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Binxy's Q & A
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 Isn't it freaky if the girl you like has the exact same birthday as you? (6 answers)

 boxocereal: Sure.
 intermission: That's cool, I guess. Not too freaky.
 Angel2Devil2Friend: That is cool
 mymindkillsme: wow, yeees.
 Inquisitive: no. you share a birthday with a million people all over the world. so i wouldnt be suprised at all.

 Don't you hate it when you want to be with someone so badly, but you can't? (9 answers)

 What do you think of Resident Evil 3? (5 answers)

 Has Justin Timberlake came out of the closet yet? (7 answers)

 Does the Beast ever get the Beauty outside of fairy-tales? (9 answers)

 Are you a non-emo poet? (7 answers)

 Would you date a guy with bigger breasts than you? (7 answers)

 If you were a junior, would you ever take a freshman to the prom? (9 answers)

 Would you date the Fat Basta*d off of Austin Powers post-surgery? (8 answers)

 Would you date the Fat Basta*d off of Austin Powers pre-surgery? (6 answers)

 Is my Hottie picture to much for you? (9 answers)

 Who is your favorite character off of the show Scrubs? (8 answers)

 So, Indiana sucks, any objections? (7 answers)

 How many guys do you know that wear bras? (8 answers)

 Who framed Roger Rabit? (6 answers)

 Does your lawn cut itself? Mine used to, untill it got mental help from a visiting rock. (6 answers)

 Is Survivor still on the air? Who watches that crap anymore? (6 answers)

 What was your favorite cartoon show growing up? (7 answers)

 Do you find people with glasses more or less attractive than people without? (7 answers)

 Have you read any of the Twilight trilogy of books yet? (6 answers)

 Who are you gonna call?! (7 answers)

 How long can a guys hair get before it is to long? (5 answers)

 Would you date a fat man? (8 answers)

 Do you think Jesus had a soulstone and thats why warlocks are so damn overpowered on World of Warcraft? (2 answers)

 Have you read the series of books by Susan Cooper starting with The Dark Is Rising? (3 answers)

 Who can't wait to see the movie Seeker: The Dark is Rising? (3 answers)

 Do you know the Muffin Monster? (4 answers)

 Are you adopted and if so, do you or have you suffered from anything similar to depression? (6 answers)

 What are some good country singers/bands? (14 answers)

 Would you like fries with that? (14 answers)

 Did you ever feel like you lost your childhood innocence way before the rest of your friends, and thought more about your actions than them? (14 answers)

 Do you think other religions should stop cramming their beliefs down our throats? (10 answers)

 Have you ever been somewhere with a few of your friends, and felt so extremely out of place, you wanted to cry? (14 answers)

 Do you live your life by the quote, "Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak out and remove all doubt."? (10 answers)

 Do you think a homeless crack whore that has become pregnant should be allowed to abort her unborn child, saving her and it a lifetime of hardships and depression in the most logical scenario? (12 answers)

 How do you define emo? (15 answers)

 Have you ever wondered what life would be like if you were gone? (10 answers)

 Do you feel like you've grown up to fast? (10 answers)

 If you noticed someone looked sad, or lonely, and you didn't know them, would you talk to them? (12 answers)

 People say be yourself, but what if you don't like yourself? (9 answers)

 Have you ever wanted to commit suicide, but can't, because you have to much false hope? (13 answers)

 Have you ever wished that someone would come, and save you from your lonliness? (14 answers)

 Have you ever felt like no cares about you? (12 answers)

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