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DreamyNightmare's Q & A
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 "remorse is cureless" do you agree with this Emily Dickinson quote? (1 answers)

 wrote a new poem today! definitely not like those dark poems from before on here. its about gays and those serious religious ppl. Will you read it? its called "a crucifixion of rainbows" (1 answers)

 omg! looking at some of the older questions ive posted here....i wish some of them werent posted lol anything on this site you don't like now that you've posted in the past? (1 answers)

 boxocereal: Not yet...lol

 a lot has changed with me since the last time i logged in here. life is much better. what changes have you made in 2 to 3 years? :) (2 answers)

 wow....havent been on this in nearly 2 years lol how is everyone? is this website still worth coming to? just curious (2 answers)

 check out my youtube video of me on my page! tell me what u think (1 answers)

 Someone told me....well god obviously enjoys porn because if he didn't he wouldn't want guys and girls to reproduce children! lol Do u agree????? (1 answers)

 Do u think Im cute??? Or just average looking??? (1 answers)

 Okayyy Wow After a horrible night....im finally ok :) (3 answers)

 I think i need a lot of help again. I just wrote a poem about me dying..in a way it sounds like a suicide note. Im not ok and Idk what to do. (4 answers)

 "Sing me to sleeo and then leave me alone. Don't try to wake me in the morning cause I will be gone....Deep in the cell of my heart, I will feel so glad to go" :( (3 answers)

 Plz check out my new poem! I love it and i think u will too! Its called "drink my soul" (2 answers)

 soooo I called A close friend of mine a crack whore and he goes im no lindsay Lohan!!!!......I reply Ok I never said u were lindsay, u have ur self an upgrade...ur amy whinehouse lmaooooo (5 answers)

 Okay...I really kind of don't like orianthi as a singer but omggg she is sooooo sick as an electric guitarist...check out the video i posted on my profile of her playing guitar...its heaven!!!! lol (5 answers)

 I need a hug :( like a major one....any body else feel that way (7 answers)

 I've forgot how it felt to smile until the month of july lol.....when is the last time u smiled??? :) (7 answers)

 " Love's not a competition but I'm winning" :) lol (6 answers)

 Heyy Tell me what u think about my new pics :) (2 answers)

 Wow I was really inspired by a few of my friends who do like poetry nights at coffee shops etc etc...I was inspired to write my first poem to use for spoken word nights at like a coffee shop..What do u think of the Poem...Its called paved roads (2 answers)

 "does it hurt to know I'll never be there? Bet it sucks to see my face everywhere! It was you who chose to end it like you did!!! I was the last to know but you knew exactly what you would do and don't say you simply way" XD (4 answers)

 What Is ur fav book of all time...Mine could possibly be a catcher in the rye lol :) (10 answers)

 I kind of don't like the band hit the lights but omgggg I love the song I posted on my profile...Its called on and on............What do u think????? (4 answers)

 Can't wait to see RESIDENT EVIL:AFTER LIFE!!!!! Im really thrilled about it....anyone going to go see it????? (6 answers)

 Red light, Green light, 1 2 3 lol (4 answers)

 Should I continue to write my poetry on here when I feel very very few enjoy it?? (11 answers)

 Does anybody wanna dance with me to the new song I posted on my page???? I am telling u this song has had me dancing for weeks!!!!!!! (4 answers)

 Who loves Fefe Dobson??? I <3 her she is too cute when She dances lol (3 answers)

 Who knew Kesha could actually sing lol XD The reason she got signed is on my page...Check it out!! I wish she would return to her old music (2 answers)

 Oh My Mothernature lol I think I just saw a ghost lol (4 answers)

 I love Nasa by Dance gavin dance!! Any body know it??If not check it out on my page (4 answers)

 plz someone request me as a friend lol I really hate odd numbers and my friend list has 241 -_- (4 answers)

 Omgg isn't this creepy?? My close friend never told me this but he freaking has a birthmark of the crucifix!!!!! How wild is that (2 answers)

 does any one have oovoo?? (4 answers)

 it never fails..I always end up alone :( (2 answers)

 Check out my new poem called bashing perfections....tell me what u think :) (3 answers)

 im so lonely :( (5 answers)

 "I feel my temperature rising for you!!! From 98 to a thousand it's true".............Sing a long is u know this song XD (2 answers)

 UGH!!! why isnt it tuesday!!! i wanna watch glee!!! Who likes that show :) (5 answers)

