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Eclipse2003's Q & A
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 Favourite meme? (4 answers)

 Would you consider 70+ posts per day and over 2500 hours posting on the forums excessive? (6 answers)

 Who is your tip for the Republican nomination at this stage? (4 answers)

 Is it as often the case that when somebody feels the need to tell somebody they love them, constantly every single time they talk, that they're trying to convince themselves of that as much as anything else? Isn't love a little beyond spamming <33 (4 answers)

 UnknownMisfit01: Yeah, I guess so.
 hayliehalze666: oh my. thats a really deep thought.it could also be that the one that says i love you all the time thinks that the other person doesn't have as deep of feelings, so theyre hoping that when they say i love you that theyll get an "i love you" back because maybe they never hear it?
 boxocereal: I agree with nirvanalove. It may not be to convice themselves but maybe they think that's the best way to express love.

 Some say that to provide audiences with a performance devoid of any emotion and depth whatsoever , Kristen Stewart was murdered pre-production and replaced by a cyborg. Any merit to this theory? (6 answers)

 So who else has won the Login To Win game here at SCN? 7 years that bitch took me to win. (10 answers)

 Is Twilight proof that there is a God and that he really, really hates humans? (8 answers)

 What's your favourite activity or hobby? (12 answers)

 Which questions haven't been asked yet? (5 answers)

 Why do fighters/racers feel the need to thank god after every victory? As if their training and dedication played zero part.... (7 answers)

 Why does Joe Rogan feel the need TO SHOUT ALL THE GODDAMN TIME ABOUT NOTHING?!?!?!! (4 answers)

 Robot HOUSE!!!! (2 answers)

 What would make my profile more appealing to you? (5 answers)

 Two cars are traveling down a motorway, one is being driven by a black man moving at 30mph, the other by a giraffe at 100mph, which driver will be stopped first and beaten heaviest? (6 answers)

 What responsibilities come with freedom of speech and the freedom to protest peacefully? (5 answers)

 I would like to read everything, sample the work of greatest writers in the world. But I can't seem to focus my mind for long enough, to absorb the words, how do you concentrate on a new book? How can you be interested in almost any theme? (8 answers)

 How compatible is the theory of evolution with christianity? Is a belief in evolution necessarily a block on a belief of an intelligent design? (6 answers)

 Did you know that political correctness, used to be called spastic-gaytalk? (5 answers)

 I have now answered 3000 questions, I can't help but think of all those hours, what could I have done with the time it took to post 3000 responses? (10 answers)

 Would all feast days be celebrated with equal vigour if like St Patricks Day they were associated with getting drunk for no good reason? (4 answers)

 People who hate the police for whatever absurd reason, would they prefer a society which had no form of law enforcement whatsoever? In what way would life be better if criminality was allowed to flourish unchecked? (12 answers)

 "Luck is probability taken personally." Agree or disagree? Does luck exist & ifso can you prove it? or is it a complete fallacy? (6 answers)

 All knowledge is good (be it on religion, evolution, history etc) and only how that knowledge is used can be deemed good or bad. Thoughts? (8 answers)

 Plagiarism, naughty naughty, copying and pasting entire passages word for word and posting them as questions, apparently so you look clever with the fancy words included in it, for shame. Thoughts on plagiarists? (13 answers)

 If I begin peddling random statistics from equally random sources on both important and irrelevant social issues, will that make me look smart to? (10 answers)

 How can a woman complain about the way other women are portrayed in the media etc, when the very same people buy the celebrity magasines and are scathing in their opinions of the looks of others? Is it all not just a tad bit self-inflicted? (7 answers)

 Why such a keen fascination with celebrity culture & gossip? (11 answers)

 Have you ever found that the chase is often the most exciting and rewarding part of getting with somebody that you like? That the uncertainty, hard to get phase is essential? (11 answers)

 America's Next Top Model, shallowest most pointless show on the air? Modelling, another way of declaring oneself as talentless? (9 answers)

 Some people come into your life for a fleeting moment and you think to yourself that even though you don't know this person, you would gladly change everything about you for them, what can you say to this person to make them understand? (6 answers)

 Humans are immeasurably more intelligent than any other species, we have formed civilisations, the rule or law, developed technology, cured diseases etc. Evolution/Nature has given us this power, in what way then are other animals our equals? (7 answers)

 To follow-up a previous question I posted in the same spirit, still why so fat? (5 answers)

 What is the worst, most pointless, least educated response you ever received to a serious question you posted? (10 answers)

 http://www.ebaumsworld.com/video/watch/918493/ Thoughts? (4 answers)

 Where exactly does the remote control go when it decides to hide away? (8 answers)

