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AngelOfFire's Q & A
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 when you make something do you put everything you have into it or do you half ass it? (11 answers)

 Do you have any tattoos? If so where and what of? Did you think it hurt to get it? (15 answers)

 does it make you angry when someone dangles something they know you want in front of you and make you think that they'll help you get it, and then they screw you over? (10 answers)

 how many jobs do you have? (17 answers)

 boxocereal: One.
 sfgiants94903: 1
 tjtripp69666: one
 Angel2Devil2Friend: One, I have been there for 1 yr and 3 months
 Actress_Star: none
 PRIMO: I've had 2
 djhowty: not really any right now. i'm a fill-in at a homeless shelter, but that's about it.
 SuBLimEx: Zero.

 are you smarter than a fifth grader? (14 answers)

 what's a good name for a business that sells cookies? (14 answers)

 is apathy becoming a trend? (11 answers)

 do you know how to knit or crochet? if you do, what's the strangest thing you've made? (12 answers)

 if you could learn anything, what would you learn? (14 answers)

 have you ever stayed up all night just because you didn't want to sleep? (19 answers)

 has someone ever forgotten to give you your change? (36 answers)

 have you ever seen an 8 oz can of soda? (27 answers)

 Were you aware that there is an unboring version of "Pomp and Circumstance"? (20 answers)

 do you think that the graduation song should be changed from "Pomp and Circumstance" ? (12 answers)

 why is it when you screw up and want people to be mad with you they arent, but when you dont want them to notice they give you hell? (12 answers)

 have you read the book Stiff? (23 answers)

 can you make anything from scratch? (cooking..) (33 answers)

 have you ever wanted to get into your car and just drive forever? (30 answers)

 does it bother you when people tell you the endings of books or movies? (33 answers)

 what are your opinions on suicide? (34 answers)

 are your friends freaks like mine?... if you want an example just ask... i have one next to me..>.> erm...<.< (20 answers)

 does anyone's cat play tug of war? (9 answers)

 are there any other girls who are sick of being stereotyped as gossipy and drama filled and all that crap? (14 answers)

 is it possible to be apathetically angry? (7 answers)

 do you forget how to do something in the middle of doing it? (17 answers)

 whats in your pockets? (35 answers)

 does anyone know how to play baritone? (8 answers)

 whats your favorite time signature? (8 answers)

 have you ever felt full..but heard your stomach growl? (14 answers)

 dont you hate it when youre reading a series and finish one.. and dont have the next one? (15 answers)

 does really bad grammar bother you? (31 answers)

 is it just me or is Angel Soft toilet paper not very soft? (14 answers)

 have you ever laughed very loudly and uncontrolably at a very inappropriate moment? (22 answers)

 why would someone ask a question if they refuse to listen to the answer? (11 answers)

 have you ever cut your finger w/ a saran wrap box thing? (20 answers)

 do anyone else's parents insist that tissues work just perfectly for toilet paper? (19 answers)

 dont you hate it when youre almost done with a math problem then realize that youve been doing it wrong and have to go all the way back to the beginning and do it over? (18 answers)

 does it bother anyone else when people ask stupid questions that they probably got from some website? (14 answers)

 have you ever made up a word becasue you couldnt think of the right word? (22 answers)

 does daylight savings bother anyone else? (15 answers)

 does stars and stripes forever make anyone else happy? (the sousa march..) (8 answers)

 have you ever TP'd a teacher's office, desk, and/or classroom? (9 answers)

 how do you feel about essays? (26 answers)

 ever get really hungry out of nowhere.. and its NOT drug induced...? (10 answers)

 how long is it before someone twitching isnt funny anymore? (10 answers)

 does anyone else tend to drink things faster when they have a straw? (19 answers)

 did you theres a book called Spam-Ku.. poetry about spam... ? (6 answers)

 do you ever out of nowhere get really tired for no reason? (12 answers)

 do you find random bruises and/or scrapes/cuts on you and have absolutely no idea where they came from? (25 answers)

 does anyone else enjoy putting scores of music onto computers? (6 answers)

 would you rather drive a manual or automatic? (21 answers)

 anyone else sick of the whole guy bashing things going on (why do guys cheat, why are guys dogs..etc etc)? (14 answers)

 ever get ready to get up and do something, and forget what it was? (16 answers)

