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GreenTurtle's Q & A
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 If you could erase one day in your life what would it be? (114 answers)

 Have you ever experienced true love? (118 answers)

 What is your favorite movie of this past year? (77 answers)

 Where is the most beautiful place you have ever been to? (78 answers)

 UnknownMisfit01: Duke Gardens.
 boxocereal: Hawaii.
 CoolMatt24: Some Greek islands off of the south-west coast of Turkey. Minus the people they're like little pieces of heaven.
 SerenaLH: Drove through Colorado On a road trip once, the mountain were amazing
 SerenaLH: Drove through Colorado On a rode
 maggot17: Raleigh Nc sad but true
 sargent_froggie: The places I used to dream of
 being: yellowstone
 Vadik: Tecate, Mexico for like nature. St. Petersburg, Russia for city.
 Elliott07: Ireland :D
 vettesfan: Baltimores Inner Harbor
 HelloHellicopter: Wolfridge in Minesota. All the hills and the lakes. great view.
 PanicPinkMonkey: the view off of Lake Erie
 mymindkillsme: north carolina is nice.
 bretth4: sleeping bear dunes in Northern Michigan
 WebWizard: Turkey
 KennyWWE: whitby
 nikki_bikki: Cairns
 Gazzer: A beach in Phuket thailand watching the sun sink below the horizon
 ZytO95487: Italy was amazingly beautiful, as was France
 TinaMaxis: school
 TinaMaxis: school
 clouded_vision: um... man-made the taj mahal. natural either the himalayas or the swiss alps. so hard to pick.
 always_on_time: ireland
 Jordan_Taylor88: San Franisco
 hollistercutie4: I really enjoyed being in Hawaii
 joe-3: I like going to Black Waterfalls in WV, The shenandoah national park was nice too
 Actress_Star: Into town in Puerto Rico and New York skylines.
 Smartguy06: "The Mall of America" in Minnesota
 petuniacookie: The most beautiful place that I've ever seen is this tiny little spot off of the eastern edge of the rockie mountains, where there was this gorgeous waterfall going down into a massive canyon
 tOUCHthesun: I don't think I've been anywhere particularly beautiful. I grew up in an industrial city, so count that out. York is alright I suppose. It's pretty. I've been to Egypt, but that wasn't really pretty, it was just sand and more sand. Cala Galdana bay in Menorca maybe.. I dunno.
 KindaEyeWantTo: rural England, the city of Montreal, the Outer Banks of North Carolina.
 josh45: the beaches of the California coastline, especially in the morning and at sunset
 MrPlatypus: Sedona, Arizona, with the red rocks against the setting sun in the west.
 mrgdot: Rockies in British Columbia
 eyedunnowhy: Erm...not too many...I've been stuck here in Texas...*shrugs* I do like the scenic drive in the direction of Dallas though...well, I like the land that way
 xoheysunshineox: i really havent been anywhere beautiful. but i would have to say my hometown of princeton, nj.
 Usul: Bolinas, California
 lineth: the hearts of some of my friends....... ^_^-
 jazzyshowgirl: this rest stop along I-5 in northern California. it is very nice. sorry i havent been many places.
 MdPais: Switzerland
 agustus: forest in Phuket on an elephants back
 Krov: Physically, nothing outstanding, somewhere in southern Utah with red rock. But the true beauty is found some place emotionally or mentally, and there is no name for it other than love.
 Naushika: Hawaii.
 StarWindWizard7: Celebration of the Oaks. It's during Christmas only... beautiful lights and buildings.. in a large garden... hard to explain.
 kimberlyfly: cayman islands / wyoming
 diamondkitten378: Oh so many. Some of which have been in the very towns I've lived, but they're usually overlooked. The mountains of Georgia and Kentucky are especially beautiful along with many, many lakes across the eastern US.....

 Where have you lived most of your life? (107 answers)

 If you had to, could you cook for yourself for a month? (102 answers)

 What's your favorite outdoor activity? (78 answers)

 Are your parents your friends or your foes? (85 answers)

 How do you mend a broken heart? (72 answers)

 If 'tomorrow never comes,' would you be glad at all your accomplishments? (78 answers)

 Is YOUR life a challenge, or an adventure? (92 answers)

 What flower is your favorite? (88 answers)

 Your friends say you are Funny or Serious? (101 answers)

 What makes you smile immediately? (103 answers)

 If your shadow could talk to you, would it be proud of what you have done in your life? (73 answers)

 When you 'think' that all that you have done, isn't enough.. what keeps you going? (74 answers)

 If you could change one thing about yourself, what would that be? (84 answers)

 What makes you the happiest in your life?  (98 answers)

 Where do you expect to be in 10 years?  (89 answers)

 If you could find a window for your tomorrow..what would you choose to do?  (65 answers)

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