 Who likes the Vitamin String Quartet??? They Are Freaking awesome cause they take songs we love and turn them into violin instrumentals!! XD (3 answers)

 how does my new profile pic look? should i keep it or remove it?? :) (6 answers)

 "Im heavily broken and I don't know what to do" :( (2 answers)

 How do u feel about miley C. Song when I look ay you?? Like I don't like her at all as an artist but I have to admit That song is way too good lol (2 answers)

 Do u like this line i wrote???.......As the sunsets, the moon kisses the earth with its grace (4 answers)

 are u fabulous??? (5 answers)

 Hello Daddy, hello mom. Im your ch ch ch ch ch CHERRY BOMB!!!!!!.........I love this song soooo much!! anybody luv it?? (4 answers)

 I added some new pics finally! lol, What do u think of them? (2 answers)

 anybody wanna cause chaos with me?? lol :) (6 answers)

 im sooooo proud of my writing on this poem I just did and posted please check it out its called deadly sorrow never let us go (1 answers)

 I want some awesome songs to download....any ideas??? (6 answers)

 " Do you wanna touch? Do you wanna touch, where? there?"...........come ppl sing along if u know the lyrics to this song by joan jett and the blackhearts (2 answers)

 yay!.....happy new year all my fellow people on student.com :-) (8 answers)

 I believe this is how you say i love you in japanese...Anata ga daisuki desu.....anybody else know how to say i love u in a different language? (5 answers)

 So helllo :) Listen to the video i posted on my page!!! This Girl is amazing support her please!! I bought her cd on itunes and its sooooo good :) (1 answers)

 umm can someone tell me what they think about my last poem I posted. its calle he's 6 feet under the ground i stand (3 answers)

 I want to post a youtube video on my student profile. How do i do that? (3 answers)

 should I like even post poems anymore? cause I feel like my work sucks...im losing much cofidence in my writing (3 answers)

 Did anyone see the fourth kind when it came out? Did u like it? (2 answers)

 who enjoys hot chelle rae? They are an awesome band....just bought their cd (2 answers)

 oooooooo what have u ate for the holiday today :) (4 answers)

 Omg anyone wanna comment on my new main profile pic lol (3 answers)

 im bored make me laugh :) (5 answers)

 Who likes the song uncle bobby by flyleaf? I LOVE IT!!! (5 answers)

 Any body wanna dance with me right now? lets dance! (4 answers)

 anyone want to cry with me? :( (8 answers)

 do you agree with this quote.....when arrogance meets confidence that is the true destruction of man (5 answers)

 hey check out my new photo album....tell me what u think of my random pics :) (2 answers)

 Don't those one word response text messages annoy u? Like yesterday I texted someone and I said Happy thanksgiving and they texted one letter actually and that was k (7 answers)

 ok im not a fan of disney teen singers except for demi lovato.....but! I cant seem to deny the fact that I really enjoy that song send it on by demi, miley, the jo bros and selena G....do u like this song? (5 answers)

 May someone please tell me how my last poem is cause im dying to know what others think of it...its called you're just another macbeth. Thank you if u do check it :) (5 answers)

 Its has been a long time since I posted a poem...check out my new one called you're just another macbeth :) (1 answers)

 do you feel like you're wanted by someone? (12 answers)

 who likes britney Spears new song 3? (8 answers)

 umm how do i start a band? i know it's sorta a stupid question but where do i start? (7 answers)

 Who made u the boss of me? -crosses my arms and puts a mad face- lol (4 answers)

 ugh!! Im soooo tired of crying. Who cries a lot? (6 answers)

 what do you do when you feel like you've hurt someone emotionally? Cause i feel like i Have and I keep apologizing (5 answers)

 who has heard of the song black & Gold by Sam Sparo? If u have do u like it? I Love it (3 answers)

 who do you tell all ur secrets to? (14 answers)

 check my new "wanted" photo lol (2 answers)

 My heart hurts from sadness right now.....does anybody elses heart hurt from sadness right now? (8 answers)

 doesn't being ignored sucks?? (18 answers)

 i wanna be a real superhero with powers and all(lol) anyone wanna be my super cool sidekick? (9 answers)

 does any one wanna do a bit screamo with me...........AHHHHHHHHHHHH..........BLAHHHHHHHHHH........LAHHHHHHHHH.(lol) (4 answers)

 which is the one person u would slow dance with?? (7 answers)

