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AdamIsGoingCrazy1229's Q & A
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 What's your IQ? wanna find out take the test at tickle.com (0 answers)

 Whats your favorite sport? (4 answers)

 Fav Music type (3 answers)

 Family Guy or American Dad? (2 answers)

 Who's More Hot? Hillary Duff or Lindsay Lohan? (3 answers)

 DearTraveller: Hillary Duff
 Eclipse2003: Both cheap and talentless what else can I say.

Last 10 Questions Posted
iBoy2G8/14: LOL, go to jeffedelman.com its funny. See where it links :)
iBoy2G8/12: What was your favorite Robbin Williams movie/TV show?
iBoy2G8/12: Do you miss Robbin Williams?
v-huntleyAnyone excited for Summerslam?
nuclearsailorSo how did I go from a 16-year-old 'Drives because everyone does' kind of person, to a driving-restricted military person at 27? (Is it me, or are things kind of going in reverse? lol)
Drummer_Boy_Matt_HayesIf you completed your main goal, how would you feel?
Drummer_Boy_Matt_HayesIf you were stranded on an island, what would be the one thing you'd bring? (person, place, or thing)
Drummer_Boy_Matt_Hayeswhat is your main goal in life?
nuclearsailorThe Air Force decided to shutdown HAARP exactly 20 days after I arrived at bootcamp, and just before I begun my quest into radio electronics after benefiting from the navy nuke's electronics training? What a tragedy.
terra_ultmiawow...who still going on this site and not even an active student? be it college/uni or k-12
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