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Dominicano1197's Q & A
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 I just LOVE when summer comes and there's nothing to do! (4 answers)

 are you part of any extracurricular activities at your school? (4 answers)

 how many live shows have you been to? (3 answers)

 Are you a CORNFLAKE girl or a RAISIN girl?? (2 answers)

 Hello Mr. Zebra, can I have your sweater? (3 answers)

 Favorite Female Artist???? (5 answers)

 Favorite movie of 2005? Me: Wedding Crashers! (5 answers)

 Best movie of the 2000's, so far? I LOVE MEAN GIRLS!!! (2 answers)

 Which female musician does everyone copy off of the most? (2 answers)

 Who would you consider THE DIVA? (4 answers)

 Do you prefer dramatic TV shows or comedic TV shows? (6 answers)

 Why do people make up sex stories, even though they're virgins? (4 answers)

 What's your favorite teen movie? Me: Mean Girls (4 answers)

 What TV show would you compare your life too? (5 answers)

 Why are people so impatient to do everything at once? (3 answers)

 Sex has been manufactured so much that freakin twelve year olds are dying to have sex! Can you believe that? (5 answers)

 Who is your favorite woman in Spanish-language music? (4 answers)

 Favorite Cosby Show character? Me: Clair Huxtable (6 answers)

 If you were part of a band, would you sing or play an instrument? (7 answers)

 Cheers or Frasier? (4 answers)

 Everybody Loves Raymond or Seinfeld? (7 answers)

 Which woman deserves the most respect in rock? (5 answers)

 Are you more spiritual or religious? (5 answers)

 Girls: Would you rather have big boobs or a big butt? (6 answers)

 Who's your all-time favorite Surreal Life cast member? Me: Pepa (4 answers)

 If you were a drag queen/king, which celebrity would you impersonate? (3 answers)

 Anyone else here love Shakira? (5 answers)

 Why are cross-dressing movies SO FUNNY? lol (2 answers)

 I don't really think Naima should've won this season of America's Next Top Model, do you? (6 answers)

 Favorite Winner Off America's Next Top Model? (5 answers)

 Favorite Album Of 2005, so far? Me: Bleed Like Me by Garbage (4 answers)

 Favorite Sex And The City Character? I LOVE ALL OF THEM! (4 answers)

 Favorite Performance By A Man In A Movie? (8 answers)

 Females: If you were a celebirty, would you want gay men to love you? (5 answers)

 The Surreal Life 5, Hogan Knows Best, or Celebrity Fit Club 2? (4 answers)

 Favorite Musical? Me: Gentlemen Prefer Blondes (4 answers)

 Favorite Season Of The Surreal Life? (1 answers)

 Roseanne, Fresh Prince, The Cosby Show, or Full House? (5 answers)

 Favorite Performance By A Woman In A Movie? (4 answers)

 Best rock chick of the 80's? My pick is Pat Benatar (5 answers)

 Xscape or SWV? (2 answers)

 What ya doin? (3 answers)

 Which, celebrity, past or present, would you really want to meet? (5 answers)

 Which celebrity do you think most fits the term: "FULL OF SH*T?" (4 answers)

 Elizabeth Taylor or Ingrid Bergman? (4 answers)

 Have you seen "Funny Girl"? (3 answers)

 Who do you think is the greatest woman in jazz? (3 answers)

 Dolly Parton or Loretta Lynn? I LOVE BOTH! (4 answers)

 Liza Minelli or her momma Judy Garland? (3 answers)

 Cher or Madonna? (5 answers)

 If u watch the Oscars, do u watch it to see what movies won or just to see what they wear? lol Me: Both (4 answers)

 Do u like to write poetry? (5 answers)

 Anita Baker or Patti LaBelle? (2 answers)

 Have u ever seen "real sex" on HBO? Isn't it NASTY? lol (4 answers)

 Which movie have you seen most recently? Me: Erin Brockovich (5 answers)

 What's the newest CD you bought? Me: GHV2 by Madonna (6 answers)

 Old Mariah or New Mariah? (9 answers)

 Don't you LOVE that song "All cried Out" by Lisa Lisa and Cult Jam (2 answers)

 I Will Always Love You by Whitney Houston or My Heart Will Go On by Celine Dion? (7 answers)

 Why is it OK for a girl to look like a guy but its degrading for a guy to look like a girl? (6 answers)

 Are there any gay guys here? (3 answers)

 I just came out to my mom, and I think she hates me. Do you think she might get over it? (9 answers)

 Scarface or Pulp Fiction? (4 answers)

