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JaRuleG16's Q & A
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 What do you think of 25+ year olds being on the site? (86 answers)

 Would you date someone with a criminal background? I don't just mean a criminal history the person received while they were a juvenile either, as an adult. (251 answers)

 What's your dream job? (297 answers)

 Where do you work? (187 answers)

 UnknownMisfit01: K&W Cafeteria.
 boxocereal: No where right now.
 Inquisitive: at an office 15miles from my house.
 puppet_show: CVS
 hms_baller4: i don't have a job yet
 SerenaMarie08: Food Lion.
 naturalbluegirl08: pools lifegurading and teaching swimming lessons
 DarthSib: I work as a CNA at a nursing home...
 TLK_Billy: I'm looking right now.
 JoeyStyles: the home depot where you can do it we can help...
 TechieChik693: i'm a student in high school
 Draconis19: no where
 Lil_Shorty09: i dont have a job
 bogartbacall46: I don't I stay home with my Mom sometimes
 Niia: umm uh I don't at the moment..it sucks
 Db7d: i dont work
 CKRme: i don't
 butter_head2: bed bath and beyond
 KindaEyeWantTo: I'm also a stage dancer for a rock band...which doesn't pay much...lol.
 KindaEyeWantTo: At Wendy's until I can get an internship with a business firm.....hey, it's cash.
 lilho1325: rite now i work at a drycleaners but im studyin 2 become a hairstylist
 punk4ever: at a supermarket
 amor102: At a department store
 emo_tears90: i dont work anywhere yet
 TeddyGirl: center for student progress
 LeapofFaith_182: i babysit a lil
 just_me_joel: as a cook at a buffet
 beachgirl6243: I don't
 notquitestraight: still at school, work in a bakers shop on saturdays
 FedoraPirate: K-Mart, I tell people what a kettle is.
 beachgirl6243: I don't
 JuniorK: dont work
 XxChrissy85xX: i've worked at a reataurant owned by my bestfriends parents for almost 5 yrs :-)
 ixnay: a grocery store.
 GreenTurtle: Work part time at a hardware store...
 MoMmY04: Shaws right now...Grocery Store
 Sunfire85: no where right now, but i hope to get that job at The Body Shop or the movies.
 2Hard2SaySorry: I don't.
 smile_if_it_makes_u_happy: nowhere right now just had baby
 x0AsHeSx0: nowhere i'm lazy and spolid..lol
 DaniBean19: noooowhere right now... in and office of the city school district in the fall
 PanamaBlues718: I dont work i'm still in school
 Vero_90: i don't, babysit sometimes
 XxLagrimasxX: A tanning salon
 im_hot_333555: at a tanning salon!
 Paper_doll: i dont
 Robert7534: don't work yet....lazy bum still lol
 kizzy_kat: in my local spar =(
 x_BeautifulDisaster_x3: i dont work now, only babysit for my algebra teacher, who lives across the street lol
 SeXyBoY_69: for a HVAC company
 braysash: for my father, landscaping part time and part time for my family, babysitting
 LiLSinGeR687: at an insurance company w/office services-only for the summer tho
 smokey86: Mc Donalds
 DeWitt2007: MEIJERS
 The_Guru: Use to work at McDonalds......
 green_dragon: dont have a job
 tetter23: nowhere
 PuNk_PrInCeSs12: nowhere.
 rainbowboy14: i dont its sad, but will be going to beauty school soon ^_^
 music_is_life: my dads practice during the summer
 Keefer366: well just for summer fun..i waiter at this restaurant
 MaKyah: I don't work right now, but I am looking for a job
 TechnoGEEK10010: im a student
 apacolypse05: USA Environment, LP
 Darkangel_2006: no where
 hypermandy04: i don't
 bhawk115: i go to school
 smileyface_goober: no where right now
 johnnyrelie: i am a soldier
 puppet_show: at CVS
 kellblu18: school and im a waitress soon to be bartender
 sugarlips01: Denny's
 UniqueShawti09: Right now umm no where I was tryin to hit up Minyards
 BlackIndian14: babysitting
 JustLive4Today: at Academy
 goddessgurl09: nowhere...
 youngNhopeles_in_michigan: I'm real sorry something happened to my computer n that happened
 youngNhopeles_in_michigan: I work for my uncle's tree company
 youngNhopeles_in_michigan: I work for my uncle's tree company
 youngNhopeles_in_michigan: I work for my uncle's tree company
 HBKDLS: I work at Krogers, but I also try to get singing gigs at local clubs and bars
 lilho1325: i work at a clothing store called against all odds. i work full time and is up for promotion to ass. manager i find out if i get it next week
 twistedserenity: At school? I have no job
 j_m_z: pilot
 Dyamond_Princess08: I dont
 supaboy47: peer mentor!
 Kusaku: TJMaxx
 cjsnoopy87: i'm about to work at ruby tuesday
 naughtyserb: walmart
 OliveUSuck: I do my best work .... in bed. You hiring? ;-)
 OliveUSuck: Where ever the job needs getting done.
 Culotte: still at college
 SHdubbleORTI_: for my neibors cleening monkey cages ...i know what your thinking its weard but everyone sayes that
 RISSA119: K.F.C I make $9.00/hour
 cherricupcakes: no where yet
 Ash2307: i dont have a job yet
 bogartbacall46: I don't
 LILkittyCAT4u: Im a waitress
 lilpixiedez: I'm a photographers assistant
 SydneyDu(k: now i work at arby's
 soulpower101: huh
 SydneyDu(k: Grocery store
 rufussy*: I go to school. But every now and then I get papers from a firm that wants me to translate the text from German to English.
 christiance: still in school
 kurgluh: pizza hut
 sweet_angel2004: currently looking but i might get a job at Wendy's where my brother's girlfreind is the mannger
 krystiemouse06: nowhere at the moment
 JoePz: TGIFridays, best people anywhere work there :-)
 ArborJ: I am an infantryman in the Army. Pretty much means I get paid to walk around the streets and wreak havoc. But please don't stereotype us Infantrymen (Especially us Paratroopers) until you see who we really are and what we are all about.
 Trojan23: At a law firm with a bunch of stiffs.....
 faerie_kisses: I'm going to start working at Publix
 moparfan67: i'm a mechanic at a locally owned place
 matteo716: i deliver newspapers..... so technically i dont work anywhere
 taidaishiar: I work the mcjob
 little_brunette_girl: i work at a cinema that is just about to close down. a long shot from being a shrink lol/
 xclosetxpoetx4: i dont have a job.
 DatWunPimptress: nowhere yet
 kaylas_mommy: Southern Foods
 ashleys_song: I'm a secetary for the local newspaper
 NaPaLmDeAtH69: at a factory that makes air conditioners and it sucks, but I need money
 MissWiNgs: haha, right now i babysit
 Niia: nowhere and everywhere
 horselover1992: maybe someday soon at a horse stables
 divagurl159: doctors office as a receptionist and doing payroll at my dads office
 PRIMO: Use to work for a company that shipped baking good. but it closed down and I was layed off.

 Whats your dream car?  (251 answers)

 What kind of car do you have?  (219 answers)

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