 Will anyone check out my last two poems i did...it really would be helpful if i knew they are good or not. Thanks! (5 answers)

 i need to scream right now....any body wanna join me(AHHHHHHHH) (9 answers)

 whats ur fav. month? (15 answers)

 hello people of this land........lol check my new pics out (3 answers)

 who is ur fav. marvel hero or miscreant(mine is elektra) (8 answers)

 i suck and some ppl suck too...i need a boyfriend b4 skwl starts or before mid september.....any tips on how to get one? (6 answers)

 who likes the band the frames? i love their music (3 answers)

 whats the weirdest thing u got caught doing? (4 answers)

 I know this isnt a competition but i hate odd numbers...so does anyone wanna be my 100th friend on student (6 answers)

 what do u do when u feel that u have been betrayed and lied to by a good friend? cause right now thats how i feel. (5 answers)

 whats the worst thing u ever told someone or someone has told u? (6 answers)

 who supports t.w.l.o.h.a( i freaking love it so i support it!) (6 answers)

 does anyone like the band the gossip (5 answers)

 has anyone felt guilty about something lately (11 answers)

 i wanna be held and told everything will be alright....has anyone held u lately and told u things will be ok (9 answers)

 idk whats wrong with this world....do u have a clue? (7 answers)

 does anybody care about me anymore.....how many times Have u felt this way?? (11 answers)

 do u ever feel like running away?? (12 answers)

 what gets u to dance??? (8 answers)

 did anyone see the proposal?? I loved it...such a funny movie (13 answers)

 Anybody Sad One tree hill is ending next season??? I am....I love that show and been watching it for 7 Years (9 answers)

 who like's kelly clarkson's new single and video(Already gone)?? I love the song but the video is ok, but I still love kelly!!!!! (4 answers)

 How many times has your phone fell on the floor?? (17 answers)

 How Many Breaking Points Have you had in your teenage life?? (12 answers)

 Has anyone ever had pinkberry?? (Its the best frozen yogart place ever) (9 answers)

 what's the thing that you do the most when ur bored?? (14 answers)

 has anyone seen changeling( I saw it Four times......I LOVE IT SOOOO MUCH) (7 answers)

 what type of ipod do you have (13 answers)

 Anyone like Emarosa??? I love them and the lead singer's voice is to die for (6 answers)

 who likes paramore's new single(Ignorance)??? I Love it soooo much (11 answers)

 Who Enjoyed the movie the secret lives of bees(I freaking loved it....it made me cry lol) (10 answers)

 what would you name ur planet if you had one?? lol (12 answers)

 Who has changed your life forever?? (11 answers)

 I feel so lost and confused in my life.......does anyone feel this way today (12 answers)

 what is your favorite alanis morissette song?? (7 answers)

 i want to learn to control urges i have to do an old habbit, whats the best way to control urges??? (10 answers)

 who is ur fav. music artist?? (16 answers)

 watch me on youtube singing....and tell me what u think. Here is what u should put in until tomorrow(sung by michaelangelo)......it was an ok performance to me but tell me what u think !! (7 answers)

 I'm so stressed out about various things and my heart is so conflicted....what is the best way to get rid of some stress?? (12 answers)

 I feel so ugly and like I need to lose weight, how do I get my confidence up??. (13 answers)

 Who is ur favorite transformer character??? (10 answers)

 What would u name ur band??(Mine might be Jovial Morose) (13 answers)

 Does anyone wanna join american idol(I DO!!!!) (9 answers)

 who likes demi levato(I Love Her!!!) (14 answers)

 Anyone live in n.y.c (15 answers)

 who has died that u were close 2?(may my boyfriend rest in peace) (12 answers)

 Jessica alba or Jessica biel?? Which one do u like better?? (18 answers)

 Who Likes dane cook??(I love him, he's soooo freakin Funny) (10 answers)

 self mutilation.....does any one do it?? And if u don't mind, tell why?? (17 answers)

 do u beat ur slef up in ur head with words??( I have a problem with doing that a lot) (14 answers)

 Is it hard to say goodbye to a person u learn to like hard for anybody on this site to do?(I have some one whose leaving for college and I dont want to say goodbye) (7 answers)

 What is one song that really makes u sad?(I have like 2 many to mention) (9 answers)

 what is the most disturbing thing u can do with ur body?(I can twist my arm like 180 or like 200 degrees)(It's very freaky when people see it) (9 answers)

 which is ur fav. t.v show?? (19 answers)

 do u believe that one person can tear down ur ability to love the next person that u want 2 love?? (9 answers)

 what is ur fav character of one tree hill?? (10 answers)

 what would be ur stripper name if u were one?? (13 answers)

 who believes they're naive? And Why?? (13 answers)

