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DelicateDream85's Q & A
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 Have you seen "The Stoning Of Soraya M."? if yes, what did you think of it? (2 answers)

 have u seen "worlds biggest zit" on youtube? (6 answers)

 What is the most ghetto name you can think of? (9 answers)

 your favorite food combination that other people might think is weird? (16 answers)

 Sometimes I think guys over exaggerate when they get hit in the balls...what do you think? (21 answers)

 a home remedy for getting rid of a coldsore? (6 answers)

 What (in your opinion) will be the worlds downfall? (9 answers)

 What's the deal with gas prices? (9 answers)

 Do you rehearse what you're going to say in a voicemail before you leave it? (10 answers)

 Is America Headed Towards Another Depression? (19 answers)

 I just finish my WeddingPeach DVD collection with the purchase of Vol. 10 "Wedding Peach DX". Aren't you happy for me? (13 answers)

 Have you seen the PowerPuff Girls Anime "PowerPuff Girls Z"? (20 answers)

 Do you watch what you eat? (49 answers)

 Tenshi or Akuma?? (17 answers)

 in my Q&A, in the little activity/question before this, if your result sounded cute or cool would you name your child that? (15 answers)

 take the FIRST two letters of your first name, the LAST two letters of you middle name, and the FIRST and the LAST letters of you last name, put them together, what do you get? (49 answers)

 What verse in the Bible has been translated into more than 1100 languages, It tells of One who loved us with everlasting love, It is recorded in 27 of the important world languages which are understood by more than half of the earth's population? (13 answers)

 what's your favorite Die Hard movie? (15 answers)

 What is your ideal wedding? (21 answers)

 Are you your own person? What Makes you YOU? (22 answers)

 My boyfriend and I watch Maury almost everyday together. What's your favorite talk show? (27 answers)

 I just did 8min Abs, what's your workout program? (24 answers)

 My boyfriend says its weird that when i make me a sandwhich i don't like for the cheese to touch the mustard...is that weird? (27 answers)

 Do you like it when you're out with your boyfriend/girlfriend and other guys/girls look at you like they want you? I hate it 'cause my boyfriend says it make him feel good (9 answers)

 Why do newly released movies always come out on Tuesdays? (20 answers)

 Do you think it would be cool if Studentcenter had a Daily Horoscope Section?? (23 answers)

 Does swallowing a tablespoon of vinegar a day really help you lose weight?? Would you ever do it? (28 answers)

 Are you able to sense whenever there's a TV on without seeing it or hearing it?? (22 answers)

 What do you think is the worst stereo-type about your race? (31 answers)

 isn't it kind of weird that they made ScoobySnax into cereal and not dog food? (14 answers)

 If a woman was out in pubic with nothing covering her chest, she would get arrest for indecent exposer. My question: "if a man was out in public with nothing covering his chest, but he had breast like a woman, would he be arrested? (15 answers)

 Do you hate it when you try to have your own type of style but end up starting a trend? (27 answers)

 Are You A Leo!?! Then Let Me Hear You Roar!... Lion Pride! (25 answers)

 GIRLZ: if your boyfriend forbade you to see a certain person because that person said they'd hurt you, is that protective or abusive? (24 answers)

 Konna ni chikaku ni kanjiru sore ga aideshou...Do You Know What That Means? It's Japanese. (32 answers)

 InuYasha's Final Episodes (266 & 267) Suck Very Very Badly (20 answers)

 If A Tree Falls In The Forest And No One Is Around To Hear It, Does It Make A Sound? (48 answers)

 When You Were Younger Did You Have An Imaginary Friend? (61 answers)

 Do You Believe In Love At First Sight? (69 answers)

 Do You Consider Yourself To Be Skinny, Fat Or Even To Your Height? (76 answers)

 What Kind Of Person Would You Say You Are? (50 answers)

 What Was The Scarest Nightmare You've Ever Had? (39 answers)

 Do You Know Or Have You Met Any Celebrities? (44 answers)

 When You Were Younger, What Did You Want To Be When You Grew Up? (53 answers)

 How Do Think The World Would Be If Women Ruled It? (50 answers)

 Would A Rose By Any Other Name Still Smell As Sweet? (32 answers)

 To Be Or Not To Be? (38 answers)

 Do You Read Or Study The Bible? (59 answers)

 What Kind Of Belly-Botton do You Have, In Or Out? (46 answers)

 If You Had Control Over Any Element (Earth, Fire, Air, Water) Which Would It Be? (43 answers)

 How Do You Get Rid Of A Cold? (34 answers)

 Do You Have A Neopet? (41 answers)

 Pads or Tampons? (51 answers)

 What's Your Zodiac Sign? (61 answers)

 What Type Of Person Are You Attracted To? (35 answers)

 What Religion Are You? (54 answers)

 Do You Think A Person Is Racist If They Don't Agree With Interracial Dating Or Marriages? (52 answers)

 If You Could Have One Super Power What Would It Be? (33 answers)

 What do you think of school uniforms? Would you have your kid(s) where them? (44 answers)

 Do You Watch AdultSwim? (33 answers)

 What do you think of that show THE BOONDOCKS on AdultSwim? (28 answers)

 If you could fly, where would you fly to? (35 answers)

 Are You In Love or In LIke? (48 answers)

 Do u remember any of the old Nick Jr. shows, from when the big Blue Face was hosting? Shows like Gala-gala Island and Urika's Castle? (45 answers)

 If you had 3 wishes, what would you wish for? (42 answers)

 What is your greatest fear? (53 answers)

 If you could have a mystical creature (fairie, dragon, pegasus, ect ect ect...) as a friend or a pet, what would it be? (59 answers)

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