is it always that way even when you have no money bcuz of bills? (2 answers)

 If you have a cute neighbor, what do you do to get them to notice you? (6 answers)

 why would you wish to be an Oscar Meyor weiner? (6 answers)

 if you had 4 biscuits, and you passed a little girl and she wanted one, what would you do? (8 answers)

 can anyone rock it like Hendrix? (3 answers)

 why do people stare at people they dont like?..its nit gonna make them disappear (4 answers)

 ever just had a day where you were pissed off and dont know why? (7 answers)

 does everything actually taste like chicken? (9 answers)

 have you ever tried to lift the other side of your lip? (6 answers)

 Has anyone ever had waffles, pudding , and smirnoff for breakfast? (13 answers)

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