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Inquisitive's Q & A
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 What are your favorite Christmas songs sung by contemporary artists? Who sings them? (6 answers)

 Under what circumstances do you accept someone's friend request? (21 answers)

 freeeaddys: common interests
 hayliehalze666: i usually accept and then if they bother me ill delete them
 REMConcoctions: ...if i like the person? know the person...if the person was interesting...
 boxocereal: What divinepf said.
 SilentBleedNrose: on here. i dont even care hahah if you want to be my friend fine
 divinepf: i pretty much accept anyone and delete them if need be
 mymindkillsme: if we've established a good conversation & connection. (or, if they answered all of my questions. especially if i have 219 of them. :] ohhh, also. if we talk about exchanging nude photos as well.)
 SBG_Writer9289: if i've talked to them for a couple of days
 Angel2Devil2Friend: If I had actually talked to them
 babyphace: if ive talked 2 them 4 a while, we agree alot in the forums
 skagirlie: As long as they don't annoy me, then I don't care. I accept all. I've only denied one person in my whole 4 years of being here because they were so f*cking annoying.
 cuteteendiaper: If they have pictures

 Do you ever notice that some people capitalize random words in a sentence (even here in the Q and A's)? Why do you suppose they do that? (19 answers)

 Why do people ask "are looks important"? Well of course it is. Do you think there are people out there (who are in love and are together by choice) that think their significant other is physically unattractive in every aspect? (22 answers)

 Which online social networks are you a part of? Why are you a part of that community? (17 answers)

 What was the most awesome Halloween costume that you saw this year? (11 answers)

 If you're dating more multiple people at once and haven't committed yourself exclusively to anyone, do you need to tell your dates that you are seeing other people? (19 answers)

 Someone says something offensive about a particular group of people, but you aren't in any way offended by it. Would you say something to that person? (14 answers)

 Do you have morals? Are they good morals? How do you know if they're good or not? (19 answers)

 What are some good icebreakers (not pick up lines)? (17 answers)

 What is a good, witty response to say when a girl asks you "is that a roll of quarters in your pants or are you just excited to see me"? I'm serious. (14 answers)

 How do you feel about increasing numbers of government cameras in cities? Do you feel safer or is it just invasion of privacy? (10 answers)

 Why do people answer questions on here with "I don't know" (or some variation of it)? If you don't have an opinion on it, you really shouln't answer. (17 answers)

 Have you ever felt less attracted to someone despite the fact they are currently physically looking better than ever? If you have, why did you feel this way? (16 answers)

 Do you look better with clothes on or off? (24 answers)

 If you were to buy property anywhere in the world for whatever reason, where would you buy it and why would you choose that location? (9 answers)

 Why do people send friend requests to people they haven't even talked to before? I am not just some boy for your collection, dang it! (28 answers)

 Wikipedia: do you take what you read on there with a grain of salt (information on there is user uploaded and could be wrong/biased)? (10 answers)

 Where do you get your porn? Is it free on the internet, or do you pay? (18 answers)

 Which do you like better: Barbosa's cursed, undead crew or Davey Jones' sea-based crew? (17 answers)

 There are way too many Pokemon now. Agree or disagree? (31 answers)

 1984 is doubleplusgood, no? (16 answers)

 For those of you in the 18+ year old crowd, what was the first new thing you did after becoming legal? (28 answers)

 What is a good beginner song to learn if you just started playing the guitar? (26 answers)

 Who ultimately is responsible for the actions you perform? You, or the people who encourage you? (20 answers)

 Which is your favorite Batman movie? Why? (14 answers)

 When you read a story told in the first person point of view, do you ever question the narrator's sense of judgement? Or do you take what they say without question? (6 answers)

 Soo....if I came up to you and started taking off my clothes, how would you react? (27 answers)

 Who is your favorite Star Wars character? Why? (22 answers)

 Which is your favorite Star Wars movie? Why? (17 answers)

 If you could make one part of your body bigger, and another part of your body smaller, what would they be? (21 answers)

 Ladies, is it really that embarassing to have your nipples push through your top (wether it be because you're cold, excited, etc)? Why? (28 answers)

 How did you first discover masturbation? (21 answers)

 Describe the style of clothing that you typically wear. (32 answers)