 so.. know of any good books i can read? (17 answers)

 do you talk to yourself in public places? (14 answers)

 what's your favorite book? (13 answers)

 does anyone read for fun anymore? (16 answers)

 have you ever been playing solitaire, get distracted, then open another window of it (or anything really) and not realize that you have two until much later? (5 answers)

 isnt apple juice the best juice ever? (16 answers)

 is it sad that whenever i get called a name by a random person i either agree with them or laugh in their face? (8 answers)

 do people who try to push their religion on you anger you? (20 answers)

 what is your happy song? (16 answers)

 whats one of the strangest/funnest things youve done in the wee hours of the morning? (10 answers)

 does it bother you to not know the names of songs? (11 answers)

 what's the most cds youve gotten over a couple day period? (9 answers)

 when you get new songs or cds does it excite you or make you freakishly happy? (8 answers)

 does anyone else shiver when theyre angry? (10 answers)

 do you hate the smell of rubber on your skin (like if you touch rubber bands n such)? (9 answers)

 has someone given you music and asked you to perform it 3 days later? (9 answers)

 dont you hate it when you actually work on a project and not throw it together in like five mins.. and get a bad grade on it? (8 answers)

 ever catch yourself smiling for no good reason even when you dont feel like smiling? (15 answers)

 if youre musical have you ever had to play a 3 on 4 rhythm? (7 answers)

 do you think marching band is a sport? (15 answers)

 anyone else a bit of a dork and proud of it? (17 answers)

 have you ever been really angry with someone, but had to spend a lot of time around them and working with them and such? (7 answers)

 does anyone else find the body standards of today unrealistically high? (12 answers)

 werent the older nick shows so much cooler (like ahhh real monsters, and rocko's modern life)? (12 answers)

 isnt disney music awesome? (12 answers)

 wouldnt life just be so much cooler as a musical? (15 answers)

 what would you give just about anything for? (11 answers)

 have you seen phantom of the opera yet? if so wasnt it awesome?! if not..go..see it! :P (10 answers)

 ever feel like crying but the tears just wont come? (19 answers)

 is there a song that can make you smile no matter how you feel? if so what is it? (15 answers)

 have you found that person that fits your personality completely? (romantically or unromantically..) (19 answers)

 ever get an ice cube stuck to your tongue? (20 answers)

 do you ever get the feeling that people in your school think youre invisible? (15 answers)

 any advice on how to learn to be coordinated and stand on one foot well? (10 answers)

 whats a good super villain name? (12 answers)

 do you shop at The G W (goodwill) (12 answers)

 would you consider participating in a sippy race? (6 answers)

 ever want to just.. help someone off a tall tall bridge? (5 answers)

 ever drink out of a sippy cup for the hell of it?... or to prevent spills..... (8 answers)

 do you have to have totally brand spankin new clothes.. or are you perfectly content with shopping at second hand stores? (11 answers)

 what is the most random present you got for christmas? (14 answers)

 are you more likely to smile at a stranger or glare at them? (20 answers)

 have you ever dressed up as a superhero (like.. not as a little kid.. or drunk.. or high)? (6 answers)

 am i the only person who likes sponge monkeys? (7 answers)

 what would you do if your friend gave you crocheted underwear for xmas? (14 answers)

 isnt it funny when ppl try to piss you off? especially if you know its hard to do.. hehe (9 answers)

 ever start feeling claustrophobic in an open room.. like its closing in on you? (6 answers)

 do you ever find yourself feeling alone and pushing people away, even though you know you arent.. and that those people youre pushing are trying to help?  (8 answers)

 why do all of my friends feel the need to have dates and relationships?  (16 answers)

 wouldnt a flute/tuba duet playing beethoven's 5th sound spiffy?  (8 answers)

 ever get your hand stuck in a fence? (chain link)  (15 answers)

 anyone heard of the aquabats?  (9 answers)

 anyone go into random laughing fits?  (21 answers)

 does anyone else seem to have a drooling problem?  (17 answers)

 has anyone read geek love?  (5 answers)

 dont you hate it when someone makes something painfully obvious and you cant play dumb anymore?  (7 answers)

 who you gonna call?!  (21 answers)

