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Catboy_Dave's Q & A
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 "The life we knew before is gone. There is no compromising. The life you save will be your own, to find your inner senses" Anyone know where that came from? 10 points to whomever gets it right! (1 answers)

 If the early bird catches the worm...than...what about that whole good things come to people who wait bull crap?? and vice versa (5 answers)

 hmm....paper...or plastic... (5 answers)

 you know...what if santa ate rudolf?...how would drive his sled? o_o' (9 answers)

 i gotta vacume my room....unless....DOES ANYONE WANNA DO IT FOR ME?? (9 answers)

 Anyone ELSE have to go to the bathroom right now?? (8 answers)

 and i have a confession....i play yugioh cards.....does anyone else?? o_O' (6 answers)

 Hey, hey hey!!! Do you like megaman? or megaman x or megaman zero? :D I DO!!!! cause im a loser like that (5 answers)

 WHEN WILL IT SNOW!!!!!!!!!! i love snow.... (10 answers)

 boxocereal: Blah.
 KittieKat8181: good question....it never snows in the desert!
 precious_maidy_04: I Love It, Too.
 carla03: i don't, well actually i dont like the cold and snow deals with cold so yeah
 Belisarius: It'll snow in winter. For me that's about six months from now. Which sucks. I love snow.
 AngelOfFire: snow makes me sad inside... and cold...... :| tell ya what.. if it snows here, i'll mail you some

 Why does society make us wear underpants? I say this because im sick of having it wedged up my ass! XD (9 answers)

 Is it wrong to have sudden images in your head that are violent in nature? :D because i like them! :D (6 answers)

 When someone says, taking a dump, do you think they actually TAKE one? I'd just leave one.... (5 answers)

 why do people hate me because of my music preference?? o_o' (5 answers)

 I often have thoughts of punching old ladies in the side of the head...is something wrong with me? :D (7 answers)

 If somebody were to tell you that they want to make a burrito out of you...what would you say? (5 answers)

 Why do i keep posting stupid questions?? (6 answers)

 why do people always want to only talk to those that they think are good looking? why should it even matter?? (5 answers)

 If someone gave you a million dollars, what would you say? (12 answers)

 woohoo.....my hotty ranking is now at 4...wait..why do i care?? (7 answers)

 What is your compatibility with me? :D (8 answers)

 welcome to bob's creamation station, where we try to URN your business :D (6 answers)

 If a tree lands in a forest, does it make a sound? What if that same tree lands on a mime? Does he scream for help? :D (10 answers)

 Why is it easier for me to make friends with girls rather than with guys? its kinda...odd... BUT COOL! :D (10 answers)

 what do you think about my qoute? (5 answers)

 Hmm...who do YOU think will be my 666th profile hit?....someone VERY unlucky!....thats what you get for going to my profile!! (5 answers)

 Many people say that I don't look 19. How old do you think I look? (12 answers)

 Do you guys shave in places other than your face...i do.. XD (6 answers)

 Are you a virgin? I AM AND IM PROUD :D (23 answers)

 If you can have any kind of special power, what would it be? (15 answers)

 What is your favorite food? (13 answers)

 Judging by my profile, am I a cool guy? :D (11 answers)

 Will you give me feed back in my pics too TT_TT (4 answers)

 Are CatGirls and Guys, People with cat ears and a tail, hott XD ? (10 answers)

 If you guys were asked for sex, would you refuse (like i would :D) and save it for marriage? (12 answers)

 If you met me, what do you think you would say to me? As in greetings! :D (13 answers)

 May I have your soul? (17 answers)

 Have you guys seen the pic of the Catboy I drew? Is it any good? o_o' (6 answers)

 Does anyone else out there like Megaman X or Megaman Zero? (7 answers)

 Am I REALLY that ugly?! (14 answers)

 Are you as bored as i am? (16 answers)

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