 What role if any does homosexuality have within nature? Is it simply an anomoly, albeit a common one? I cant personally see how it is supposed to be apart of our design, when procreation is necessary for the survival of a species. Thoughts? (8 answers)

 Lets assume for a moment that it was once infact Snow White and the 9 dwarves, but political correctness removed two of them due to their offensive names, what do you think that they may have been called? e.g F@ggy & Rapey. (7 answers)

 Why take the time to learn about a specific subject when you can simply make broad generalisations and wild unfounded accusations? Takes less intelligence afterall, so it's all good. (7 answers)

 Conspiracy theories, popular because people are often more willing to believe the fantastical than accept the less interesting reality? (8 answers)

 There are many undemocratic nations in the world, should pressure be put on them to conform and develop democracy or should they like the Western world, be allowed to find their own way and develop naturally over time? (7 answers)

 I feel that being a fanatical supporter of Obama, to see his as the Messiah is wrong, but to assume nothing will change & being totally negative about him is equally foolish, isn't taking a balanced view much more worthwhile than either extreme? (7 answers)

 Randomly picking up news stories off of the internet and then passing them off as a sign of a general societal trend in a vain attempt to justify your messed up views of the world, gay? (7 answers)

 A virginal nymphomaniac, any other good oxymorons you've heard lately? (18 answers)

 If you created a new special crime fighting team which consisted of ridiculous characters who would you choose and why? Mine would be, Count Chocula, the Sugar Puffs monster, Caligula, Jack the Ripper and Comical Ali, why the hell not? (7 answers)

 To what extent is it possible to attain a high level of freethinking? (9 answers)

 Black men & woman seem to effortlessly dominate the top levels of most athletic disciplines, why do you think that is? (10 answers)

 "Nothing in the world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity." I have to agree Mr King, alot of that on SCN these days, thoughts? (10 answers)

 Using race, gender, excessive weight or sexuality to prop up or justify a poor argument, gay no? (8 answers)

 Touching nerves is fun! I say we legalise the hunting of fat people, imagine the feast at the end of it!! Mmmm do you want sauce with that? (16 answers)

 -Insert pretentious sounding, self-righteous & nonsensical question here- I want to sound smart afterall don't I? (5 answers)

 Anybody else missing ZombieWop? *tear* (10 answers)

 Why so fat? (17 answers)

 Due to recent energy problems & any future crisis, we must expand toward alternative fuels, and one in particular has been overlooked for too long. Our fat people, the roasting of one obese person will power a town for week, *tear* thoughts? (10 answers)

 Why do some people think that everything revolves around them? How can we help these poor unfortunate souls? (8 answers)

 Why ask questions only to dismiss the answers you dislike? (7 answers)

 What do you think were the key reasons behind John McCains defeat? (14 answers)

 Have you heard the Sarah Palin prank call? Impressions? http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=-9UBx8-j8Nc (4 answers)

 a_boy_alone_cam_15, on a scale of 1 to 15 trillion (15 trillion being rather desperate) how desperate is he in your opinion? (16 answers)

 I'm hyper, it's nearly 8am and I ain't slept yet, the last vestiges of energy are seeping out of my system, i'm desperately ingesting skittles and lucozade, but it ain't working, can I have a hug? (15 answers)

 Do humans have a mating season? If not, why is autumn so darn arousing? (17 answers)

 Did you know that in the police station depicted in Resident Evil 2, there isn't a single toilet? (12 answers)

 What is the best movie you have ever seen from the Far East? and why? (9 answers)

 Who was the greatest captain in the history of all star trek series and movies? and why? (7 answers)

 William Shatner...the closest thing to God on this Earth? Come on!! Spoken word variations of classic songs, who else but the Shatner could be so masterfullly crap. (10 answers)

 What is the greatest movie trilogy? Has any trilogy gotten better with each successive sequel? (17 answers)

 If Battle Royale was real and you took part in the game, do you think you would play? What would you do? (7 answers)

 Do Democrats cause cancer? Find out on www.foxnews.com, your voice for evil! (13 answers)

 How accurate a representation of the Republican party does the Simpsons present? The Springfield Republican party consists of Mr Burns, Rainier Wolfcastle, Bob Dole, a crazy Texan, Krusty the Klown and Count Chocula. (3 answers)

 Any good news in the world right now I should know about? or are we just all doomed? (12 answers)

 What serious topics do you find yourself no longer giving a damn about? (19 answers)

 What is your favorite line from any movie? (20 answers)

 How many people on here can you name who are obnoxious in the way they answer questions? (20 answers)

 Why do you think SCN is so popular? In spite of the existance of Facebook and Myspace. (21 answers)

 What characteristics or personality traits do you dislike most in a person? (29 answers)

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