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CuTe_MaMi14's Q & A
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CuTe_MaMi14 has 73 questions total.
CuTe_MaMi14 has answered a total of 396 other questions.

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 haha far out im hyper as!!! lol wat can i do to get rid of it (1 answers)

 im sexxxy, r u sexxxy??? (5 answers)

 yall rate my pix!!! (1 answers)

 boxocereal: No.

 HOLLA AT ME!!! (5 answers)

 do u ever think ur better than every1 else? (6 answers)

 how many cellfones do u hav? (11 answers)

 how many guyz/gurlz hav u f*cked? (13 answers)

 wats da freakiest sexual thang that uve done? (4 answers)

 wat colour do u hate and why? (7 answers)

 wats da song u into at da moment? (5 answers)

 ~fo da fellaz~ Do u eva say "thanks" to a gurl afta fukin her??? =S (6 answers)

 TAG ME SUM1 !!!!!!!!!! IM BORED (3 answers)

 PPL LEAVE FEEDBACK TO MY PIX!!!!!!!! plzzzzzzzz (3 answers)

 how would u describe urself? (8 answers)

 would u ratha be on top or bottom while havin sex? (10 answers)

 wat r u up to??? (8 answers)

 do u think ur hot? (15 answers)

 wat kinda chocolate do u like the best? (7 answers)

 where would u go if u could choose any place in da world?and why (7 answers)

 would u **** me if u could? lol (13 answers)

 what do u like the least bout u? (8 answers)

 wat do u like about urself the most???? (7 answers)

 which one of my three cars on da pix in my photo album u like? (8 answers)

 some one!!! plz leave some feed back on my photo albums!!! and ill do the same for u =) (2 answers)

 would u prefer to date a person whos da same race as u or different? (10 answers)

 wat turns u off the most? (6 answers)

 would does a person hav to be like to be called "ghetto"? (5 answers)

 how big does a person hav to be to be actually called fat? (4 answers)

 wats ur fav. car brand?and why? (5 answers)

 check out my new photo album!!! itz da last one, an leave some feed back if u want aiight thanks! (3 answers)

 so goddamn bored!!! wats therr to do???? (2 answers)

 r u in a gang? (14 answers)

 tupac or biggie? (6 answers)

 can u plz plz plz plz leave some feed back in my photo albums? (4 answers)

 wats the most extreme thang uve done? (5 answers)


 WAT DO U THINK OF ME? (15 answers)

 wats da latest thing uve bought? (7 answers)

 wats ur fav food? (7 answers)

 *guys* wat do u like bout gurls? or if ur bi/gay...wat do u like bout guys? (5 answers)

 *gurls* wat do u like bout guys? or if ur bi/lezi....wut u like bout gurls?? (2 answers)

 wat would u do if ur boy said that his ex cheated on him and that he dumped her cuz of that, but these otha gurls (apparently his ex's friends) say that he only used her fo sex n that she would neva cheat on him??? wat would u think? (3 answers)

 would u ratha hav sex wit an older or a yunger person? (9 answers)

 do u care bout looks much? (7 answers)

 hav u tried cookies n cream ice cream??? did u like it? (5 answers)

 can u trust some1 ova da net? (8 answers)

 this site is changing sooooooooo fast!!! its crazy! (5 answers)

 hav u taken the personality test yet???? (6 answers)

 wat u look for when u wana date some1 (5 answers)

 do u know any cool chat rooms on the net? if so wats the web link to them (2 answers)

 wat are u plannin to do when ur older? (12 answers)

 omg! hav u seen the movie called Lockdown? and if u hav, how did it make u feel? (8 answers)

 wat is ur fav movie? (10 answers)

 can YOU rap? (20 answers)

 do u kno any koo jokes? if u do tell me! PLZ (6 answers)

 wats ur fav song at the moment (12 answers)

 why do people enjoy cybering? or maybe they dont..... (8 answers)

 does any one rekon 50cent is hott? (11 answers)

 any tips on how to do a good blow job? lol (14 answers)

 who do u think is the hottest artist/ singer? (11 answers)

 You should let me love you, let me be the one to give you everything u want and need, baby, good protection, make me ur selection, show u the way love's supposed to be...baby u should let me love u, love u, love u....dont u think its the best song??? (8 answers)

 how many cars do ur parents hav? lol (18 answers)

 Do u wish sometimes that things were more simpler than they r? (14 answers)

 whos better lookin Chingy or Usher???? (18 answers)

 if i asked a guy out and he said he'll get back to me (on monday) does it mean he wants to think...or he doesnt wana hurt me by saying no? (13 answers)

 is there a particular reason that i like black guys? (cuz i hav no idea why i like them, maybe u can tell from the side or watever lol) (18 answers)

 how do i know if a guy really likes me? (10 answers)

 *for the gurls* if u went out wit a guy for two times already an it was ages ago n u like him again...would u try to get with him??? (6 answers)

 Can you trust some-one over the internet? (17 answers)

 For the guys...would you ever date me? be honest (15 answers)

 Would you marry someone if you dated over the internet for 7 months and only met each other for 30 days out of those 7 months? (24 answers)

 Have you ever been in love? like really in love??? (28 answers)

 Would you ever move to another country for the person you love? (21 answers)

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