 I DID IT!! I SILLY STRINGED SOMEONE!!! sucker... i win... even tho he threw it back... i still win  (6 answers)

 nooooooo!!! where did the white album go?!?!?! IT WAS HERE TWO DAYS AGO!!!!!! v.v donde esta....  (4 answers)

 ever get the one thing you really want.. just to have to give it up?  (8 answers)

 have you ever been trying to figure something out for hours.. then suddenly you realize how obvious the answer is?  (14 answers)

 how many times can someone hurt you before you give up?  (10 answers)

 respect: should it be earned or automatically given?  (14 answers)

 Have you ever been hurt by someone in a major way and then been a bit weary of people with that name because you make the connection with that name to what happened?  (6 answers)

 what's your weakness?  (15 answers)

 any suggestions for books i should get tomorrow?  (14 answers)

 i love french toast... dont you love french toast?  (13 answers)

 word of advice... dont go outside in shorts and a tank top at 10:30 pm in october... its COLD!!!!  (12 answers)

 seriously.. anyone hyper? at all..???  (9 answers)

 dont you hate it when someone comes to you for advice.. and you tell them the truth.. and they get angry cuz its not what they want to hear?  (9 answers)

 ever been around when a couple friends start fighthing.. and you dont wanna leave but you really dont wanna stay.. so you just sit there and watch them fight?  (9 answers)

 how can i forget you girl when theres always somethin there to remind me? i was born to love you and i will never be free youll always be a part of me! *rocks out*  (3 answers)

 who wants to get me cheetos?  (11 answers)

 has one of your dreams ever been smashed? doesnt it suck?  (6 answers)

 whats the worst thing youve ever woken up to?  (14 answers)

 whats better: llama or penguin?  (20 answers)

 alright!!! who bit my wrist?!?!  (6 answers)

 if i had an extra llama and we found a sand dune would you ride across it singin ive been through the desert on a horse with no name?  (4 answers)

 ok fill in the blanks... you can (verb) my (noun) anytime ;) and make it make sense  (15 answers)

 for people in a foreign language class or bilingual.. have you ever forgotten how to say something in english and remembered how to say it in another language?  (10 answers)

 hmm.. is anyone out there more than 70% compatible w/ me.. cuz i have yet to find someone that is..  (10 answers)

 is it disturbing that just about every conversation i get into with people that are friends or close to friends.. i end up talking about something sexual...  (11 answers)

 have you ever been sittin around spacin out and when you come to you realize that youre rocking back and forth and your mouth is wide open?  (8 answers)

 okay.. i need some major help.. give me your funniest/best pick up line... :D and if you really want to know why.. just ask..  (11 answers)

 has anyone ever said something to you that was kinda rude.. and you just let it go and walked away.. but later when you thought about it you wanted to just punch them.. ?  (12 answers)

 ever wonder if you changed one thing that youve done.. if your life would be different?  (12 answers)

 do you believe in omens and signs?  (11 answers)

 ever get the feeling that nothing is going right.. and that nothings gonna be going right for awhile?  (13 answers)

 ever walk down the halls at school and just want to punch people?  (25 answers)

 we all know that rice crispies talk.. but do you talk back??  (8 answers)

 do you have a best friend? if you dont do you feel a bit lonely when you see other best friends hanging out n such?  (12 answers)

 what would your perfect movie moment be?  (16 answers)

 does anyone else think that willy wonka is one very messed up guy.. and that the oompa loompas are evil creatures from hell?  (14 answers)

 when you were little did you used to run around with a blanket around your shoulders like a cape?  (14 answers)

 cookie dough is the best part of makin cookies... agree?  (14 answers)

 does anyone else think that sleep is the answer to just about everything?  (21 answers)

 hehe whats the longest youve ever laughed for?  (15 answers)

 what pisses you off more than anything?  (23 answers)

 have you ever really wanted to say a phrase and find a way even if it doesnt really fit into the conversation?  (17 answers)

 ever wonder what it would be like to stalk someone (in a non creepy way of course)?  (14 answers)

 have you ever wondered what it would be like to swim in kool aid?  (19 answers)

 ever get the feeling that your computer is trying to make you look dumb?  (14 answers)

 Did you know that there is a hammer museum?? I'm gonna go on a roadtrip to find it w/ my friends to get "Get Hammered" t-shirts! wanna come?  (14 answers)

 Why do they lock gas station bathrooms? Are they afraid someone will clean them?  (21 answers)

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