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DudaDude's Q & A
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 What do you believe is true love or the feeling of love? (5 answers)

 Should i delete my profile? I don't know i rarely get on any more i've been a member since 2003 so lol? (4 answers)

 What is opinion of myspace over the student Center? (7 answers)

 I hate daylight savings....Well i hate my govenor for putting our state on it... (3 answers)

 boxocereal: =(
 Db7d: i hate it too
 PRIMO: I know. I lose an hour sleep because of it.

 Have you meet your true love? (9 answers)

 What do you want for Christmas? (9 answers)

 Why do you think school was created for? (11 answers)

 Where do you think you are going to end up in life? (13 answers)

 Has god ever answered your prayers? (18 answers)

 What is the worst thing your ex did to you tht mad you jelous or angry? (18 answers)

 Wht do u think this world is coming to?  (9 answers)

 Have you ever broke up with your girlfriend or boyfriend for the stupiedest reasons? (12 answers)

 how was your day? (8 answers)


 Do u think you have a soulmate out there some where?  (20 answers)

 Do u think there is a another life out there in space?  (15 answers)

 Have you cybered? (18 answers)

 Who is you favorite celebrity? (12 answers)

 Wht do u think of the name dudadude? (12 answers)

 hell or heven where do u think your going? (20 answers)

 Do u ever wonder where you really belong ? (15 answers)

 wht do u think about me????? (13 answers)

 do u think u have a old soul or a young soul? (11 answers)

 i'm a mixed up person are you? (12 answers)

 do u ever wonder whether you made the right decision sometimes? (12 answers)

 where do u think we go after we die? (11 answers)

 Do you ever wonder if their is ny other life out their? (11 answers)

 Do u ever regret breaking up with someone or visa versa? (9 answers)

 (Rate my poem from 1 to 5)love is like a rose it grows and grows it keeps growing and growing and when the bad times come it strarts to wilt and the u try to stop it from wilting and it may get better or it may get worse tht is wht love is like. (7 answers)

 Why do girls say one thing and do another? (12 answers)

 wht is the worst thing that has happened to you body?? (11 answers)

 wht do u think your destiny is in life??? (9 answers)

 What r u going to be when you get older? (15 answers)

 Do u like guys who wrestle? (14 answers)

 Do u wish tht u could be closer to someone online ? (16 answers)

 (for the girls) do u love me or hate me (15 answers)

 Wht is the most important thing in life u really want? (16 answers)

 how old r u ????? (39 answers)

 do u have a phrase u like to use or a saying please write it here (23 answers)

 do u want to be my friend???  (20 answers)

 wht do u think of me???????? (14 answers)

 Where is the best place to go?????????  (14 answers)


 do u know of any good sites??( besides porn)  (9 answers)

 do u think u r going to hell or heven??? (14 answers)

 how do u know when u really like some one ???is it when your heart beats fast when u look at them (12 answers)

 wht is the most money u got for your birth day or how much have u ever had in your life (11 answers)

 wht do u want to do more than anything in the world???(Besides sex) (10 answers)

 Wht is your favorite song???? (11 answers)

 Who do u think made Crop cirlces??? (13 answers)

 Where has everybody gone??? (8 answers)

 Wht do u think life is all about (7 answers)

 wht is your favorit day of the year?(It can be a holiday,birthday,or just any day tht u like.) (10 answers)

 WHT do u think of my qestions? (5 answers)

 FORD (14 answers)

 wht do u want to be when u grow up????????????? (13 answers)

 wht would be the pefect guy for u girls?????????????????????? (7 answers)

 wht color r your eyes??? (17 answers)

 wht company of cars do u like? (10 answers)

 Wht kind of vehical would u like to have?? (11 answers)

 Is there any tht u like a lot?????? (6 answers)

 do u ever wonder y u r here on this planet if u think this write yes and if not no (11 answers)

 If u have a qestion tht u would like me to answer leave me a tag and i'll answer it the best i can.... (4 answers)

 do u think i'm nice, mean ,or stupied from wht in my profile (6 answers)

 Do u like guys who wrestle?????? (7 answers)

 do u think life is hard??????? (10 answers)

 Do u think it is wrong to date more than one guy or girl???  (17 answers)

 wht do u think of me????????  (5 answers)

 wht r u going to do on holloween night????? (6 answers)

 have u ever hear this song and did u like it ???"bye bye miss america pie drove chevy to the leavey but the leavey was dry them good old boys were drinking wisky and rie sing this be day tht i die (9 answers)

 Is it wrong to date a girl 1 year younger than me???? (11 answers)

 why is life so cunfuseing????? (7 answers)

 Do u like wrestling or wrestling super stars??? (8 answers)

 have u ever liked someone and u went out with them and they dumbed u in like less than a mounth?Did u still like them? (7 answers)

 who should make the first move to ask out a person?????????? (6 answers)

 who is your favorite super hero and why do u like tht one??? (4 answers)

 how many friends do u have and do u like them??? (10 answers)

 wht color do u like and why do u like tht color (7 answers)

 wht age r u going to wait to have sex??? (18 answers)

 how old do u wish u could be??? (18 answers)

 do u like to work out or watch ppl work out???? (10 answers)

 have u ever got hurt and wht was it and how did it happen??(tht includes love and hurting yourself ok) (10 answers)

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