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DaMieN275x's Q & A
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 Who talks faster, the guys on The Big Bang Theory, or the Gilmour Girls? (3 answers)

 Would you take a job in the new Freedom tower (Replacing Twin Towers) (3 answers)

 If money was no limit, and you could create a company, a product, a service, a book, what would you create? (6 answers)

 "is in a relationship and it's complicated" .. Yeah, okay, what relationship isn't? Shut the **** up and work through it or break up, don't post online for attention and sympathy. (8 answers)

 Have you had to create a new profile on a social networking site because your username contained the first name of your ex? (10 answers)

 happy_B0bbles: No. But i have thought of ditching this account and regularly using another one, because my username sounds retarded to me now.
 boxocereal: No.
 hayliehalze666: nope. my passwords are usually the name of whoever im with at the time though...
 faerie_kisses: no
 boxocereal: No.
 amor102: Noooo

 Do you think good looking people get away with a lot more? (16 answers)

 $1,000,000 for one night with an old man. Would you do it? (15 answers)

 Why do my eyes look brown/green in photos but in reality are blue ? (9 answers)

 Why are man titties permitted to be shown in public but not women's traditional breasts? (24 answers)

 What's with people you went to school with who never spoke to you adding you on facebook/myspace? Wtf?! Seriously, **** off. (19 answers)

 Better to have loved and lost than to have never loved at all? I don't think you can miss what you've never had. You? (14 answers)

 If things such as Chocolate, MacDonalds etc were healthy for us do you think we'd eat less of it and binge on carrot sticks and wholegrain foods? (18 answers)

 Why do asians leave out joining words? Seriously, is it really that hard to use 'the' 'to' etc. I (21 answers)

 Christmas to you, is about ? (25 answers)

 Small close bunch of best friends, or lots of acquaintances? (20 answers)

 Would you bang Sarah Palin? (27 answers)

 What do you do when you feel like hurting yourself/dying ? (25 answers)

 Why is Daniel Radcliffe considered attractive/hot by so many? If he wasn't Harry Potter he'd be simply some ugly nerd kid everyone walks by in the hall without so much as battering an eyelid. Don't deny it! (23 answers)

 The hottest member on this site is ..... (17 answers)

 Do you think SCN is dying ? (20 answers)

 Are you one of those people who just looks good in every photo, or do you have to take about 5-6 and pick out one where you don't look all retarded/red-eyed. (15 answers)

 Have you ever been so overcome by lust that you've just grabbed someone ? (14 answers)

 How boring are shows like Days of Our Lives and The Bold And The Beautiful. I mean there's deep and meaningful and then there's just ridiclious. (7 answers)

 Stacey's mum has got it going on. True ? (15 answers)

 Drive to work on your own with the price of petrol at record highs, or car pool with someone you find extremely annoying to reduce costs? (7 answers)

 Do you make plans well in advance, or are you a more spontaneous, play it by ear person? (12 answers)

 "Omg my work is so crap" "Omg I look so ugly today" .. Do people who put themselves down for compliments annoy you? Do you give them what they seek? (21 answers)

 Does anyone remember that show HeartBreak High (10 answers)

 What does your dream job involve? (25 answers)

 Why do almost all women newsreaders have extremely manly voices? (8 answers)

 When a guy cheats on his woman, why does she always go after the 'tart' and blame her. It's just as much his ****ing fault, if not more. (13 answers)

 What is the worst/funniest name. I've heard of an 'Ah Chu' Poor asian guy :| (18 answers)

 Do you think there should be an internet age limit? Or some kind of test that you have to pass before being allowed to surf? (7 answers)

 Is it possible to gain weight chewing sugar-free chewing gum ? (10 answers)

 Do politics matter to you? (19 answers)

 Where do you work .. ? (20 answers)

 Why are $2 coins smaller than $1 coins but are worth twice as much ? (10 answers)

 Do you ever forget where you parked when you go out? How annoying is it, and how long does it take walking up and down the carpark. Grr. (10 answers)

 Are you friends with a slut (20 answers)

 Do you like Sam Sparrow's song Black & Gold. Been listening to it all day (3 answers)

 What was your favourite video game console growing up? NES? SNES? ATARI? GAMEBOY? (20 answers)

 The secret to healthy looking skin is .... ? (14 answers)

  Have you ever taken on another identity online in order to get information out of someone, be it MySpace, or MSN ? Why? (12 answers)

 If your significant other gained a lot of weight, would you leave them (15 answers)

 Is Jose really who he claims to be ? (5 answers)

 Why is it that when two gay guys hang out and are friends, everyone assumes that you're doing each other. It's not like gay automatically makes you two compatible on that level! We're not all promiscious. (12 answers)

 Have you encountered gayguyinsussex yet ? (19 answers)

