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AnGeLtWist03's Q & A
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AnGeLtWist03 has 54 questions total.
AnGeLtWist03 has answered a total of 13 other questions.

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 are you a hater or really just hatin'? (1 answers)

 FOR DA GUYS:whats your ideal kind of girl? and y are such guys players?? (1 answers)

 will anyone please answer my questions?:( (6 answers)

 ok start bitchin about anything here..let all you emotions out.. (4 answers)

 How can you tell when its true love? (4 answers)

 is it love or is it love? (4 answers)

 boxocereal: 0.o
 Tandem: hmm well I'll have to go wiht.. this is a hard choice.. B? Love?
 korn_chick2007: its love
 hallsqt69: i think it is luv

 what s ur fav thing in the student center? (9 answers)

 wht do u like about the opposite sex? (4 answers)

 do u believe in miracles? (8 answers)

 would u rather have someone diss or dismiss u? (6 answers)

 what satifies u? (6 answers)

 do u forgive and forget or never forgive and never forget? (7 answers)

 will someone please entertain me ?im bored (4 answers)

 would you call me a whore if u saw me flirting n doing other things with two guys? (3 answers)

 this girl at my school started spreading rumers about me dat i've done"it" with all these guys what should i do ?should i "jump" her or leave it alone and let the rumers spread? (8 answers)

 ok ...so dis is what happens....im at "his" house with my friend n while we were walkin in my friend says 2 him(he opened the door) "ok you can go make out now".....but of course i didnt...what shoul i have done? (3 answers)

 i was at my ex boyfriends house 2day is something wrong with me 4 being there? (4 answers)

 why cant i let go of my ex? (5 answers)

 whats your ideal vacation place? (4 answers)

 is life really worth living? (4 answers)

 what do you find most attractive in a person? (3 answers)

 has anyone ever been obssesed with a boyfrind/girlfriend after you've broken up? (5 answers)

 who is your ideal soulmate? (4 answers)

 what would u do if your best friend made a bet with your boyfriend/girlfriend that involved you but u didnt know about it n they made u feel really stupid? (5 answers)

 Is there any filipinos in here? (1 answers)

 how far would you go to please someone? (3 answers)

 how do you replace theguy/girl shadow thats on your profile?(only there if you got no pic) (3 answers)

 can anyone give me any good websites to go to? (8 answers)

 when is your b-day? (10 answers)

 what do u think of prostitution? (5 answers)

 would you rather risk your life for the one you love or the one who loves you? (5 answers)

 is bein a slut alright? (9 answers)

 how can i resize my picture for my profile? (3 answers)

 can you still love your ex? (5 answers)

 fame or family? (4 answers)

 do you like to play games? (5 answers)

 if you were stuck on a deserted island woul you rather have the person you love with you or the person who loves you? (6 answers)

 whos a puertorican hater? (4 answers)

 who likes big asses? (4 answers)

 do u like players? (5 answers)

 name your boyfriend/girlfriends name? (8 answers)

 are you horny? (7 answers)

 oral sex or all da way sex? (8 answers)

 love or hate? (5 answers)

 DO U LOVE ME? (4 answers)


 why does jersey city get such a bad reputation? (1 answers)

 anyone here from new york city or jersey city? (1 answers)

 why are most people such haters? (4 answers)

 do you support President Bush and his plans? (3 answers)

 why are most guys jerks?? (3 answers)

 when is the right time to"do it"? (6 answers)

 shoul you forgive your boyfriend/girlfriend for trying to take advantage of you? (3 answers)

 is it alright to say "i love you" even when you dont mean it? (8 answers)

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Jigsaws_Best_FriendYour shield and armor?
Jigsaws_Best_FriendBesides, there's no reason we can't be civil, is there?
Jigsaws_Best_FriendWhat the hell are you laughing at?
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