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CuperShic's Q & A
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 what movie do you find offensive? (8 answers)

 im getting a tattoo tomorrow. about how long does it usually take? mines only gonna be like, 1.5 ins square and not very detailed (4 answers)

 which is cuter- puppies or babies? (13 answers)

 whats something you did wrong as a kid that your parents never found out about? (6 answers)

 when you were a kid, what was your favortie food? (7 answers)

 kay, so guys, do you like when girls have blonde streaks in their hair? i wanted to do it, but ive been told its "the hag's hair" (3 answers)

 who do you owe an apology to? (9 answers)

 what is something you used to believe or think, but found out you were wrong about? (7 answers)

 for anyone who is a mathematics major, do you really think math is fun, or if not, whats the motivation for it? (3 answers)

 Whats the stupidest/ most embarrassing thing youve ever done to get someone who you had a crush on to notice you? (4 answers)

 SNL, MAD TV, In Living Color, or All That? (8 answers)

 is it possibly to be good and morally just without having spiritual or religuos beliefs? (8 answers)

 so, Christians, do you think people who dont except Jesus, but who live as good people can go to heaven? (8 answers)

 which is more embarrassing: farting in public or being caught picking your nose in public? (9 answers)

 is it true that all geniuses are a little insane? (13 answers)

 whose the best guitar player ever in your opinion? (9 answers)

 ever walked in on a family member getting down with someone? howd you cope with it? (8 answers)

 anyone who is from Idaho, do people realy dress like they do in Napoleon Dynamite? liek, with the poofy sleeves and the side-ponytails and the fanny packs? (4 answers)

 anyone ever have giggapets or those tamagachis? (9 answers)

 whats the dumbest product ever? I think outfits for dogs are stupid personally. (6 answers)

 If you had to either let people see you naked or let people hear all your thoughts, which would you prefer? (9 answers)

 why do some people feel the need to have everyone agree with them about religious beliefs? doesnt everyone know that all of us are just basically guessing? (10 answers)

 whats the most stupid/wrong thing youve ever doen as a result of peer pressure? (3 answers)

 if you could start your own charity, what group would it benefit? (8 answers)

 When you think about starving children, homeless people, and AIDS in Africa, do you really think, you have it all that bad? (12 answers)

 which should come first, a black president or a woman president? (15 answers)

 What is the worst pain you have ever felt? (physical) (11 answers)

 what do you think of when you think of VEGETARIANS? (13 answers)

 who is a celebrity that youre pretty sure is a nasty or selfish person? I think JLO is probably a jerk (15 answers)

 who is the stupidest superhero in your opinion? Myself, I'm not too impressed with Supergirl. I mean, she's totally unoriginal and just some attempt to make the comic appeal to girls too. (6 answers)

 If i ran for president, would you vote for me? What if i kissed your baby? (7 answers)

 whats a food that you absolutely hate and would not eat? (15 answers)

 whats an irrational fear you have? me-I cant get blood drawn (6 answers)

 Is it better to have loved and lost or to get hit in the face with a tire-iron? (7 answers)

 whose one person you would NEVER EVER wanna be? (8 answers)

 which is worse? getting an abortion or purposely running over a pupy w/ your car? (15 answers)

 if you met a guy/girl and fell madly inlove with them, but they were told they were terminallly ill and unless you gave them half of your brain theyd die in a week, but youd be left severely retarded, what color would you paint your bedroom? (12 answers)

 what do you find most offensive? (18 answers)

 whats you worst physical feature? (16 answers)

 whats the most selfless thing youve ever done? (9 answers)

 whats the biggest lie you ever told your parents? (12 answers)

 Anybody hate a celebrity for no particular reason? i hate jennifer love hewitt, and i dont know why. im not jealous of her, cause there are way prettier actresses who i like fine. i dont know why, but i hate her. (10 answers)

 Whats the stupidest video game you ever played/saw? i saw this game called counter strike, and i think its dumb. So it gets my vote (7 answers)

 Whats tyhe longest youve gone without having sex, since loosing your vriginity. (so virgins, this doesnt apply to you) (12 answers)

 would you rather marry a smart person, a kind person, a rich person, or an attractive person? (18 answers)

 Whats your addiction? mines bubble gum (17 answers)

 Who is the ugliest Celebrity, in your opinion? (16 answers)

 Who do you find most attractive/sexy in your own gender. Rooting out the ones who arent comfortable w/ their sexuality here (15 answers)

 Are you hotter than you are smart or smarter than you are hot? (21 answers)

 Whats your biggest fear? (15 answers)

 Think you could kick my a**? (20 answers)

 is it better to be liked or respected? (19 answers)

 Whose a person that youre ashamed to admit you think is sexy? (12 answers)

 would you spank your kids? (28 answers)

 have you ever driven drunk? (27 answers)

 Is God a man or a woman? (28 answers)

 Do you remember your first kiss? how old were you? (29 answers)

 If you to choose between living forever w/o sex or living a month with sex everyday, which would you choose?? (29 answers)

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