 Would you know what to do if you got caught in a rip current at the beach? (21 answers)

 What does your typical beachwear consist of? (27 answers)

 What ticks you off the most about the opposite sex (in general of course)? (37 answers)

 If you could safely make any changes to yourself mentally/personality-wise, what would you do? (25 answers)

 If you could safely make any changes to yourself physically, what would you do? (18 answers)

 How comfortable are you with the body that you have? (37 answers)

 Has anyone tld you that they masturbate to your pics? If so, what was your reaction? (28 answers)

 Girls, which body spray/deodorant do you like most on guys? (32 answers)

 Do you get annoyed by those ignorant people who don't know the difference between "there" and "their"? There is a difference in their meaning. (34 answers)

 Do you remember the twenty-first night of September? (24 answers)

 Which plays have you seen performed live? (28 answers)

 How well did you know your first girlfriend or boyfriend when you told him/her you liked them? (24 answers)

 What happened exactly at the end of The Matrix: Revolutions? I still dont understand what happened and why it happened. (15 answers)

 If a girl asked you to Sadies, but youre still waiting for another girl (the one you would really like to go to the dance with) to ask you, how would you handle the situation? (10 answers)

 If you were going to compile a CD of love songs, which would be your top three songs? (30 answers)

 Which is your favorite party song? Who sings it? (18 answers)

 Which is the better console, Game Cube, X Box, or Playstation 2? Why do you think so? (23 answers)

 Girls, do you ever notice if guys get erections? Is that a turn off or turn on for you? (29 answers)

 How many pillows do you sleep with? (64 answers)

 What does your usual sleep attire consist of? (43 answers)

 What are your thoughts on pornography? (47 answers)

 Which is your favorite DDR song? Which is the hardest difficulty setting you can put it on and still pass? (15 answers)

 Which sport(s) do you play? Which is your favorite? How did you first get into playing them? (24 answers)

 If you could design the underside of a skateboard, which colors and images would you put there? (16 answers)

 What is wrong with the sentence, "It is important that you be on time"? (16 answers)

 Which is your favorite movie? Why? (24 answers)

 Do you feel uncomfortable working with a partner that you hardly know on a school project? (21 answers)

 What kind of underwear do you use, if any? (21 answers)

 Describe your ideal boyfriend's and/or girlfriend's looks and personality. (24 answers)

 If you could creat your own utopia, what would it be like? What would some rules and punishments include (if any)? (13 answers)

 Do you think that the majority of what you have learned up to this point in your life has been retrospective? (14 answers)

 You can ask me 6 questions. Any six no matter how personal, private or random. I have to answer them honestly. In turn you have to post this message in your own profile and you have to answer the questions that are asked to you (20 answers)

 Do you shower in the morning or at night? Why? (48 answers)

 How come many girls go public restooms in groups, or at least in pairs? (37 answers)

 Describe to me your dream breakfast. (34 answers)

 Ask me anything. I promise that I'll respond (28 answers)

 I got a video iPod for Christmas. Any suggested songs/ music videos/movies? (16 answers)

 I know a lot of people say that looks arent important in a relationship. Lets be honest, how important are they really to you? (38 answers)

 Take a stab at my hieght. How tall do you think i am? (34 answers)

 What's your definition of sexy? (36 answers)

 If you could be the opposite sex for the day, what would you do? (31 answers)

 What was the craziest costume that you wore for Halloween? (21 answers)

 Have any embarassing stories? Do tell. (26 answers)

 What personality triats do you like in guys/girls? (26 answers)

 What physical features do youfind attractive in a guy/girl? (36 answers)

 What makes a person boyfriend/girlfriend material? (24 answers)

 Are you content with your current height? (62 answers)

 Girls, do you get offended when guys stare at your breasts when you talk to them? (55 answers)

 If you could change anything about me personality-wise, what would it be? Why? (18 answers)

 If you could change anything physically about me, what would it be? Why? (18 answers)

 Whats your favorite video game? (38 answers)

 Which iPod do you own? (39 answers)

 Are you familiar with Guybrush Threepwood? (15 answers)

 Do you listen to Motion City Soundtrack? (23 answers)

 How many Filipinos do you know? (44 answers)

 Which is your favorite swim stroke? (38 answers)

 Boxers or briefs? (54 answers)

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