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Gerbilman's Q & A
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 Yo. I am the Hardcore Burger King whore bitches!!! WORSHIP ME! lol (10 answers)

 How come whenever you get a saturday off work, you can never find anything to do? (13 answers)

 Have you ever met any of the people you're friends with online in person? Lestatsdaughter, you don't count since oyu introduced me! lol (21 answers)

 Am I like the ONLY guy who's addicted to build a bear workshop? *blushes* (15 answers)

 Who else hates it when you're depressed and try to go to sleep, and you just can't stop thinking. (25 answers)

 Why is it when I'm depressed, my "friends" turn away? (12 answers)

 Some guy called me a fatass last night, and yet, this douche bag could barely f*cking fit in his car! LMFAO!!! What a dumbass! (18 answers)

 PEOPLES HI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (14 answers)

 I'm stumped on what to ask, so, how are ya'll? lol (17 answers)

 Who else is sick of people and the hotties thing? They bitch about no one being "hot" on here, and then when they find an "attractive" person, they give them a one and say it's not them. You guys see the irony? (18 answers)

 Who else is in love? I know I am. ; ) (35 answers)

 How is everyone today? ^_- (18 answers)

 Who else likes nachos? (30 answers)

 Why do people alawys take my stupid questions seriously? I never mean anything, I'm just joking! (24 answers)

 You horny bastards. lol (20 answers)

 Who else hates their parents? (48 answers)

 Your mom. (36 answers)

 i've got the urge, to herbel! lol (15 answers)

 I like big butts and I cannot lie! lol (24 answers)

 I will rule the world one day, so get used to it! Damn I'm bored! lol (12 answers)

 Who else likes dragons? (21 answers)

 I'm bored. (12 answers)

 Damn Oakdale California sucks! lol (10 answers)

 Oh man! I went through 5 cups of coffee to stay up and finish my homework! Damn! (14 answers)

 Who thinks Lestatsdaughter is a dork? lol Just joking Lestats daughter! You know I love you! lol (7 answers)

 Poof! You are now under my control and will give me all your money! Damn I'm bored! lol (12 answers)

 Wow. This place is dead right now! lol (13 answers)

 Who else feels that humans are actually the lowest form of life? (18 answers)

 Chika chika ow chika ow wow chika bow! lol (11 answers)

 What is your biggest test of friendship that you give to people? Mine is telling them I'm bi. (14 answers)

 My friend was just beat to a pulp tonight by a gang for protecting his fiance. Isn't it amazing how people will treat other human beings? (17 answers)

 Oh my God! It's a trouser snake! (19 answers)

 Who feels this way: The more people you meet, the more you love your dog? I know I feel like that. (15 answers)

 Who else just woke up? lol (15 answers)

 Girls, who thinks I'm cute? (13 answers)

 Who out there is from California? (17 answers)

 Who wants to rate and leave feedback on my hotties profile? (7 answers)

 Man I'm bored! Will someone please tell me something interesting? (13 answers)

 Wow. There is like no hot girls on the road today. Girls, do you think you're hot or do you not give two ****'s about society's view on beauty? (15 answers)

 Who else is bored as hell? (15 answers)

 What do you guys out there do to pass time when your in a car? (11 answers)

 Eww! He just ate it! Ow, nasty. Ewww! (10 answers)

 Why do people pick their nose in the middle of trafic? I'm on my lap top in my friends car and some douche in the car next to me is doing it and it's ****ing gross! (14 answers)

 Why are roommates such a pain in the ass? lol (12 answers)

 Who else likes Family Guy? Seth McFarlene is a freakin' genius. (15 answers)

 Who else hates their neighbors? (16 answers)

 Who feels that life is too short to not have fun? (15 answers)

 Guys, what do you look for in a girl? (4 answers)

 Will you pull my finger? (15 answers)

 If a monkey started a poop fight with you, would you run away, tell the zoo keeper, or jump in the cage and throw your own crap right back at it? (15 answers)

 How come people are so stupid?!?! (21 answers)

 Dude. Two chicks are fighting right in front of my house! Who wants front row tikets? lol (14 answers)

 Have any of you had a person that you thought was close to you, break your heart? No need for details. (16 answers)

 DO you prefer the company of the same sex or the opposite sex? (26 answers)

 Please rate my pic! I'll give you a dollar! lol (14 answers)

 Who out there likes cheese?!?! (26 answers)

 Girls, do like guys that just want to be good friends and nothing more, or not? (20 answers)

 Giant Hamsters!!! (17 answers)

 How many girls out there like computers? Lestatsdaughter, I already know that you do! (18 answers)

 Who knows some absolutly useless knowledge out there. You know, like how fast a sneeze is for example. (19 answers)

 Why are people fasinated by only sex these days? Perverts! (22 answers)

 Girls, what do you look for in a guy? (24 answers)

 Who still likes cartoons? (I still do! I'm a big kid at heart! :P) (29 answers)

 What's your favorite thing to do when your alone? (28 answers)

 Do you have more friends of the opposite sex or the same? (36 answers)

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