 I need to lose another 10 pound, whats the best way to do that?(Im taking Martial arts already)(And i lost 25 pounds, so im at 196 from 221) (10 answers)

 Are you happy with the way that u look?? (23 answers)

 Does any body have serious, deep depression issues??? (17 answers)

 What is ur fav. kelly clarkson song( Mine is Maybe) (9 answers)

 who likes the band chiodos??( THEY'RE FREAKIN AMAZING) (7 answers)

 Who hasn't had their first kiss yet(Be Truthful) (17 answers)

 Who likes the song mercy by duffy? (12 answers)

 some rock bands make cool titles to their songs that don't even have to deal with the song. Can you make a cool, unique song name? (13 answers)

 what's a good website for messenger bags for cheap? (6 answers)

 do you have plans to go to college or are you not going? (15 answers)

 Rain or snow, which one is better to you? (22 answers)

 who do u believe is the best looking male celeb out there today? (15 answers)

 Do u think ur cute, hot, average, or just not good looking at all? Why do u believe this? (21 answers)

 one day I want to.................. (14 answers)

 Who's one of your fav. actresses(One of mine would have to be Natile Portman, Think I spelled her name wrong) (11 answers)

 Do you believe that in just one hour you can change someone's life around? (15 answers)

 whats the first thing that pops in ur head when the word red is said? (11 answers)

 Whats the worst injury you've ever had? (Mine was when I was 5, I hit my head on the side of something metal and a part of my head cracked open, and Something nasty came out) (14 answers)

 What is the worst nightmare you've ever had? (11 answers)

 do u believe that dreams are worthless or they're something we should hold on to and follow? (11 answers)

 What would be your superhero name be if you were one? (8 answers)

 What do you stand for in life? (13 answers)

 If you had one more wish to make before you died, what would it be? (14 answers)

 I've been dying for a movie version of the play Wicked 2 come out. Does anyone want a movie version 2 come out? (6 answers)

 do u think you'll die happy? (20 answers)

 What is the best quote you've ever heard? (17 answers)

 Have u cheated on the person u Love? Are You Proud of it? (15 answers)

 Who loves you the most? (19 answers)

 Does anyone remember the show BeetleBorgs? (12 answers)

 What is your best quality? (19 answers)

 Would It be hard for you to give up your social life? (20 answers)

 Are You worried about fashion (21 answers)

 how many times have you've got into a fight? (14 answers)

 do you agree with this saying from one tree hill? "People Always Leave" (14 answers)

 What is the wierdest thing you've ever done? (12 answers)

 What's ur fav. BooK? (16 answers)

 If u have Read "Death Note" Books what do u think of them? (6 answers)

 Has any one read the Death Note Books? (7 answers)

 Have u ever had a stalker? (18 answers)

 Which celeberty would play u if a movie was made about your life? (10 answers)

 What color is better Red, BLack, Blue or Orange? (22 answers)

 Where is your happy Place? (16 answers)

 "We either adapt to change or get left behind". Do u agree with this quote from Grey's Anatomy (10 answers)

 What's your fav. Number? (25 answers)

 who do u like better jennifer garner or Rosario Dawson? ( I love Both Of them, But I like Jen a little more) (10 answers)

 Does any one like my new profile picture? (4 answers)

 Who do u like better, Kelly Clarkson or Carrie Underwood ( KELLY ROCKS) (14 answers)

 I love my self for....... (13 answers)

 I Hate my self for....... (18 answers)

 What's your dream Job (18 answers)

 what's ur favorite movie of the year? ( Step up 2 is one of mine, have 2 many to say) (13 answers)

 Do u prefer the musical rent or moulin rouge (15 answers)

 who's your favorite celeberty couple?(Mine is Ben and Jennifer Garner (15 answers)

 What is the weirdest dream you ever had (13 answers)

 What do u think about paramore(I think they ROCK!!!) (19 answers)

 What is your craving right now(as in food) (22 answers)

 What is your favorite song? (26 answers)

 what's ur inner desire (22 answers)

 Which comic book character would you want to be? (14 answers)

 Which comic book hero would you want to be your body gard? (12 answers)

 Who Likes My Profile pic? (16 answers)

 What's a dirty little secret of yours?( Be truthful) (23 answers)

 To save ur girlfriends life, would u have sex with another guy to save her life? (29 answers)

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