 Are you an Elvis or Beatles person? (4 answers)

 Favorite Riot Grrl? Me: Shirley Manson (2 answers)

 Doesn't Janice Dickinson get on your last nerve? (5 answers)

 What do you do to get what you want? (4 answers)

 Why can people see shows about graphic plastic surgery and spouses killing each other but they can't show two people of the same sex kissing? (4 answers)

 Which artist do you think makes the best videos? (4 answers)

 What day does school start for you? I start Wednesday (11 answers)

 Favorite Mariah Carey Song? Me: Make It Happen (4 answers)

 Which Character On Will And Grace Is Sexier: Jack or WILL? (4 answers)

 Favorte Character On Living Single? (3 answers)

 Favorite Character On Will And Grace? (8 answers)

 Have u ever talked to DominicanChulo? If you have, isn't he a homophobic ******* that needs to rot in hell already? He's such a bastard! (4 answers)

 Which celebirty do u look up to the most? (5 answers)

 Favorite Bjork song? Me: Enjoy (2 answers)

 Which is the better gay anthem: I Will Survive or Vogue? (4 answers)

 Have you seen the special "Kathy Griffin Is Not Nicole Kidman"? (3 answers)

 Barbra Streisand or Bette Midler? (6 answers)

 Who would win in a fight between Oprah and Barbra Streisand? (9 answers)

 Don't you think it's hilarious when Tyra Banks goes from serious to ghetto girl in one second on "America's Next Top Model"? (5 answers)

 Favorite Marilyn Monroe movie? Me: Gentlemen Prefer Blondes (3 answers)

 Who's the better model: Tyra Banks or Cindy Crawford? (2 answers)

 Who's the better model: Tyra Banks or Cindy Crawford? (10 answers)

 Jill Scott or India Arie? (5 answers)

 Shirley Manson of Garbage or Gwen Stefani when she was in No Doubt? (10 answers)

 Gay Guys: Which female celebrity do you worship most? Me: MARIAH CAREY!!!! (3 answers)

 Janice Dickinson or Beverly Johnson? (4 answers)

 Chaka Khan or Teena Marie? (7 answers)

 Aretha Franklin or Diana Ross? (10 answers)

 TLC or Destiny's Child? (8 answers)

 Which is the better musical: Chicago or Grease? (11 answers)

 Favorite Classic Actress (60's and before)? Me: Marilyn Monroe (7 answers)

 Are your parents homophobic (12 answers)

 Weren't you glad to see the Fugees again on the 2005 BET Awards? (4 answers)

 Prince or Michael Jackson? (10 answers)

 Favorite Family Guy character? Me: Stewie (10 answers)

 Isn't Elton John A bitch? I mean, I like opinionated people, but enough is enough when you go against Tina Turner, Cher, and Madonna in a period of 5 years! (1 answers)

 Who's funnier: Ellen DeGeneres or Kathy Griffin? (8 answers)

 Why do people hate Kathy Griffin so much? I think she's awesome! (4 answers)

 How does this sound for an album title: Angst-Ridden Queer (6 answers)

 Do you plan on ever having kids? (8 answers)

 Best decade in R&B? Me: 70's (6 answers)

 Have you seen "To Wong Foo Thanks For Everything Julie Newmar"? If you have, isn't Wesley Snipes the fugliest drag queen you've ever seen? (3 answers)

 Who's better: Donna Summer or Diana Ross when she started doing disco? I'm sorry I don't know why I'm so fascinated with disco today lol (2 answers)

 Which female celebrity do drag queens impersonate more: Tina Turner, Cher, or Madonna? (10 answers)

 Favorite Disco Song? Me: Don't Leave Me This Way (3 answers)

 Isn't Disco FABULOUS!!! I LOVE DISCO!!! lol (4 answers)

 Are you a singer songwriter or a soul sista? (5 answers)

 I get so weak in the knees, I can hardly speak, I lose all control, then somethin takes over me...recognize that song? (5 answers)

 Favorite TLC Member? Me: T-Boz (4 answers)

 Favorite Spice Girl? lol. Me: Ginger (10 answers)

 Ladies, would you describe yourself as fierce or fabulous? (5 answers)

 which instrument do you like to hear more: Piano or acoustic guitar? (5 answers)

 Favorite Female Superhero? Me: Storm (8 answers)

 Favorite Movie Romance? Me: Scarlett and Rhett in Gone With The Wind (7 answers)

 Favorite TV Couple? Me: Carrie and Mr. Big from Sex And The City (7 answers)