 I kissed a girl and I liked it. How many times is that song on per day. !! (17 answers)

 Is Miley Cyrus overrated ? -Teenyboppers stay out- (27 answers)

 Why are there so many people creating accounts like John McCain and BillyClinton. WTF. (13 answers)

 Do you download MP3's illegally ? (17 answers)

 Do you get annoyed when you ring a support line only to get someone from India who knows jack **** take your call, then proceed to put you on hold. They wouldn't know what time of day it was (10 answers)

 Don't you hate when the same TV commercial is on 3 times in one ad break. Why?! (9 answers)

 What's with all the premature ejaculation ads on the radio. Good lord, if I wanted help with that, I'd seek it . (6 answers)

 If you had to give up one of your five senses, (Sight, Hearing, Taste, Smell, or Touch) which would you choose & why? (15 answers)

 Your favourite pokemon ? (23 answers)

 Do you know anyone with a gambling problem? (9 answers)

 Is money really the root of all evil ? (18 answers)

 What do you typically wear to bed? In Winter ? In Summer ? (11 answers)

 Do you watch Big Brother ? (10 answers)

 How long does it take you to get ready in the morning? Guys apparantly take just as long these days. (11 answers)

 Do you think you are better looking than your friends? (7 answers)

 If you could have no strings attatched sex with anyone in the world, who would it be and why (10 answers)

 Do you know GreenTurtle? (10 answers)

 Would you stab somebody close to you in the back in order to succeed ? (10 answers)

 Automatic or Manual (10 answers)

 Macintosh or PC? (21 answers)

 Do you get annoyed when people talk themselves up on myspace? Eg: "I believe in living life to the max" .. When you know damn well that this person never does anything at all. Lawl, it's kinda sad. (11 answers)

 Goths and emo's scare me. Why be all sad and miserable? I don't understand. (12 answers)

 If you were somebody else, would you be friends with yourself ? (13 answers)

 If there were 25 hours in a day, how would you spend that extra hour ? (21 answers)

 Where do you see yourself 10 years from now ? (13 answers)

 'It's whats on the inside that counts ' - To how much of an extent is this true ? (5 answers)

 If you could date one fictional character, who would it be and why ? (12 answers)

 This guy is totally amazing, gorgeous and beautiful . I can't get him out of my head. What can I do ?! (8 answers)

 Do you still read books ? I read heaps as a kid. Damn internet. (25 answers)

 If you were to forget almost everything tomorrow, what one thing would you choose to remember? (13 answers)

 If you could forget one memory, what would it be ? (19 answers)

 The worst pain in the world (physically) is..... (18 answers)

 You don't like someone. How do you tell them without hurting them ? (15 answers)

 Is you're neighbour a phedofile? I'm pretty sure mine is. (22 answers)

 What's your favourite disney film ? Lion King hands down. (21 answers)

 If your computer was broken, would you a) attempt to fix it yourself .. b) call a technician who charges a massive callout fee or c ) buy a new one. *Will be an IT tech soon* (16 answers)

 What is the earliest memory you can recall ? (11 answers)

 Favourite character from Scrubs ?! (18 answers)

 Are you a morning person ? If I wake up early, you better not be in my way ! (13 answers)

 If you and <INSERT NAME OF PERSON YOU REALLY DISLIKE> were the last two male/female on the planet, and the future depended on you to repopulate, would you do it ? (17 answers)

 What's your ringtone at the moment? Nothing could be worse than the Crazy Frog (17 answers)

 d0 pplz wh0 purp0sley wriTe li3k dizZ annoyy the livin hel 0uttaa yo0ou ??! EFF! (13 answers)

 What do you notice first about the opposite (or in some cases.. same) sex ? (17 answers)

 Do you cry when you're extremely happy ? (19 answers)

 Has anyone close to you ever died? How did you cope? (20 answers)

 What annoys you most about the world we live in ? (14 answers)

 Rich with nobody, or poor with the guy/girl of your dreams. (24 answers)

 What kind of car do you drive / want (15 answers)

 Ever loved someone you shouldn't ? (19 answers)

 Who loves Guitar Hero ? (21 answers)

 Biggest mistake you ever made ? (13 answers)

 Last purchace you made was .. (17 answers)

 You get a girl pregnant. Do you run or do the right thing? (24 answers)

 If you could have one superpower, what would it be? I'd love to TimeTravel. (18 answers)

 How many phones have you been through over the past 5 years. I'm going on 8 (19 answers)

 What's you're favourite TV show ? (25 answers)

 What's you're favourite drink! I <3 Iced Coffee (22 answers)

 Are you happy with your physical appearance ? (23 answers)

 Can you commit ? (22 answers)

 Long Term relationships, or random hookups ? (29 answers)

 Would you kill for love ? (27 answers)

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