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ChocolateChipCoffee's Q & A
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 How many of you are bored ****less? :} (4 answers)

 Do you like the way squishy wax feels. You know hot wax from a candle before it dries. (6 answers)

 Got any plans for spring break? (7 answers)

 Oh yeah..I spend 12 yrs in jail for killing porn stars with a lighter. http://memegen.net/viewmeme.pl?meme=1074645612 (2 answers)

 Do you understand this statement..."I love you but Im not IN love with you." (11 answers)

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Jigsaws_Best_FriendWho do you think is cuter, Jennette McCurdy or Araina Grande?
Jigsaws_Best_FriendIf the show fits, should you wear it?
Jigsaws_Best_FriendIs the shoe on the other foot?
Jigsaws_Best_FriendAre you paranoid?
Jigsaws_Best_FriendAin't it good living on your own?
Jigsaws_Best_FriendAre you crying to your mama?
Jigsaws_Best_FriendDo you really don't care?
Jigsaws_Best_FriendDo you think you have one less problem in your life?
Jigsaws_Best_FriendWould you take Ariana Grande out to dinner or for ice cream?
Jigsaws_Best_FriendDo you think Ariana Grande is cute?
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