 Ain't B5 ADORABLE? I LOVE them, which is really weird cause I usually hate boy bands! (4 answers)

 Which is better: 70's R&B like Marvin Gaye and Al Green or 90's R&B like Babyface and Mary J. Blige? (4 answers)

 Favorite slow jam artist? Me: Mary J Blige (4 answers)

 Favorite slow jam? Mine: If I Ever Fall In Love Again by Shai (3 answers)

 What is ur nationality? Me: I think you already know...lol (11 answers)

 Do u love or hate Mariah Carey? I happen to LOVE her! (8 answers)

 Favorite Girl Group? Me: TLC (6 answers)

 Who's your favorite cartoon character? Me: Stewie from Family Guy (8 answers)

 Who's ur favorite female rapper? Me: Missy Elliott/Lauryn Hill (8 answers)

 Aren't Janis Joplin's and Billie Holiday's life stories kind of the same? Both are amazing by the way (3 answers)

 Favorite 90's Movie? Me: American beauty (4 answers)

 Favorite 70's movie? Me: The Godfather (3 answers)

 Favorite 80's Movie? Me: When Harry Met Sally (3 answers)

 Favorite 70's movie? Me: The Godfather (2 answers)

 Favorite PJ Harvey Album? Me: Dry (1 answers)

 Favorite Tori Amos Album? Me: Under The Pink (2 answers)

 I just got into Garbage and I LOVE them. What album do you think I shoudl buy first (Garbage fans)? (2 answers)

 Favorite Janet Jackson Album? Me: Velvet Rope (2 answers)

 Favorite Bjork Album? Me: homogenic (3 answers)

 Favorite Mariah Carey album? Me: Butterfly (3 answers)

 Favorite Madonna Album? Me: Bedtime Stories (3 answers)

 Who's ur favorite gay/lesbian artist/band? Me: Elton John (6 answers)

 Who's ur favorite diva? Me: MARIAH CAREY!!!! (6 answers)

 Straight girls and gay guys: Who's the sexiest male wrestler in WWE? Me: RANDY ORTON!!! (4 answers)

 Straight girls and gay guys: Who's the sexiest male wrestler in WWE? Me: RANDY ORTON!!! (3 answers)

 Isn't Ellen DeGeneres awesome? (8 answers)

 TRL (MTV), Top 20 Countdown (VH1), or 106 & Park (BET)? (4 answers)

 Roseanne, Grace Under Fire, Living Single, A Different World or Ellen? (10 answers)






 Who's more influential: Joni Mitchell or Kate Bush? (2 answers)

 Which Living Single character are you? I'm Regine (5 answers)

 Isn't Tori Amos the new version of Kate Bush? (2 answers)

 are you a diva or a rocker chick? (8 answers)

 Whos the coolest rock chick of all time? My pick: Bjork (5 answers)

 Whos ur favorite chracter in X-Men? I like Storm because shes FABULOUS (7 answers)

 Isn't it true that Living Single paved the way for shows like Sex And The City and Girlfriends? (4 answers)

 How about the biggest gay icon out of these: Mariah Carey, Janet Jackson, or Whitney Houston? (6 answers)

 if u could describe me in one word after u saw my profile, what would it be? (6 answers)

 Who is the bigger gay icon out of the following: Cher, Madonna or Barbra Streisand? (9 answers)

 Why the hell do people think that all gay people listen to is cheesy dance and techno crap? (6 answers)


 Favorite Classic Rock Band? Me: Heart (6 answers)

 Favorite Video Game? (5 answers)

 Do you guys mind reading my short story "High Schooler's Anonymous: 4 Years Of Hell" in Short Stories? (1 answers)

 Which 80's movie icon are you? I'm Ferris Bueller (3 answers)

 Which music diva are you? I'm Janet Jackson! (2 answers)

 Aint Tom Cruise a sexy ass bitch? (6 answers)

 Don't you hate it when you know exactly what to say in a speech for class, but when you go up there you totally freeze? (4 answers)

 Don't u LOVE when it's Friday? (13 answers)

 Which female celebrity do you think should win "Best Dressed Of All Time"? Me: Nicole Kidman (4 answers)

 Who are your Top 5 Celevrity Guys? Mine: Tom Cruise, Vin Diesel, LL Cool J, George Clooney and Pharrell Williams. MM MM MM MM MM! (6 answers)

 What happens when you have en electric car and it's raining? (7 answers)

 Who is your favorite female artist? (7 answers)

 Which Sex And The City character are you? I'm Samantha (4 answers)

