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Horovolence's Q & A
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 Does anyone know who "the cappies" are? (2 answers)

 How old is too old to go trick or treating? (4 answers)

 If "ignorance is Bliss" why isnt the world more peaceful? (4 answers)

 Which is worse a person with an ego or a person that has low self-esteem?  (10 answers)

 Has anyone ever heard of or played Honey if you Love me....  (10 answers)

 Im bored.....how do u stay entertained all summer?  (10 answers)

 when school starts will you be online just as much or will you find better things to do?  (11 answers)

 Who here wears "sex" bracelets?  (15 answers)

 When you talk to new people online do you ever consider they are lying and they are really child molestors? (10 answers)

 Why do guys admit to masterbating but girls wont?  (17 answers)

 boxocereal: I don't know.
 carls: it's kind of like a domino effect, one guy admits it, everybody else admits it.
 turnthelightsoff: i dont knwo....i have admitted it so many times but none of my friends will...but some i believe havent ever done it...how tragic...they are missingout
 strong_bad: because we all know every guy does it, or has done it one time or another. As for girls, more than %90 have done it more that %85 say they will do it again and %80 say they do it on a regular basis
 poetrykid86: cuz they have no sense and they're aren't ashamed to say that since they can't have sex with a girl they would do it with their hand lol.
 Jasonthevampire: i dont know....i'm a guy!
 DaSeXyRiCaN: cuz they're ashamed of it
 SlipknotBabe: Well, every guy I know admits it but I honestly do not masturbate although some people tell me I'm weird and that EVERYONE does it whether they admit it or not. Well, I find it to be gross and I've never even tried it. ICK!
 Guest bluegurl101: i will admit it
 -Sigrid-: Because I don't
 crazy_bout_thingz: coz guys ..r weird in tht way, lol
 msgooden: I wont because i think it's like-real embarrassing to tell my best buddy like, "Hey gurl guess wat? I needed sum dick laz night but since i couldnt find my MAN, i used my HAND!"-just too wierd
 tr00pa: guys dont care women are more private
 frenchbillyboy: the girls i know admit it, its not a shame !
 grinder_rave: Women have to keep up a certain image so no one thinks anything negative like that about them. Its all to help the show
 KidmanHardy: Guys just don't care..... It feels good. that's all we care about.

 Why do most mormal guys like to watch girls make-out? (11 answers)

 Is it really all about the he said/she said bullshit?? (8 answers)

 Anyone in a Love/Hate relationship?  (12 answers)

 What do you think about completely random comments?  (12 answers)

 Does anyone , other than me play DDR?  (12 answers)

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GageAlainLonnaganOh happy day !!!!!!!!!! The SEX questions are back. Will C and me are so pleased ! HI wILL
BarbaraKannFor the girls, do you prefer having intercourse, having your p*ssy licked/fingered, or sucking a guys dick??
BarbaraKannGirls, spit or swallow?
BarbaraKannFor the girls, when having sex do you prefer being on the bottom, on top, or from behind?
BarbaraKannFor the guys, do you prefer intercourse or oral sex until you cum?
ceaser2how many girls here ever thought about adding photo's of themselves dancing?
ceaser2how many girl's here like to dance?
iBoy2G8/22: What is your opinion of Hillary Clinton?
iBoy2G8/22: If Sarah Palin ran against Hillary Clinton in 2016, which would you vote for?
iBoy2G8/22: Are you looking forward to the first female President in 2016?
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