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Boycrazy536's Q & A
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 wat country are u from (6 answers)

 wat kind of dreams do u have (6 answers)

 have u ever had dreams about a boy u liked (6 answers)

 ok i like this boy but i dont kno how to tell him wat do i do? (5 answers)

 how many people have had a distant relatoinship like very far away and if so did u like it (2 answers)

 wat ur favorite scary movie? (2 answers)

 do u think that certain girls that r mean to u like u (guys only) (3 answers)

 do u think that certian boys that r mean to u like u (girls only) (3 answers)

 have u ever stole anyhting?if so wat (4 answers)

 who stills goes to the library? (3 answers)

 watcha doin right now? (3 answers)

 Destiny's child or *****cat dolls? (4 answers)

 how many phones have u dropped? (5 answers)

 who likes my chemical romance? (5 answers)

 would u ever be on fear factor? (7 answers)

 fall out boy or green day (6 answers)

 would u throw a party if u knew ur parents were going a away for the week? (4 answers)

 how many shoes do u own (5 answers)

 wats ur favorite greenday song (4 answers)

 are u scared of rejection? (7 answers)

 football or basketball and why? (3 answers)

 basketballor baseball and why? (2 answers)

 would u ever get ur tongue pierced in 3 places or 2 (4 answers)

 why do u act the way u do? (5 answers)

 do u believe in sex bracelets? (7 answers)

 how old are u? (12 answers)

 are my questions OK? (8 answers)

 do u like rock/punk music? (7 answers)

 do u like r&b music? (6 answers)

 are u spoiled by friends and family? (5 answers)

 wat grade were u in when u got ur first girl/boyfriend? (9 answers)

 anal sex or oral sex? (8 answers)

 wet or dry sex? (9 answers)

 do u wear glasses? (10 answers)

 do u act weird around a boy u like? (6 answers)

 did u ever have a girl/boyfriend when u were in the 1st grade and if so wat was there name? (8 answers)

 do u have a life? (10 answers)

 have u ever had sex in a public place? (13 answers)

 why do we come here (8 answers)

 Green day or Good charlotte? (8 answers)

 do u have a cell phone (14 answers)

 ok wat if the person that i liked walked me home last night and we werent going out is that a sign sayin that he does like me but hasntfound the right way to show it wat do i do keep flirting? (8 answers)

 how do u deal wit some 1 when they kno u like some 1 and there trying to mad u jealous becuz there flirtin wit them behind ur back? (8 answers)

 whos ever smoked? (me!) (17 answers)

 do u lie alot? (15 answers)

 why do people make u things that are not true? (9 answers)

 are u a virgin? (19 answers)

 are u boy/gurl crazy? (11 answers)

 wat if u cant ask that person if u like them becuz ur dont like rejection? (11 answers)

 how do u kno if some1 likes u? (help me guys and gurls) (9 answers)

 tapes or DVD's (17 answers)

 3 some or 4 some? (17 answers)

 how come theres so many haters in the world? (14 answers)

 Radio or TV? (15 answers)

 say u were in the 8th grade and this 6th grader likes u would u ever go out wit him so he wont be sad? (12 answers)

 do u think i'm boycrazy? (12 answers)

 do u kno any geeky or nerdy people? (20 answers)

 when u go out to dinner wit ur girlfriend/boyfriend do u dress causal or fancy? (13 answers)

 Diet coke or Diet pepsi (17 answers)

 are u loud or quiet? (24 answers)

 do u prefer loud boys or quiet boys ( for girls only) (11 answers)

 do u prefer loud girls or quiet girls? (for guys only) (11 answers)

 are u happy or sad? right now (19 answers)

 Ciara or Beyonce and why? (14 answers)

 shower, bath or neither (23 answers)

 are u gay or straight (23 answers)

 Sneakers or flip flops (21 answers)

 Fruit loops or fruity pebbles? (21 answers)

 would u put your num. on the internet? (23 answers)

 Couple or 1 nightstand? (24 answers)

 Can u dance? (22 answers)

 Can u sing? (23 answers)

 are u stuck up? (21 answers)

 if u had a best friend that would do anything for u what would u want it to be and why? (14 answers)

 Are u pickie? (19 answers)

 Are u a shop alholic (25 answers)

 whos looking for a girlfriend? (17 answers)

 how many friends do u have? (28 answers)

Last 10 Questions Posted
nuclearsailorJust confirmed: Indiegogo has a significantly wider variety of technology projects than kickstarter.com, and returns a lot more results/ideas for a given keyword. This is the place for IDEAS, lol.
nuclearsailorI need some keywords for monitoring kickstarter.com for interesting developments. What kind of keywords would you use to keep tabs on the inventions/innovations on there?
nuclearsailorIf one were to lift a 100lb weight 6 feet off the ground, that'd be equal to .25wh of energy. Considering 1000wh could propel the below vehicle 20miles at highway speeds, could a 'gravity generator' be a serious backup power source? lol
nuclearsailorWhere's the perfect place to experience Halloween on the east coast? (Atlanta, GA? Washington, DC? Orlando, FL? Miami, FL?)
nuclearsailorAnd, the algorithm I use for constructing search queries. 1) Use general category keywords for initial search 2) Add negative keywords to eliminate useless recurring results 3) Use brand keywords gathered from the search to isolate useful results)
nuclearsailorTrying to find a small non-mainstream EV? (Because mainstream EVs as of 2014 waste too much energy/resources/money) [Category: Cars & Trucks. Under $10,000. Search query: (electric, battery, bev, ev)]
nuclearsailorGot any cool search queries? [Here's mine. Small Diesel Engines: diesel (engine, motor) -scale -bolts -pan -kit -cooler -elbow -set -ford -silverado (kohler, lombardini, briggs, stratton, isuzu, yanmar, honda, small, cummins)]
nuclearsailorI want to know why Nuke School is substantially increasing enrollment and affecting the barrack living situation, lol. Can you tell me why? lol (The Navy is not getting a whole bunch of new nuclear ships... is it the needs of the nuclear industry?)
nuclearsailorThen at that point, a $50 gas bill would be more like a $10 electricity bill. ****t... lol... Insight? Thoughts?
nuclearsailorWait... you could probably just go full electric at that point. Assuming a wh/mi. figure of 50@55mph in the elio, 100-mile range is about 5000wh which is about $2000 in batteries. Probably be cheaper to buy batteries than a turbodiesel engine, lol.
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