 For those of you who didnt get my question I meant: if you're straight, who is your gay crush, and if you're gay, who is your straight crush? (3 answers)

 Which WWE Diva Are You? I'm Lita (5 answers)

 Which Roseanne Character Are You? I'm Darlene (3 answers)

 Which Sesame Street Character Are You? I'm ERNIE! (4 answers)

 Which Simpsons Character are you? I'm Ralph Wiggum LOL (3 answers)

 Bjork, Tori Amos or PJ Harvey? (4 answers)

 Music-Wise, would you pick Madonna, Janet Jackson, Whitney Houston, or Mariah Carey? (9 answers)

 How about the worst Actress EVER? (8 answers)

 Who is the worst actor EVER? (7 answers)

 If you had anybody's singing voice,whose would you have?  (15 answers)

 If you could be one of the 5 characters in The BReakfast Club,which one would you be? (11 answers)

 Janis Joplin is the greatest woman in music history.Agreed? (6 answers)

 Who has the best voice:Janis Joplin,Grace Slick(from jefferson Airplane),or Ann Wilson(from heart)? (3 answers)

 Isn't UK the greatest country,music-wise (8 answers)

 Do you guys mind reading muh journal thank u very much for ur convenience  (2 answers)

 Wow,I've asked 94 questions!I got a lot of time on my hands  (2 answers)

 Despite being an attention-craving psychopathic bitch,isn't Courtney Love cool?  (5 answers)

 What is your favorite band?  (13 answers)


 Favorite 80's Album?Me:Thriller (3 answers)

 Favorite '80's Artist?Me:Madonna (2 answers)

 Favorite Album Of The '90's?Me:Jagged Little Pill (4 answers)

 Favorite artist of the '90's?Me:Mariah Carey (2 answers)

 Where in Oprah's name has Lauryn Hill gone?Jupiter?Where the hell is that girl these days? (3 answers)

 Nirvana or Pearl Jam? (4 answers)

 Beatles,Rolling Stones,LedZeppelin or The Who? (6 answers)

 I was just kidding about the Spice Girls thing!Please dont tag my guestbook with death threats!AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!! (3 answers)

 Yea I like the Spice Girls AND WHAT?! (7 answers)

 Another very hard question:Alanis Morissette,Jewel,Sheryl Crow or Fiona Apple? (9 answers)

 Who's the hottest famous person you've ever seen?  (9 answers)

 Who else here thinks that Joss Stone should have sold MILLIONS more of "The Soul Sessions"?  (5 answers)

 Favorite Movie Character?  (3 answers)

 who would you rather do?Roseanne or Rosie O'Donnell?And you have to pick either one or I'm deleting your answer,lol  (5 answers)

 This is another extremely hard question I've been asked:Aretha Franklin,Gladys Knight,Chaka Khan,Whitney Houston,or Etta James?  (5 answers)

 Who is thje sluttiest celebrity you can think of?Me:J.HO SHE IS SUCH A STUPID WHORE!DIE BITCH DIE!wow lol woosaaaaaaaa....  (6 answers)

 Isn't Tommy Mottola the biggest asshole you've ever seen?He used to beat Mariah Carey when they were married! (5 answers)

 If you had to sleep with either Beavis or Butthead to live,who would you do?Or would you just die and get it over with? (4 answers)

 Best decade in music? (7 answers)

 How about greatest R&B(male&female again) vocalists?Me:James Brown&Aretha Franklin (2 answers)

 Who would you consider the greatest rock(male&female) vocalists in history?Me:Elvis&Tina Turner (5 answers)

 Who would win in a fist-fight between Mariah Carey and J.HO? (4 answers)

 Who is your guilty pleasure when it comes to music?Me:Celine Dion and Paula Abdul,I CANT HELP IT!  (6 answers)

 Do you watch Roseanne?If you do,who is your favorite character?  (8 answers)

 What song are youlistening to now?  (15 answers)

 What's your favorite movie of all time?  (13 answers)

 What's your all-time favorite music video?  (8 answers)

 How about the worst album in history?  (2 answers)

 What is the worst song you've ever heard?  (3 answers)

 What's your favorite song(s) to listen to when you're in a good mood?  (8 answers)

 Which celebrities can you imitate really well? (3 answers)

 Shouldn't Oprah run for president in 2008? (11 answers)

 Who's music is better:Aretha Franklin or Tina Turner? (6 answers)

 What is your favorite album of 2003?Mine:The Diary Of Alicia Keys (12 answers)

 Who is the greatest performer of all time?My picks:James Brown&Tina Turner (4 answers)

 Who's your favorite rapper of all time INSTEAD of Tupac(sorry,but its the same thing with Kurt Cobain being the best songwriter.)  (6 answers)

 How bout your favorite male leader of a rock band?  (7 answers)

 who's sluttier:Lil' Kim or Trina? (9 answers)

 wasn't Elizabeth Taylor the most beautiful woman in the world when she was young? (8 answers)

 Katharine Hepburn or Audrey Hepburn? (4 answers)

 Which musician is extremely UNDERRATED,critically?My pick:Mariah Carey  (7 answers)

 Rosie O'Donell before(nice) or Rosie O'Donell now(bitchy)?  (4 answers)

 This is the hardest question I've EVER been asked:Janis Joplin,Joni Mitchell,Carole King,Carly Simon,or Patti Smith(I know,they're all so good!lol) (5 answers)

 Which celebrity's body do u want really bad?  (9 answers)

 Neo-Soul people:Erykah Badu or D'Angelo?  (5 answers)

 The Sex Pistols,The Velvet Underground,or The Ramones?  (8 answers)

 What's your favorite theme song to a TV Show?Mine:Roseanne.  (11 answers)

 Who would you pick as the 5 most beautiful actresses in history?My picks:Marilyn Monroe,Audrey Hepburn,Vivien Leigh(Scarlett O'Hara),Elizabeth Taylor,and Ingrid Bergman  (5 answers)

 Best Beatles Song?My pick:Come Together  (8 answers)

 What cartoon(s) do you think should've stayed longer?My picks:The Critic and Family Guy  (12 answers)

 Favorite leader of a rock band(female)?  (12 answers)

 Which musician(past&present) is completely overrated?  (12 answers)

 '80's Madonna or '90's Madonna?  (8 answers)

 What is your favorite song,lyrically speaking? (20 answers)

 Favorite One-Hit Wonder? (13 answers)

 What celebrity would you be afraid to sit next to?  (15 answers)

 Should Howard Stern be kicked off the air?  (12 answers)

 Alicia Keys or Norah Jones(music-wise,for those of you who didnt kno)? (18 answers)

 Who is the greatest songwriter of all tiem(INSTEAD of Kurt Cobain,sorry,I think he's an amazing songwriter,too,but Iknew that if I included him you guys wouldnt give anyone else a chance)  (13 answers)

 Favorite Song To Listen To When Your Pissed As Hell: (19 answers)

 Favorite Love Song?  (19 answers)

 Favorite TV Channel? (19 answers)

 How about the best album of the '90's?My pick:The Miseducation Of Lauryn Hill&Jagged Little Pill(tie)  (12 answers)

 Best Album Of The '80's?My pick is Purple Rain.  (9 answers)

 The Miseducation Of Lauryn Hill(lauryn Hill) or Jagged Little Pill(Alanis Morisette)?  (10 answers)

 Who else here thinks G-Unit sucks?  (16 answers)

 Billie Holiday or Ella Fitzgerald?  (6 answers)

 Since everyone only picked Pat Benatar or Joan Jett,I'll make a new question:Debbie Harry(Blondie) or Chrissie Hynde(The PRetenders)? (6 answers)

 Britney,Christina,or neither? (26 answers)

 Who is would you consider to be the greatest(not your favorite)actor and actress of all time?  (9 answers)

 Do you watch TV Land?If you do,what's your favorite show on it?  (8 answers)

 Debbie Harry,Chrissie Hynde,Pat Benatar,or Joan Jett?  (7 answers)

 What is your favorite album of all time?  (11 answers)

 What is best TV show? (25 answers)

 Does anybody know where to go to ask the people at SC questions about the site(like adding the poetry section in people's profiles)?  (5 answers)

 Mariah Carey or Janet Jackson(music-wise)  (17 answers)

 Marilyn Monroe or Audrey Hepburn?  (13 answers)

 Which one's better:Gone With The Wind or Casablanca?  (5 answers)

 I think they should put a poetry section in people's profiles so we can see all the poetry a certain member's written.Don't you agree? (18 answers)

 What is the worst movie you've ever seen?  (25 answers)

 Who has the best singing voice in music history? (17 answers)

 Who's funnier:Roseanne Barr or Bill Cosby?  (21 answers)

 Have u ever had a threesome? (22 answers)

 Who is the most annoying celebrity at this moment? (22 answers)

 Who is the worst artist in music history?  (21 answers)

 Who's your favorite actor of all time?Actress?  (27 answers)

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